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Kha'Zix Build Guide by ZMetal

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZMetal

Kha'Zix, Legendary Assassin of The Void

ZMetal Last updated on November 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey people, this is my first guide, so be gentle hehe. I decided to make this guide because my playstyle differs from others in some ways, and I have yet to find a guide that I liked. So here I am, throwing up my build.

I'm no pro, don't even play ranked (don't have the time to devote, work too much), but I seem to play very well with some champs, Kha'Zix being one of them.

This guide, in the end, will hopefully help others get incredible scores on both Summoners Rift and Dominion.

Recently I have had matches that yield several triple kills per game (1 game today, that spawned the idea of this guide, I scored 2 quadra kills and 3 triple kills (27 kills total) and it was a fair match the whole game, no super snowballing.

This build focuses on max damage output and tactics involving which evolution is right for you.

On with the show!!!

Note: Not many images or colours yet, working on that =)

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Perfect Pros /****py Cons

Pros - Mobile
- Deceptive
- Multikiller
- Easy to solo dragon
- Your Q is almost a smite later
- Incredible lane pusher

Cons - Gets focused hard
- Stealth sometimes fails
- Leap sometimes fails
- Weakish early game
- Blue reliant if jungling

Will update with more....dang work

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Rune Powa!

9x Greater Mark of Strength - Flat early game damage, help you bully and get that 1st blood
9x Greater Seal of Resilience - I take these cause all other seals are garbage
9x Greater Glyph of Shielding - Not really any other options here, maybe CDR, but I like the late game scaling MR, since the item build has no MR
3x Greater Quintessence of Desolation - ArPen is a great stat for KZ, but this is mostly for early game power, as your items later will reduce almost all champs to 0 or less armor

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Mastering Masteries

I like to stay heavy offense tree for Kha'Zix, 26 points taking every damage option available for melee, everything is useful.

I take a single point in the Utility Tree to get Summoner's insight for the summoner spell buff.

I take 3 points in Defense Tree for the extra physical resistance with Hardiness and reduced minion damage with Tough Skin.

With runes and all the extra damage from the Offense Tree, I can take 1/3 or more of a weaker champs HP in a single Q, and that's the idea.

Been working on other mastery builds, but so far all out damage is the way for me, and this build.

Note: If I'm planning on mid laning I will swap Hardiness for Resistance.

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What to wear?

Start with Boots of Speed and either 3 HP pots, or 1 HP pot and a sight ward ward if you fear early ganks (saved me a number of times already from getting picked off early and falling behind)

Now, depending on where you are and how you are doing (you can mid NP with this build and actually make your opposition really mad calling you OP in /all chat)

Falling behind, Top Lane - Buy a Doran's Blade to sustain you and keep up till you can afford your boots

Equal ground, Top or Mid - Buy your CDR boots boots of lucidity

First Blood or just doing very well - skip boots for now and work on you Brutalizer

Once you haveBoots of Lucidity Boots of Lucidity and Brutalizer, grab aVamperic Scepter Vamperic Scepter for amazing sustain before building damage and move on to build and finish a Last Whisper

By this point if you aren't aceing champs left and right, your not playing him right, or you evolved the wrong thing first, but I digress...

Judge your situation at this point, but usually finish 1st blood thirster Blood Thirster now.

If at this point your up against mostly low armor opponents, sell your Brutalizer for the Black Cleaver ( Brutalizer is an early game place holder/sustain tool in this build)

By this point, you should be almost unbeatable 1v1 if you play your cards right, your Q takes out SO much HP

Now just stack damage, finish up a Black Cleaver and 2nd blood thirster Blood Thirster
(I actually get to build a 2nd blood thirster Blood Thirster in most of my games, that's how many kills I get)

If the enemy is overly tanky, don't toss your Brutalizer, upgrade it you Youmuu's and skip the 2nd Thirster.

No 2 matches are identical, always leave 1 item slot available for situational, EG A heavy AP comp is destroying you at range, build Hexdrinker/ Maw of Malmortius earlier instead of maybe Last Whisper, or build a Guardian Angel and hope to wait out the burst and escape(or Q someone and laugh lol)

If your enemies are all fairly flimsy, skip defense item and throw on an Infinity Edge and 1-2 hit APs. (Not common to build an IE, but it does offer some crazy damage output with a lucky crit (20-40% hp from a good Q plus a melee crit afterward for 1500 or so, people die, or melt rather)

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L33T Skillz

Better skill order coming soon (sorry guys very new to guide building).
Start 1 point in Q, next point in E, 3rd point into your W, 1 more into Q, then spam points into W
First Evolution
At 6 choose the evolution path, most of the time I go W, Void Spike evolution first.
Ok, I know what you're saying "But ZMetal, NO ONE evolves W AT ALL let alone 1st, why?"
Void Spike has been harshly and unjustly underrated.
Think about it, your Q right from level 1 ALWAYS does great damage, but your W is very weak, if by level 7 your W does 155 damage(plus AD), it's taking a reasonable chunk of HP off your enemy (unless they are very tanky, like a malphite). This is also the MOST strategic evolution KZ has.

