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Kings, Titans and Gods of 3s

Kings, Titans and Gods of 3s

Updated on July 4, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adonikam Build Guide By Adonikam 126 18 294,687 Views 185 Comments
126 18 294,687 Views 185 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Adonikam Build Guide By Adonikam Updated on July 4, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Blitzcrank
  • LoL Champion: Xin Zhao
  • LoL Champion: Vladimir
  • LoL Champion: Irelia
  • LoL Champion: Mordekaiser
  • LoL Champion: Lee Sin
  • LoL Champion: Jax
  • LoL Champion: Singed
  • LoL Champion: Alistar


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Hey guys this is my Ranked 3s guide. I played 3s right up until level 30 when I started on 5s however lately I've been getting back into them and thought I'd share my ideas with you all =). My favourite 3s champion atm is Blitzcrank he is amazingly strong in 3s.
PS: In that game I was vsing a Morde and used QSS to bait his ult!

So I know many people don't play/enjoy 3s, but Ranked 3s is probably my favourite Ranked queue to play in. Why?
1. It's easier to get a team together
2. There is a much higher level of cooperation
3. The games are shorter
4. The map seems much more tactical, teams with three smites can have advantages over teams with one smite and one CV(refer to point 2.)

Have a read through this guide for explanations on how to play Blitz, Twisted Treeline and build explanations. =)
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Adonikam's 3s Tier List

Green are top picks in 3s, they consistently dominate and you don't need to be skilled to win as them lol.

Blue are champs you would pick if your top picks are gone, or you want to add something different to your line up. (For example, Amumu to hold them in Nunu Ult)

Red champs have the potential to dominate on 3s but are limited in some way (for example, Nasus needs massive farm) or they need a team built around them.

Gray means don't play them on this map.

Now I'll explain why each of those champs are in certain spots(the smite means they can jungle);


He still does damage even after his nerf and he destroys champs susceptible to CC (Nunu, Xin Zhao).
3 kinds of CC, large amount of damage and great team fight potential.
Farms exceptionally well, 2 kinds of AoE CC and large true damage nuke (secures dragon/red/buffs).
This hoe is OP, build Trinity then Tank and troll to victory.
Great tank, good damage and team buff.
I personally don't think he's that bad but paired with Nunu it's just ******ed fighting him.
I've had so much fun play testing this guy on 3s, after a couple successful ganks you basically OWN the map.
Updated to Tier 1 thanks to input from a Malphite player, check user opinions section lower down.
4v2? Morde es #1.
Best jungler on 3s, secures buffs like a ***** and only susceptible to champs like Blitz, Cho and Alistair.
Huge early game advantage over other champs and due to the fact that games on 3s are short you will be strong all game.
Huge map control, can get dragon stupidly early and ganks like a baus.
One of the Gods of 3s, his recent buff made him nuts aswell.
Fantastic brawler and jungler, Pillar isolates very well in the jungle.
Once he gets slightly farmed or hits level 9 he's freakin' unstoppable.
Clears the jungle really fast and has a strong ultimate (especially on blinking champs).
Did someone say Win Nao? This guy is nuts at ganking (level 2 ganks!!!!) and has great CC to add to the mix.


One of the best anti-carries in the game, drops off when the enemy starts building MR however. Which is why she is Blue.
Strong pick but mana problems and a weak early game prevents him from being Tier 1.
Fantastic AoE but like Amumu has huge mana problems preventing her from being Tier 1.
Annie is probably one of the best casters to use in 3s, her recent buff+AoE stun is a force to reckon with.
This poor guy used to be Tier 1, until Riot slapped him in the face, stomped him into the ground, shat on him... Vomited on him, made him eat the mixture of vomit and ****... Then tore off his ballsack. So yeah, Mundo's Tier 2 now.
The only reason this guy is on my tier list is because I've seen him dominate, if he gets a few early kills you'll never stop him.
ONLY if you are building an AoE team comp!
HUGE early game damage, if you don't get kills in your lane you're playing him wrong.
Mobility, strong magic damage, the barrel kinda sucks on this map when he knocks people over walls though =(.
AoE ult ftw! Too bad he's not that great after his ult.
Sucks balls in team fights but is probably one of the only Champs that can solo push in 3s.
Pretty cool pick, decent jungler and strong nuke. Only problem is he's too squishy to be Green.
This hoe would be Tier 1... IF there were carries she could anti carry but nobody picks squishies on 3s so she's kinda obsolete.
This guy can still jungle ok. His AoE ult and roll/taunt ganks make him a somewhat viable choice.
This guy has a strong early game but does tend to fall off quite harshly.
Kinda meh, needs to get a few items before good, if he does though you'll bloody regret it.
Poor Sion, refer to Mundo's reasoning.
****ing shrooms, ****ing kiting, ****ing blinds, ****ing global taunt.
Great skirmisher, only reason he isn't Tier 1 is because he gets anti carried by most Tier 1s.
This guy is so frustrating to play against, bring Morde back to life >=(.


