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Tryndamere Build Guide by yamnmunch

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League of Legends Build Guide Author yamnmunch

King Trynda for newbies-intermediate players

yamnmunch Last updated on January 3, 2012
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Hello everyone, this is my first guide on Mobafire (be patient please) based on a King Trynda- master of crits :). Before I start off, I want to point out that I play any type of champ, apart from ad carries- mostly supports, tanks and ap carries, however when everyone on my team has insta locked into something like Lux, Swain, Ryze and Amumu and their only excuse for an all-ap team is 'were premade', you would probably want to bring about a bit of a diversity and pick an ad carry (as needed in every team composition). This is where Trynda comes in- a low-cost ad champion, arguably the best carry in the game. While reading through my guide I want you to keep in mind that this guide is designed for begginer-intermediate players (pros welcome :)) that are new to Tryndamere. Enjoy!

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Pros / Cons


-Amazing damage output
-Basically has an in-built Flash with a longer range
-Decent lane sustainability early-mid game
-Ulti that any other carry wish they had
-Unkillable if played right
-Low expectations of trynda players (use that in your favour ;)
-Easy to troll with (if you're in the mood for that)

-Mellee champ- easily outranged by... everyone
-Very item dependant- needs good farm early game
-Easily countered by heavy cc
-Veteran players know exactly how to counter you- easily harrased and destroyed by Thornmail, Karthus' Requiem, Zilean's Time Bomb etc.
-Awlays, AWLAYS being accused of being an easy/noob champ

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Not much explanation in this chapter. I try to maximise my dam output by going 21-0-9. The 9 points in utility are there for the movement speed- I tend to be a big fan on movement speed as it usually makes the difference whether you get that kill, survive on 50 HP or maybe even save your friend or tower. 21-9-0 is also perfectly viable, granting extra survivability- it is all up to personal preference. As it so happens that Tryndamere is based around IMMENSE physical damage, I would not trade those 21 points in offence for anything else.

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Before reading on this chapter, I want to emphasise something I said in the introduction- I do not usually play ad champs. My main characters are Zilean, Karthus, Swain, Singed and some other ap-based dudes, so my runes are naturally magic pen. marks with flat ability power seals and glyphs along with my movement speed quints. I will give you some advice about runes for Tryndamere, but if you consider buying runes for him, I would suggest that you have a look at the other guides. Please don't press the back button :(

Movement speed is vital for any champion (why else do people awlays buy booties?) This extra 4.5% will help you get that pesky half-health Caitlyn that came too close ;p
Flat damage is awlays welcome, but wait! Percentage crit damage? Now there's something to spike your slaps even more!
greater quintessence of desolation MOAR armour pen! with three of those along with 9x greater mark of desolation you will have roughly 20 armour pen at the start of the game- nearly true damage to anyone who isn't buying armour.


greater mark of desolation If you play ad champs, I strongly suggest those penetration runes- you will be doing more damage throughout the entire game rather than having crit chance or physical damage. You are Tryndamere. your Battle Fury grants you 35% crit along with 25% from Infinity Edge, adding up to 60%. Need I say more?

I will update this chapter some other day, when I do the maths on the item cost efficiency as well.

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Summoner Spells

Personal choices

- Usually if I solo mid or play a support/tank I tend to be very calm and go for kills only when they're a sure thing. But now we're talking about Tryndamere, so f*ck that- we want that first blood! Exhaust is invaluable for an early game slow, armour reduction, combined with an Ignite it should be an easy kill. Also incredibly helpful if the enemy fed Vayne wants a 1v1 ;p

- If you want first blood, you take Ignite- easy as. The damage should also not be underestimated late game- exactly 410 true damage late game :) (not that you will be needing it with that 800 crit).

Other viable choices:

- A standard all-around pick for any champion- just an excellent gap closer or life saver. However I don't feel that Tryndamere really needs it as he has his Spinning Slash to do that. I have seen people with such in-built abilities take this summoner spell, however if you play careful enough, you shouldn't need it.

- I much prefer this ability to Flash. The speed bonus over the duration gives you a better distance coverage than Flash and it can even be considered better than Exhaust, as you can chase more than one enemy in the same direction or get away from more than one :). Awesome pick

- I only put this here because of professional courtesy. I only used this spell back when I couldn't play the game, however I do see the tactical advantage- a suprise heal can really turn the tide of the fight during those early laning phases. Then again- you have your Bloodlust. If you are unsure about how to play Tryndamere, by all means, take it.