I have saved allies with it.
I have saved myself with it.
I have killed enemies sitting on their turret, thinking they are safe from ol' melee Kha'Zix.
I have turned team fights around with it.
I have stolen Baron/Dragon/Buffs with it.
I clear waves faster then almost every champ long before an endgame build.
Widely check bushes/behind walls (not just 1 small line)
(Afterthought, also on Dominion you can stop 3-4 champs from channeling a capture point with it. As well on Twisted Treeline you can use it to both aggro the spider to the enemies chasing you and slow/attack the champ.)

This is just off the top of my head, as you can see it can be quite useful.

When do I NOT evolve W 1st? When laning against tanks (Shen, Malphite, Mundo etc). In this case I always choose Q first, otherwise they will laugh at you when you hit them, evolving Q makes them continue to fear you.

For lvl 7-9 level up W. At level 10 I put my 3rd point into Q. (Again unless I'm laning against a tank, then spam Q from the getgo.)

2nd Evolution
The 2nd evolution is not usually dependent on anything but the evolution I took first. So if I evolved W first, Q is 2nd, and vice-versa.

Max W, then Q.

3rd Evolution
At level 16 evolve your E, Leap. The ONLY time I have ever evolved this before 16 is if I'm jungling and I see the enemies CONSTANTLY overextending, makes for extremely easy lane ganks and kill/assist = leap reset, so in and out or 1 kill 2 kill. In this case I would evolve E first, then Q, then W last

Max E by level 18

Note on final evolution.
I don't bother evolving KZ's ulti because I have found that its use is very situational, and 2 stealths seems to do the trick of getting in/out anyways, and the 40% reduction is only when they can't see you, so it's only for AoE damage, all other evolutions are more effective in combat IMO

If you see an enemy Rengar make sure you get him first after you get the quest (if you get it), if so you will gain the coveted 4th evolution, which I guess has a bit of extra functionality (decent AoE protection during 1 sec stealth, honestly if this evolution extended the 2 stealths duration I would probly think about evolving it, but it's pretty garbage at this point IMO, if 2 stealths didn't get you to safety, it's VERY unlikely 3 is going to. I will however mention that it can be used as an extra damage tool, gaining 3 Passive hits.)

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Summoner Spells

For laning either mid or top I choose / Teleport/Flash allowing you to risk early game but still get back to lane without losing much farm, if any. Flash has yielded me SO many kills, I prefer it over ghost or Exhaust.

Other viable options are (you ready for this) Clarity, Exhaust, Ghost

Clarity - Why on earth would I take this? Because Kha'Zix can blow through his mana pool in 2 combos until late game. What this allows you to do is spam harass with your W (which is expensive), and you can harass your lane opponent right out of lane cause you have so much range poke power for a melee assassin. (Honestly I have only taken it once when I rolled mid lane, helped me quite a bit as explained, but I had to drop Flash for it)

Exhaust - Only take this in place of Teleport if you know your jungler and know he will gank for you regularly. KZ is an exceptional juke champ cause he's made of paper, so you push a little far and whack him with your q, knowing full well the trade would normally go in his favor, let him hit you till you know he'll chase, ping for jungler and Exhaust for the kill, works most of the time with a good jungler.

Don't bother with Ghost on Summoner's Rift.

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Ruling the Crystal Scar

Going to update this section with more detail, colour and whatnot soon.

Kha'zix is an incredible champion for Dominion, and I'd to take a minute, just sit right there. I'll tell you how I became the fresh prince of Belair.....eeer wait, maybe another time.

Steps to winning:

The first step towards winning on Dominion, and I don't just mean your team win, I mean you 1st place, is to call that mid capture point, use your Leap right out of the gates to get the easy lead for it, most people don't argue. So get that mid capture point and save ghost for as soon as you are done capping it and rush top THROUGH the speed shrine. This gives you the option of just joining your allies side up top, or come around behind the enemies and get an easy kill on a squishy.