Huge mobility yet mana hungry and his burst isn't that great against tanks.
Great AoE ultimate yet her susceptibility to CC puts her in Tier 3.
Needs a team built around him tbh, if he didn't he would be Tier 2.
Needs WAY too much farm to become on par with other off-tanks, only take him to counter Xin Zhao or Warwick.
If she was stronger against tanky DPS she would be higher, as it is she kinda blows against them.
Gets kited WAY too easily, can still jungle well however.
He used to be strong but he's been nerfed like a ***** lately, see Mundo reasoning.
Godly when fed, otherwise meh.
Building an AD team comp? Chose Taric!
Only reason she's on the list is because she can own most other solo champs.
See Olaf reasoning.
So. Many. WALLS.

If the champion doesn't have a coloured square it means they aren't very good picks on 3s. Namely Supports and Ranged carries have the hardest time on 3s. Also many casters cannot deal enough burst to keep up with the off-tank meta still VERY strong in 3s matches.

PS: This is all just an opinion, I know many people may have owned with champs in the grey but I call it as I see it and right now those gray champs blow.
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What's with Tryndamere?

I'm getting kinda sick of explaining why Tryndamere is not that great a pick so I'll make a section and explain why he's green/blue.

Tryndamere is one of those champs that absolutely ROFLSTOMP at low elos but get ROFLSTOMP'd at high elos. It's even worse in Draft Mode, the enemy SEES you take Tryn that's like an insta 3 ignites/exhausts GG Tryn enjoy cleaning up the mess after we rape you. What's that? He can spin away? Ok let's kill his team mates. Oh wait he's spinning back? Let's kill him because it's 1v3 LOL.

NO he can't lane top solo any decent player will force him out of the lane.
YES he can jungle but any other jungling champ like Nunu will DESTROY him in the jungle.

It's ALL about picking and counter-picking in Ranked 3s which is why Tryndamere is terrible unless you get FED. That uncertainty is why he doesn't have a set colour. You CAN play him and do well with him but there are more viable choices.

So he's blue if you do Ok but green if you dominate a lane/get successful ganks.
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Bans are different in 3s. Where a champ is OP in 5s (Vayne or Noct for example) they might be piss poor in 3s. Common bans I like to do are;


All of these champs dominate in this compact map so banning any of those is preferable to banning Vayne, for example.
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Team Composition

Now, for 3s you don't need these types;
Ranged carry

The best types to have are;
Off-tank AD
Off-tank AP
So as long as you have a dedicated AD champ and a dedicated AP champ it doesn't matter so much what your last pick is (However you still want a jungler!).

So an example of a good team comp (what I use) is Vladimir (Top solo), Blitzcrank (Bot solo), Xin Zhao/Olaf/Irelia/Warwick (Jungle).
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Key Objectives

A massive change from 5s to 3s is the fact that you can't safely solo push a turret, being 3-man ganked isn't a dumb move on Twisted Treeline (whereas in 5s you could drag or push a turret from that). The most effective way to win is to win teamfights OR get a pick then grab some key objectives. Huh? Key objectives? What are those?

THESE are key objectives;

Top priority

Dragon is the highest priority target if you cannot push towers/inhibs/nexus. If you don't have this bad boy warded after 5 mins you are doing something wrong.

Medium priority

People often underestimate the power red buff brings to your team when you're team fighting. Red buff is actually the highest priority WARD sight as you will be ganked through here most often then not (Unless you're top solo).

Low Priority

These buffs are good but generally your jungler will have control of them, if not, you're gonna be in trouble when you get ganked.

HOWEVER, if you CAN push towers/inhibs/nexus then DO THAT instead of jungling as the buffs will still be there after you have scored the tower kill =).
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Do you want to level 1 fight?

