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Ezreal Build Guide by Beavertales

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Beavertales

Kiting with Ezreal

Beavertales Last updated on June 7, 2013
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This is my first build guide on any champion on any site, so go easy on me :P

Anyways, this is a guide on Blue item Ezreal. This build perfectly suits my play style, a mix of damage and utility. With this build, you can kite while doing awesome damage.

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Why Should I Play Ezreal/Why Should I Use This Build?

Well, I'll break it down.

This is the Ezreal build used by BeBe, the ADC for the Tai Pai Assassins, who won the world championship for Season 2, so there's your first reason.

Second, this is the best build for Ezreal that I've ever played. I've done the standard adc build on him, the tri force build, and this. And I by far get better results with this build than either of those. Mainly because this build allows you to kite practically anyone that doesn't have a major MS steroid like Singed. And with the passive from SOTEL, you'll be doing continuous damage per second while you're kiting them. And because of the 40% CDR you'll be getting, your Q will be up every 1.2 seconds or so, and your E will have about a 4 second cooldown so you are incredibly mobile. This build is heavily reliant on landing your skillshots. Late game with a
6 items, I do about 600-700 damage with my Q(Sheen proc+high ad), which is insane. You may be someone who has only played regular adc's such as Varus or Caitlyn or Graves who are auto attack based. Ezreal, however is not in this build as stated earlier. You may be looking at the lack of attack speed items and not really any main damage items other than a BT or Last Whisper, and you may think he doesn't do much damage. Just try out this build and see for yourself

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When should I pick Ezreal?

Ezreal works best in a poke comp that can effectively protect him and have a bit of cc to slow/stun to make his Q's easier to land. A team that would work well with Ezreal is Nidalee, Ahri, Dr. Mundo and Taric or Sona. As you can see, Nidalee has her Q for poke, Ahri has her taunt, Mundo has his cleavers which are a great poke and cc and Taric has his stun or Sona has her ult. If all of these characters are built tanky, this is the perfect team for Ezreal in my opinion.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Great Kiting and mobility, sustained damage, spammable E, great utility

Cons: Very squishy if caught out, loses most 1v1 situations, is skillshots dependent.

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Ezreal is probably my favorite ADC to farm with. I've played Draven, Miss Fortune, Ashe, Graves, Varus, everyone. But Ezreal takes the cake. His Q is a farming machine. You can get two cs quickly by auto attacking one and Q'ing the other. I usually aim for 70-90 cs by 10 minutes. Also, don't be afraid to use your ult to clear minion waves. Once you get your year, you'll be spamming your Q to get stacks anyways. :P

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Team Fights

This is where a good Ezreal shines. Your main purpose in a team fight is to get your ult to hit as many people as you can to maximize damage, spam your Q and slow the whole team.

If you've ever played an adc before and done it well, you know that team fight positioning is one of the most important parts to playing it. Where you should be is in the back line, behind the protection of the tanks. Otherwise, you're going to die instantly and your team will lose a lot of cc and damage, and the chances of your team losing the fight greatly increase. DON'T MOVE OUT OF POSITION.

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Lane Matchups (From easiest to hardest)

Varus - I find Varus to be a very easy lane opponent if played correctly against. If he Q's, you e out of the way. Just poke him down early game and you'll be fine.

Corki - It depends on the skill of the player. There are good Corki players, and there are bad Corki players. Try to stay out of range of his Phosphorous Bomb and you should be okay. Also, try to be aggressive early to shut him down.

Vayne - I'd say you and we are even. Her lane phase is bad against very one but Ezreal. Her tumble damage can be a bit overwhelming. Just try to harass her as much as possible and stay away from 1v1 confrontations unless you're sure you have the upper hand.

Caitlyn - Omfg. Her poke is awful to deal with, her range is ridiculous and her ult is broken. Not much you can do to counter her. Try to get some tanks from your jugngler.

Draven - I play a pretty good Draven, and I've played against Ezreals before. Never lost a lane to one. Draven is Ezreals #1 counter. He wins most 1v1 situations, can deal 140 damage with one hit very early on and is just Terri me to lane against. Again, just get tanks from your jungler if you're having trouble.