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Maokai Build Guide by ZetroPlay

Support Kiss my Nature

Support Kiss my Nature

Updated on May 21, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZetroPlay Build Guide By ZetroPlay 3,409 Views 0 Comments
3,409 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ZetroPlay Maokai Build Guide By ZetroPlay Updated on May 21, 2017
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Welcome to my first Guide

Hey, my name is Zetro and welcome to my first guide. First of all, I currently live in Austria and I gamble LoL endless on the EU-West region. My favourite Champion is Moakai, and I just play him on the botlane. He is for me the strongest tank support in LoL. He is a CC machine like Nautilus, but with a much better passive. His ultimate is the strongest engagetool to open a teamfight. Maokai is broken right now, that┬┤s why you should have a freelo, and if he`s banned, make sure you have Nautilus :D. The tree is in dynamicQ stronger than in soloQ, because he has on his abilities very high cooldowns, if it used once. You need to communicate with your team, especially with your AD Carry to survive the laningphase. Anyways! Let`s start with the guide...
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You should always take exhaust. Ignite can be useful in laningphase, but it`s useless in teamfights. Activate exhaust to reduce the enemy AD Carrys attackspeed. If you play with ignite, he will destroy your whole team and YOU don`t have a counter for that. Play defensive and wait for the right moment. If you perform your comb, be ready to go all in!

Your "engage-spell" for the midgame/lategame. With this spell you will open a great teamfight for your team. You can also use flash to reach an enemy or to dodge abilities. Before you teleport a short distance with flash to the enemy, set saplings to slow and ult early to create an unbreakable CC-Chain!
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Sap Magic: Every time if you cast an ability, your passive cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds or if you get hit by an enemy`s ability, it`s reduced as well. If you work with this passive carefully, you should survive every botlane-synergy they will have. You also can save up a lot money for the "important" things. Think of your abilities and try to get in early game, mana reg. for the unlimited sustain on the lane.

Bramble Smash: The damage from this spell should be relevant for the early game. If you think that you`re tanky enough, then try to peform a dive for 1-2 sec. The knockback is the most important part of the dive. After using "Twisted-Advance" make ONE step forward and then cast q to knockback the enemy into your team.
Twisted-Advance: If you use Twisted-Advance, make sure that you are ready to go all in. It has a very high cooldown and you should use it to escape or to dive an enemy. Also use it do defend your own turret, if they hard push your lane.

Sapling-Toss: Start always with Sapling-Toss to provide vision on the botlane. Set 2 saplings for your Jungler if he starts at red. Use the saplings to poke, to slow and for Vision to protect your ADC from the enemy Jungler. Try to work with the bushes on the botlane to give your saplings more power!

Nature`s Grasp: This is your final Card to the victory. Control the Grasp of the Nature and open the next great teamfight for your team. You can also disengage with this ultimate to save your team. In my opinion the new ultimate is much better for the SUPPORT players, because they have to perform the engage now.
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Skill Sequence

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Laning Phase

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZetroPlay
ZetroPlay Maokai Guide
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Kiss my Nature

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