The answer to this requires experience. Champs like Vlad are extremely weak level 1, whereas a Nunu could eat you up and then some. Also, if you see them take 3 smites then you know they are going to grab Red buff right off the bat. If you feel you have a stronger team then them find a place where you can attack with the first burst, instead of reacting to a burst. The best spots are attacking from brushes with a stun/silence/knock up. However if you are slow out of the fountain I don't recommend fighting level 1, just go to you lane towers and wait until you can see the enemies on the map before commencing to lane.
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Do you want to level 1 gank?

Most time yes, you will. The only time you won't is if they have a CV in which case you have to tread carefully in the jungle.

The BEST gank spot IMO is this one;

Get there ASAP, the red dots are where the three of you should stand in order to have a 360 degree line of sight. Normally the solo top will walk through this area to lane top after separating from his team.

NOTE: This gank will not always work, but when it does you have a great advantage early game.
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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells work a bit differently in 3s, instead of grabbing those Ghost/Flashes you want your Exhaust/Ignites because having a team fight advantage will help your team 10times more then having positional advantages.

The BEST Summoners for 3s;

Reducing the enemies damage output by a % will give your team a MASSIVE advantage.
Winning your lane is a top priority in 3s. If you can secure some early kills then you will most likely snowball to victory.
Buffs play a huge role in deciding victory or defeat in 3s, if you can't secure dragon, or red, then you are going to be behind from level 1.

The GOOD Summoners for 3s;

Map hax!
Superior to Ghost on this map because of the numerous walls to Flash over.
Only if you're vsing a team with 4 or more crowd control effects.
Kinda meh but can help secure some kills.

Anything else is just subpar on 3s, maybe due to large cooldowns (revive), bad spells (clarity), or just outclassed (heal).
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Pretty basic section actually. Kill the small camp next to red, head straight up, kill the small camp, get the buff next to that one, then gank.

Honestly it doesn't matter if you can't jungle well it's the ganks that really matter. If you only kill 3 camps in the jungle yet gank 4 times then you're putting your team much further ahead then someone who kills 10 camps in the jungle yet ganks 1 time.

The only time jungling becomes more important then ganking is when teams start grouping for team fights around red and dragon. In which case you want to save your smite for stealing/securing these two key objectives.

REMEMBER: The first dragon spawn is at 4:40, and he respawns 5 minutes after being killed.

Here is a video made by SinDelta who said I was free to use it in here.

You can find his 3v3 Warwick guide here.
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KING-crank Build

Time to start explaining my builds that you can see.

Marks: Armour Penetration because Blitz is an AD-offtank, quite simply actually.
Seals: I choice armour because it helps so much if you want to level 1 fight, or even in the lane when you want to harass yet take minimal damage from creeps.
Glyphs: MR/lvl because they are such a great rune set tbh, not much else you need.
Quints: GP/10 I know right? Weird. However Blitz is a poor farmer so why not? The extra gold could be enough for more wards/pots/elixers so they aren't a bad choice.

I grab Strength of Spirit because Blitz is a mana-based champ and this will increase his overall survivability and sustainability. The rest I chuck in Utility because I LOVE that tree =D.

Skill Order

Take Rocket Grab level 1 for team fights ganks then follow this pattern;

Remember that in 3s matches that SURVIVABILITY is king! You grab the Manamune for start building damage and mana then grab your Frozen Heart to really mess with those AD offtanks/carries. A Veil afterwards is the logical choice. After these you can grab whatever you like.

PS: Yeah I know Trinity isn't there but you can put it in anyplace you like. This is just the build I use and have success with.
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Win Nao Build

Another of my Twisted Treeline favourites =).

Marks: Armour Penetration to lower jungle creeps armour for jungling, also, combined with Black Cleaver will lower enemies armour by a HUGE amount!
Seals: Armour for jungling.
Glyphs: Flat magic resist because you need to survive a casters early game boost when you come roaring out of the jungle.
Quints: Health Quints to give Xin some early game survivability. Fantastic for team fights AND jungling.

One of the reason I use the Utility tree so much is because Summoner Spells are a huge advantage in 3s aswell as increased Buff Duration.

