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League of Legends Build Guide Author JackEboy

Kicking some Ashe

JackEboy Last updated on November 7, 2013
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Hey Guys!
This is my very first guide on MOBAFire! I want to thank Jhoijhoi for the guide coding, and also giving me some great ideas on how to play Ashe.

// An Ashe guide for those who want to know situational items and different supports!

// SPECIAL THANKS: Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

Pros / Cons


+ Great Poke (able to hit for more then they take (usually with piercing skills, but with Ashe it is mostly because her Volley is nearly impossible to dodge at close range))
+ Lots of damage if built right
+ Global range with Enchanted Crystal Arrow, which allows her to turn the tides of a team fight on the opposite side of the map.
+ Great scouting effect with Hawkshot, which allows her to scout bushes instead of face-checking them (walking into the bush to see if the enemy is there)
+ Great slowing effect with Frost Shot, which allows her to stay in range of an enemy to kill them


- Squishy (takes damage very easily, low armor and Magic Resist (MR))
- Slow (Can be countered by taking an early pair of boots)
- Enchanted Crystal Arrow can be hard to hit, and if you miss you compromise your entire team





Summoner Spells

Ignite: // Using this with volley early game should be able to help you get a kill. Getting First Blood is crucial to getting ahead of your opponent.

Flash: // So you can escape naughty junglers from killing you.

Ghost: // If you want to have 2 escapes or are not yet level 12 for Flash./columns]

Ability Explanation

  • Focus: // Great coupled with other critical chance items and especially Infinity Edge. Allows you to deal out some major damage on your first shot to en enemy. try to save it for champions.
  • Frost Shot (Q): // Is essentially a frozen mallet when fully maxed, and is great for chasing/kiting.
  • Volley (W): // Great for poking, and can be animation cancelled by an auto attack.
  • Hawkshot (E): // Is great for scouting bushes instead of face-checking (running into to check for enemies).
  • Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R): // An extremely useful ultimate, especially if your team is fighting and you cannot get there in time.

Ability Sequence Order

Enchanted Crystal > > >
// It is standard to take your ultimate ability as a priority. If you have a very expensive build then taking Hawkshot as a priority over Frost Shot might be useful, especially if you are good at last hitting.


Static Shiv // Very good item for Ashe, especially considering that the lightning can crit. This item gives you attack speed, extra magic damage, and critical chance.

// Great item coupled with Infinity Edge. This item gets you a lot of critical chance and along with some movement speed, and attack speed.

// This item is a standard for ADC's and a must have if you run Phantom Dancer.

// Great for some extra life steal, and is easily rushable because you can take Long Sword and 2x Health Potions.

ITEM // This is an empty slot because this is where you build countering your enemy. If you enemy is primarily Ability Power, I suggest taking something with MR, if they are physical damage dealers, take armor or health.

// Because you already have a lot of attack speed from Static Shiv and Phantom Dancer, you can take boots of speed for some extra movement speed. I suggest taking the enchantments Furor, because of it's kiting ability, or homeguard, so you can get back to the fight quicker.


// Try targeting the enemy ADC, or anyone who is a direct threat to you. If you see the enemy ADC out of position, capitalize on it by firing your Enchanted Crystal Arrow. If you see their Jungler coming towards you, switch your targeting to him. Remember it is up to your team to protect you, but they can only do so much.


// Ashe is a great champion to start with and is also very good to end with. She is easy to play, but hard to master. If you have any questions or comments, please comment. Please give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. If you don;t like what you see, tell me. Please if you downvote tell me why, and I'll see what I can do to change it.

// SPECIAL THANKS: Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.


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