- I have personally used this spell only a couple of times with Singed. Incredibly useful, but needs to be well timed.

Please, for your own good, do not pick any of the other summoner spells. They all have their uses, but as Trynda you want to maximise damage and survivability and any of the other ones won't help you in that manner.

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Skill Sequence

The general skill prioritising should be Undying Rage -> Bloodlust -> Mocking Shout -> Spinning Slash. I will explain my reasoning below:

Battle fury (passive ability)- Tryndamere receives 0.35% critical strike chance per Fury.

Incredible passive. You have no mana (so no mana problems), but instead you accumulate 'fury' when you auto-attack up to a maximum of 100 fury = 35% critical chance

Bloodlust -(Passive): Permanently grants attack damage. Additionally, it grants bonus attack damage per 1% of health he is missing.
(Active): Tryndamere consumes all of his current fury, restoring health equal to a base amount plus extra health per fury consumed.

I awlays get this ability at level 2 and max it first. The attack damage compensates for the lack of items (so that you can save up for your lovely B. F. Sword) and the heal keeps you in lane. If you are lucky you won't be getting much harrass, so try and keep your fury saved for the guy that gets out of the tower range. Keep in mind you are vulnerable early-game, so if you are up against good players, chances are you are going to have to tower hug and spam that q to keep your health up. I will go into a little more detail about strategies depending on who you are facing.

Mocking shout- (Active): Decreases surrounding enemy champions' attack damage, and enemies with their backs turned also have their movement speed reduced for 4 seconds

A very useful ability that I get level 3 and max out 2nd. Usually used to chase down that guy on low health, but you can also use it to see if there's any enemies around. You can only activate it when within a certain range of enemies, so if it isn't available, then there's noone around. Awlays use it in teamfights, as to de-buff the enemy team damage output. Your only type of CC so use whenever you can!

Spinning slash- (Active): Tryndamere spins through his enemies, dealing physical damage to enemies in his path. The cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds whenever Tryndamere critically strikes.

This is the second reason why Tryndamere is so annoying. This is basicly a Flash, but with a larger range. You can easily Spinning Slash in the middle of 3 dudes, solo 2 of them, pop ulti, then Spinning Slash through a wall. This is also why I give trynda 3rd place in my personal list of trolls- only after ap Shaco and Singed of course.

Undying rage- (Active): Tryndamere instantly receives fury and becomes immune to death for 5 seconds during which his health cannot go below 1 health. This move is usable even when stunned, silenced or suppressed.

This is what makes trynda trynda. Timing your ulti is essential for maximum damage output, survival and even victory. For example, when you notice that 4 guys start focusing you in a team fight, it is best to activate it around half-health. Better safe than sorry. If you use this properly, you should technically have no deaths (unless you are up against Karthus or they really really hate you).

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The items that I've listed at the top of my build are just my general damage-output items. Any variation and other situational items wil be listed and explained below:

Early game

I usually start off with a vampiric scythe for extra sustainability, so that if you get low on hp and in no danger, just start auto-hitting creeps. Otherwise you should really keep your distance and only last hit.

+ 3x - More speed early game, do not need to worry about booties on your first recall and if you are planning on last-hitting creeps(as you should be doing), then this is probably the best option

or - Nothing wrong with starting that way. A nice buff early game, sacrificing money for much needed items. Up to your playstyle.

Now the items listed right at the top of the build will allow for maximum damage output, however I will now list some items that you may want to consider depending on circumastances. I want to emphasize that rushing that BF sword followed by infinity edge will give you a roughly 450 damage crit with only 1 item. However, that being the most expensive ad-item in the game, you will probably get it at around 20:00 if you are doing well. Anyway, have a look below :)

Other items to consider:

A decent pick if you have some other ad champs on the team, gives you more life steal than The Bloodthirster and some very nice attack speed.

I have seen some Tryndas who rush this item first since it gives you everything you need- damage, attack speed and armour reduction( basicaly more damage). Very nice pick, never tried getting this first.

A late game pick- you could get this earlier on for better farming, however getting in the middle of their team and hacking them for 5 seconds with the 50% AoE damage will devastate them. Make sure you don't target the tanks!

Little damage, nice health boost, but mostly a very useful slow for chasing. I personally take this for tanky dpsers like Garen and Renekton, but it may be useful if they get away too many times.