Skill Order

Take Three Talon Strike for the utility of it (level 1 fights and can jungle with it) after that you want to follow this order;
I say max W because you're jungling but if you stop jungling after a few levels then start maxing E and Q.
If you are going to be laning as Xin Zhao take this skill order;
However you want one point in W early so you can proc Q faster.

In 5s I normally go for a Yoyos AND Black Cleaver combo but remember that survivability is KING in 3s so grab your damage item then grab bulk!
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U-Madimir? Build

I don't play this bastard but TheXcalibur (who I was playing with in 3s) does and this is how he builds him (he's 1700 5s Solo Q and 1579 in 3s).

Marks: Magic Penetration for early game dominance.
Seals: Flat Health for early game dominance.
Glyphs: Cooldown reduction because it's one of the strongest Stats to get on Vlad.
Quints: Health Quints for early game dominance.

9/0/21 because Utility tree is OP!

Skill Order
Grab Troll-pool at level 2 then follow this order;
Very standard order for Vladimir.

Grab boots first because solo top will be ganked very often and you need mobility more then bot lane will. When you can grab the Revolver to win your lane then Rabadons, WoTA and Void Staff to start dishing out epic damage.
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I-win-ia Build

I play this hoe when Blitz is banned/picked or the enemy team has the Cow.

Marks: Armour Penetration now works with your ult!
Seals: Armour for to tank some creeps aswell as have a stronger early game (can also jungle)
Glyphs: MR/lvl because it's a great Stat to have.
Quints: Move speed quints for that mobility that is so very strong on Irelia.

9/0/21 FTW. Can also go 21 in defense but it's personal preference.

Skill Order

Grab Q first for the last hitting aspect then follow this sequence;
I like to max E for the epic burst it gives =).

Grab Irelia's staple item (Trinity) then go two tank items then grab a Wits End for the great proc effect.
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Morde Es #1 Build

This guy is pretty easy to play but also very easy to counter (QSS).

Marks: Magic Penetration for early game dominance.
Seals: Dodge seals because we go down the defense tree and grab improved dodge.
Glyphs: Cooldown reduction because it's one of the strongest Stats to get on Morde.
Quints: Health Quints for early game dominance.

9/21/0 for massive bulkiness.
Skill Order
Standard order yet again.


Doran's Shield for it's early game stats, Ionian boots because CDR is hard to come by on Twisted Treeline, Rylais for Damage, health and utility, Sunfire for AoE damage, health and armour, FoN for MR, Movespeed and health regen, Abyssal for Pen, AP and MR and finally GA to be an absolute **** (MORDE NEVA DIES!).
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Win Sin Build

So GOOD! Word's cannot explain how much I LOVE this champ.

Marks: Armour Penetration for your Q and ult aswell as jungling.
Seals: Armour for jungling.
Glyphs: CDR to spam more skills early game.
Quints: Health so we don't die in 1 hit at level 1 =(

9/0/21 FTW. Can also go 21 in defense but it's personal preference.

Skill Order

You still want one in W for mobility (Can also max W over Q but it's personal preference)

Wriggles for jungling, black cleaver is my favourite AD item to get on Sin, then we want to go the standard "Atmog's" item route.
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HAX! Build

So freakin' OP if you feed him any kills *shudder*

Marks: Attack damage for early game burst.
Seals: Dodge to proc your stun.
Glyphs: AP for burst.
Quints: Attack damage for for early game burst.

0/9/21 You need the 9 in defense for dodge speed and the rest I put in Utility because it's a VERY strong tree.

Skill Order

You still want one in E for stuns (Can also max W over Q but I like 3 second jumps)

This is my favourite Jax build, the reason I get Wits End is so you can proc Guinsoos and your Ult MUCH faster then you would otherwise.
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User opinions

If you have some opinion on my list then I'll post it here for people to see =)

Submitted by Blydden (responded by changing the Tier list a bit);

Blydden wrote:
I agree with Ezreal's placement. He wins games with his laning power but later game the greens tend to dominate him if bot decided to be stupid and feed. :(

If I may make some other suggestions to the tier list placements (my ideas for the champs that are blank, feel free to refute or hate me, just trying to help):

Tryndamere: I play him and Ezreal all the time in 3v3 and let me tell you, Tryndamere is king of this map. He doesn't die, his damage is INSANE, and he has a built-in flash, all 3 of which are god-mode on this map. Only con I can think of is that his laning is weak but is not as bad as on a 5 because of his E giving him mobility & gank reistance and if he can get to 6 without severe team fail he's the auto-win button for this map. Green please.