Defending the Windmill solo:

Kha'zix shines here. You might not always survive, especially against 3-4 and your solo. For the Windmill (top point) stand in the brush above the point, refilling HP whenever you can (if I'm defending it it's usually cause I was last man standing and not full HP) every bit helps.

If only 1 enemy shows up, let them start capping and use your {icon=void assault] W and stop them the first time. A lot of people won't realize right away and take a turret hit too. If they come back immediately (before your W cooldown is up) or more enemies showed up, use your garrison to stop them again. Then if they are still just trying to cap it, hit them with your W again.

At this point your allies SHOULD be almost there or at least respawned. You may have to jump in now against multiple enemies, try to land on them with [icon=leap) E Leap (they problably aren't standing right together) and immediately hit your R so they cant instaburst you, Q anyone still tapping the point, R stealth again, and then cone your W and stop them again.

You might die now, but 9/10 my allies are there to clean it up because they blew a lot of cooldowns on me. It is 100% worth dying to keep the Windmill with your team.

Defending other points:

These are very fun to solo defend and rack up kills. Because of the layout behind each point it is very hard to reach KZ and your W can hit them no matter where they try to cap and your safe unless they want to tank 2-3 turret shots and have me leap on them with a burst. For this reason Kha'zix also make a fantastic solo bot laner.

Assaulting the Windmill:

Unless your are very sure they point is clear and they can't reach it in time to stop you, do not try to cap alone, KZ is to weak and can not survive much. If you are waiting for allies to respawn push the lane heading to the Windmill, but be very careful, save your leap because you may get jumped out of the gap between capture points.

Minions are great for doing the work for you. Instead of dropping a team fight on an enemy turret, group up out of range in the very top corner on your side, keep killing minions and poke enemies that try to kill your minions. If they decide to team fight you there, at least it's on equal ground.

Teamwork is key:

Right from the champion select screen start talking, communication is key. Above communication is sticking together. This is a TEAM FIGHT map. Which brings me to my next point, picking Kha'Zix in the first place.
- Don't pick KZ if your team mates already picked an assassin and theres 2 ADCs and a AP carry(or viceversa). Your comp will be too squishy to finish team fights, no more than 3 squishies on a team, in this case try to pick a tank (I like Rammus or a tanky Hecarim)
- If there is no AP at all on your team, in this case pick an AP champ instead (I like Lux)

Aiding a call:

Whether you're solo bot lane or with the group up top, the opposite may call for aid either to defend from an immanent capture or to quickly gain the advantage for a 4th capture (ie you aced them)
Quickly responding could be the difference between a win and a loss.
Now, just because someone WANTS you to go somewhere, doesn't mean you should, particularly when solo bot laning, losing your bot capture point is unnacceptable unless you get ganked.
If your part of the top group, you MUST own your bot point before going top, but do not linger. Just clear the enemy for your bot laner and let them recap it, you are needed up top and are probably late even.

Winning in the jungle (if you can call it that):
What I mean by this is taking your 3 point advantage and turn it into a slaughterfest. Talk to your team and make sure they understand you, own your enemies speed shrine. As many as you have sit in the brush just above the speed shrine on the enemies side. Be patient.
9.5/10 you can be sure they will walk in 1 by 1, or 2 maybe. as long as you have 3 or 4 sitting there, you will continuously kill. 1 person at a time (lowest HP usually goes) leave to buy and regain HP.

Help your bot lane:

Only when you have top secured and your 3 allies are defending it, rush to bot and gank. The key here is to be fast and make sure you get the bot speed shrine so they can't get away.

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Coming soon

Summoner's Rift -
Top -
Mid -
Jungle -

Crystal Scar -
Top -
Bot -

Twisted Treeline -

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Heroic Allies/Dream Teams

Coming Soon

Summoner's Rift - (when you are)
Top -
Mid -
Jungle -

Crystal Scar -
Top -
Bot -

Twisted Treeline -

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Summin it all up!

Read it, you get the point, lots of damage, glass cannon build, evolve different, win. I'll properly sum this up when I have more time.

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Change Log

Coming Soon - Dominion and Twisted Treeline, they will call you OP
5/11/2012 - Added 'Ruling Crystal Scar' section, fixed a major typo where I had copied the wrong ability and pasted it after the wrong ability, started 'Nemesis' section, started 'Heroic Allies'
4/11/2012 - Updated many section with icons and colours, fixed typos, streamlined some content
4/11/2012 - Updated to more likely build.
3/11/2012 - Posted basic guide for laning