This girl will nealy double your HP- if you get nuked waaay to quickly you might wanna pick this up.

Awesome item. Gives you a little magic resist but mostly a better-working, lower cooldown Cleanse. Take this with any champ if they have waaay too much cc.

I will give you an example for this item's efficiency. Me and my friends had a game which was going pretty well at the start. However, our Kassadin was getting destroyed by their Galio solo mid. Long story short, Galio got fed and we lost most of the teamfights because of him. I noticed he had about 270 armour, so i picked up a Last Whisper- the Void Staff for ad dudes. Suddenly my 200 crit on him turned into 300-400. The way we managed to get them was when we sent soraka and anivia top lane and us three hid in the nearby bush. Le lonely galio appeared. With his respawn time of 70 seconds, the rest of the team was easy to take down. Still, only buy this if their tank is fed, or some of them are buying heavy armour to counter you, otherwise its not much use for the money.

There are a lot of other defensive items for consideration, like Thornmail for ad-heavy team or Force of Nature for ap-heavy. I still want to emphasize: you do crazy damage with the right items- don't go tanking with trynda- your ulti should keep you alive long enough.

Now your final item builds:

Crazy damage, not much armour on their team:

Crazy damage, enemy team stacking armour

Tanky, unavoidable trynda (not tested)

Now I forgot to mention earlier on that it is best to start off with Berserker's Greaves, since they're very cheap, and later sell them for Mercury's Treads or another Phantom Dancer, again, depending on circumstances.

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Laning partners

Tryndamere, as a carry, needs to have a laning partner picked around the idea of supporting him. Great laning partners include any support champs, any tanks and most of all champions with a stun or other disables. Here are some of the better picks:
Soraka, Zilean, Shen, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Leona, Cho'Gath, Riven and some others.

I have found that Soraka and Tryndamere laning together is an insanely good combo. Purely unpushable. I had a game with Soraka against Riven and Xerath, and when those two decided that it was time to kill me, they both jump me with their ults when I was on half health. After all of the damage that they threw at me, I was at half health again, safely on tower, my ulti still up. They just gave up and towerhugged after that :)

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Play throughout the game

Early game

Pick up your Vampiric Scepter or bootis and health pots, then make your way to the chosen lane with your friend, using Spinning Slash when not on cooldown. Get in the brush with your teammate (do NOT go alone) and wait patiently for that skinny dude to come in. Hopefully, the other guys aren't too careful (or not Garen and Renekton with Doran's Shields- then run!) and they will come- Exhaust, slap slap and Ignite with your friend's help should be enough for a fb. Hopefully you're not dead, on low health and creeps coming in. If you have your vampiric sceper, just start auto-attacking, making sure that you're not getting any harrass. The skill here comes from knowing when to activate your Bloodlust for a heal. Don't get too pushy! You are very vulnarable before level 6, so just try to keep up your last-hit on minions without loosing too much health. Of course, awlays take the opportunity to jump anyone that gets too pesky on dangerously low health. Awlays remember to first check the enemy's summoner spells and notify your partner before going in for the kill. If someone is ss or they have a jungler, be careful. Ask your friend to buy a ward for the river brush as to notify you of incoming ganks. If not, you buy a ward when you go back for booties.

Once you have those pretty Berserker's Greaves, it's time to aim high and save up for a beautiful BF sword. Stay in lane as long as possible, towerhuf if you have to, and once you are level 6, you can even towerjump someone on low health. Be careful still! Knowledge of the enemy's capabilities makes the difference between getting fed and feeding.

Once you have your Undying Rage and Berserker's Greaves, you might want to go gank a little. Make sure that there is no danger of your tower being pushed or your partner is there to look after it. Just hide in brush, wait for enemy to push a little, then Spinning Slash - slap, slap - Mocking Shout and with the help of your mid player it should be an easy kill. Tank tower with Undying Rage if you have to.