Akali: I love playing her on this map. Her burst is crazy and, like Tryndamere, if she can get to level 6 without severe failure she's really good. Only problem is the common champions on this map are really tanky and that's just not Akali's thing. She also lacks mobility and escaping other than her W and she has no hard crowd control. Blue (maybe Red) please.

Annie: She's used to be pretty good on this map with her early burst but since her buff she may ironically not be as hot as she used to be. She has no escapes but Tibbers gets more and more OP the less and less players there are. Blue please.

Evelyn: Me like Eve on this map. Stealth is imba on this map when there is less gold to come by for vision wards and oracles. She is a killing machine on this map even more than on Summoner's Rift because of the sheer length of this map, from base to base. The one con is that there is less key ward places to counter her and she gets countered HARD by visions and oracles still. Blue please though.

Kassadin: King of mobility, a demi-god stat on this map. But, that's about it for him. Red or maybe Blue please.

Vayne: More cramped than Summoner's Rift, thus more walls...basically all of the reasons Poppy is blue. Also melts tanky DPS, the usuals on this map. Also possesses decent mobility. Blue please.

Veigar: His E makes him semi-viable on this map and his ult is imba against the right team but he thrives off of long games, which never ever happen in TT. Red please.

Tristana: Built-in flashes are imba on this map, and Rocket Jump is no exception. Her R is also really good for screwing over people but that's about it. Red please.

Twitch: Stealth is imba on this map. A lot of his problems that make him non-viable on Summoner's Rift though are still present in The Twisted Treeline. Red please.

Nocturne: Nocturne is good on this map, great ganker, great jungler. However, he has no real escapes and its just really hard from him to get away from that good old 3-man gang-up. Blue please.

LeBlanc: Built-in flashes are imba on this map, and she has basically 2 of them, plus, her mid-game/late-game burst is really strong. Blue or just maybe Red please.

Lee Sin: He basically a lot of mobility in a group setting and he is excellent in small skirmishes, which TT is full of. Probably Blue please.

Lux: She has a decent kit for TT, sorta. Problem is it scales better with time, which is short on TT. Red or maybe Blue please.

Nidalee: Good for a lot of the reasons she's OP in Summoner's Rift. Probably Blue please.

Twisted Fate: Revealing where all those juicy gank targets are is OP...he has the king of built-in flashes. He also has a powerful stun (gold card). But, he takes skill to do right and has no real escapes. Blue or Red please.

Sivir: I hate Sivir but I played her on TT once and it worked really well. I've seen that her spell shield makes her a decent beast in lane and her R and set-up is great for backdooring, as always, and its even better on TT because of the smaller bases. It also gives the whole team mobility. BUT, if her team isn't good she's completely screwed. She might not be viable still but I think Red.

Pantheon: Probably not viable but maybe he deserves Red for his stun and ultimate. Not sure.

Gragas: I hear he's really good but I haven't seen it much. Still it's not hard to picture because of his mobility and lack of item reliance to do his job, whatever it is. He might deserve Green for all I know.

Submitted by Nighthawk (response page 3);

Nighthawk wrote:

Couple of little nitpicks. First of all, Jax ****ing rapes everything in sight early game, which makes up for his lackluster (imo) lane on 5 v 5 because solo he seriously just rapes face and gets fed. (yeah **** Considereth...****.) because he has OMGWTFJAXTOOKOFFHALFMYHEALTHWITHJUMP skillz @ early/mid. I mean ****, I hate Jax super much. Green I think is the top, so he should go there.

Caitlyn is actually a pretty good champ for 3 v 3. Lots more brush for headshot and extremely good early game damage. I think maybe blue would be good for her. Her traps are ****ing OP for ganking too.

Gangplank is ****ing trolololol OPOPOP on TT. His buff makes him an insane ganker and parrley is just **** /wrists early and mid, especially because no one has enough time to build items like HoG on always save up your money it seems, and GP rapes against anyone without armor.

And as much as I hate the bastard, Yi is the single best person for TT in the game. /sadface. His teamfights suck, his early can suck, he is easily countered...but your team can go 0-555 and you can still win if you have a Yi on your team. Makes me sick but he can decimate teams in a matter of 1:30 seconds of standalone tower pushing. Just...****. 3 v 1 and he outpushes the enemy team.

I've played Kassadin a total of like 1 time in the past on TT, so idk about this. But he seems the near perfect anti TT champion if he goes AD. Most tanks on TT hover around 200 or so AR/MR stats end game, and with his W he can actually penetrate those tanks. He can also go bulky anti mage or anti carry with a Wit's End or Atma's build. It just seems to me on paper he seems good. Play him a bit and find out? I'd love to but I don't have him.

Nidalee should be up more I know. Her whole ****ing champion base is made for TT. She can jump over all the walls pretty much, superb ganker, has traps and a heal and he can go hybrid and lawl at your silly MR/AR. Her spears are probably the single best early game skill in the game for damage and that means if you take spears as first skill...afldfladfj enjoy getting a triple kill in that early gank.

Rammus is probably the single best tank for TT. He has great map control and with a thornmail and taunt he ****ing counters every AD character in the game on TT. Like ****. Can't even take out that mofo with ArPen. I've single handedly watched Rammus stop split pushes on TT because of his mobility...just...omg. You can't escape him even as Yi.

Teemo just makes me rage so hard. AP Teemo rules on TT. Mushrooms much? LOOOL I HIT A MUSHROOM, USELESS, OH ANOTHER ONE...W/E...**** ANOTHER ONE, ****ING TEEMO...AH **** **** IM DEAD. And did I mention if you get hit by one teemo mushroom you WILL be ganked and taken care of in .5 seconds?

Tryndamere is surprisingly good. Just...just get Guinsoo's. Try it. I dare you. Substitute Guinsoo's for any item in your reg Tryn build (not IE) and watch his early game/laning sky rocket. **** yeah.

Sad to say again but Twitch is the best finisher of games there is. He also does amazing damage, but just...FU TWITCH. Leave an inhib open and you are done man. ****ing done. Walk away from a fight and you are ****ing done too. Insta gibbed by Twitch 1000x. He doesn't even have to be trying to be super annoying.

Oh and Sion. Top tier plox. AD Sion > AP Sion on TT anyday. Level 1 BF Sword please. I shudder to think what a good early game team would do with Sion. Nid, Sion, Jax es #1. Or something like that.

Here's Malphite Tier 1 reasoning from the user Prinnceszs;

Prinnceszs wrote:
Great guide, highly detailed. While I agree with the majority of your champ tier designations, I would just like to put my two cents in regarding Malphite. Malph is my main and a monster in 3v3. Especially because his abilities scale with armor, he's a brilliant counter to the tanky dps metagame of the Twisted Treeline.

Furthermore, if built correctly he not only is extremely durable, but impossible to ignore for a number of reasons. First, he is one of a very select group of champions with 3 forms of CC (Janna, Jarvan, and Blitz are the others that come to mind and only 2 of those are truly viable in 3v3). This makes him very team fight oriented. Moreover, he lanes particularly well with a great harass in his Q, “Seismic Shard”. Additionally, his W, “Brutal Strikes,” expedites tower pushing, which is arguably even more important in 3v3.

While he may lack certain appealing team buffs like Jarvan’s “Demacian Standard” and Nunu’s “Blood Boil,” Malphite’s anti-melee debuffs, hard CC and game-breaking ultimate were designed for the confined space of this map. It is not uncommon for Malph’s ult to knock up the entire opposing team in 3v3 combat, making team fights all too easy.

The problem is few people build him correctly and often favor only one of his magnificent abilities by focusing on armor, speed, AD, health or some other stat individually. A well-rounded, tanky Malphite may not produce the massive damage output of, say, Jax for example, but will carry a team by simultaneously filling three roles in one: support, tank and dps (largely through items that double as offensive and defensive; e.g. Sunfire Cape, Frozen Mallet and at times, Atma’s Impaler).

Thus far, I have achieved victory in at least 75% of my matches on Twisted Treeline by using Malphite. While I lament that you have yet to face a decent one, that is largely because few people understand how to synergize his abilities into a cohesive, tanky, yet threatening build. Please consider elevating his tier status as Malphite, Shard of the Monolith, is a true God of 3v3.
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Well there you have it! My Ranked 3s resource. If you have any chapters you want me to add drop a comment and I'll chuck it in!

Thanks to theXcalibur and Considereth for being awesome teammates!

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