Mid-late game:

It's past the 20th minute, hopefully you've been doing well and have your Infinity Edge. At this stage, it's lucky if you don't crit for 450 on full rage (lucky for the enemy anyway ;p). This is when people start grouping up, teamfights go down and towers get taken. Don't get left out. You can survive perfectly well even if you get ganked, but you're only wasting a trip back to the fountain. Get together with your friends and pick out the enemy one by one. If that's not possible, join the teamfight! :) DO NOT initiate! That's your tank's job. Once he gets focused and most CC is gone, Spinning Slash in, then start choppin! REMEMBER to time your undying rage properly, now that you know the enemy's damage capability, as you would be your team's main ad damage output. There has been cases where it's been up to me to initiate a teamfight later on in game, but this means that you have to focus down the support and carries and pop your ult when you're around half-health. You will die, but you will take at least 2 with you, not considering having Tiamat. If you can rely on your teammates to take down the rest, then by all means initiate. Just means that you will have the enemy team's attention for 5 seconds when they will be doing no damage at all. If they don't focus you, then all the better! You are essentially destroying them with no obstructions- one by one.

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Constructive trolling with Tryndamere

A short guide to constructive trolling with King Trynd

Before reading on this chapter, I want to make one thing clear- Trolling with Trynda for a team win can be fun, but make sure that:
#1- Your team is not losing because of you. If that's the case, refer to the start of the guide, sell all useless items, and make your damage build.
#2- This sort of trolling only works against people with low intelligence or people who get annoyed quickly.
#3- DO NOT use abusive language against players even if the enemy is talking about your family in a nasty manner. Don't let them get you. You are the troll- not them- thay're typing and thinking about how to kill you, not how to win. The more they type and waste nerves, the less they are concentrating on the game. Use that in your favour.
#4- This game, along with all other games, is for fun. But do not have that fun on somebody else's account.
#5- DO NOT feed during trolling- you don't want to make your enemy stronger.
#6- Constructive trolling with Tryndamere requires excellent map awareness, good sense of humour and good knowledge of items as to adapt to the situation.

Now that that's out of the way, I want to say that I've had 5 games when I trolled with Tryndamere, winning 4 of them. This was because by the end of the game, the enemy team despised me so much that all of them kept chasing me while my team managed to push inhibitors or say 3 of them will chase me, my team flanks them, I Spinning Slash in the middle of the three, slowly picking them off 1 by 1, allowing us to push freely.

For trolling trynda you need mostly 2 things for stats- CDR(cooldown reduction) so that you can spam your abilities and movement speed so that you become uncatchable. My build looks something like this:

I usually start off with Boots of Speed and sight ward, my first order of business going all the way to the enemy base (avoiding tower damage), Spinning Slash into their base (making sure the towers don't hit you), place a sight ward, say something like 'hihihi i see u!' or 'lulz' then Spinning Slash out. THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS MOVE- DONT GIVE THEM FIRST BLOOD! Suicide into their main nexus if you have to, as long as they don't do any damage to you. Then again, be creative :), make everyone else laugh.

Now as trollin trynda, you're going to spend most of your time in the jungle. By all means visit some lanes, try to gank and get some money from creep kills. Tempt the other team to kill you. Example: You are level 5, go mid lane, start creep killing and say something like: 'Hey Ashe look! Lvl 5 trynda! Im soooo fragile!' Then wait for Enchanted Crystal Arrow and dodge it with Spinning Slash, followed by 'trolololol'. Everyone will think you're an idiot. Let them. Dismiss abuse with 'lulz' or 'u mad?'. Now your team starts ganking, go along, making sure to ks with Spinning Slash or at least help your guys with Mocking Shout, followed, once again, by 'lulz'. Towards the end, when the teams start forming up, dancing mid, waiting for someone to initiate, just make sure they see you away from your team. Laugh at them. Most of the cases, some of the guys, if not all, will follow, trying to kill you with everything they have. This is where you have to get creative. Use Spinning Slash through the right walls, heal when you can, Exhaust one of them just for annoyance etc. make sure to lead them into your team, then do the tanking with your ulti. If your team is already pushing their base, then keep them distracted. And if you die with your team far away, then the enemy just wasted about 3 of their ultis on a troll :).

As a troll, you are not all that item-dependant. When you are back, buy wards and ward important places like buffs, baron, dragon, trying to disable their jungler, granting you even more map control. The jungle is trolling trynda's playground, make sure it's safe :)

There is nothing really to add to this chapter. I will just repeat once more- if you want to troll, don't do it to the expense of anyone else, be creative, most of all, have fun :)

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Well, this is my very first build on Mobafire, I am planning on updating in about a month's time, please rate and comment!

Special thanks to jhoijhoi for helping me out with the coding. Good luck and all the best dude!:)