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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kled Build Guide by AngelDubz

Kled be ready to eat Lead

Kled be ready to eat Lead

Updated on August 16, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AngelDubz Build Guide By AngelDubz 80,932 Views 4 Comments
80,932 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AngelDubz Kled Build Guide By AngelDubz Updated on August 16, 2016
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A Noble Introduction

Hi im AngelDubz :D, and welcome to my guide on Kled, with Kled being just released i took an instant liking to him as he shared the same dueling potential as fiora and riven. Its also my first guide so all feedback would be much appreciated :D.
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One of the best duelists in the game.
Passive negates nuke making you unable to be one shot by a single combo.
Safe farming with Q.
W enables high damage output while being tanky
Ult provides good engage and a great escape

Becomes sorta useless when behind
Struggles against ranged champs
Pretty much dead when dismounted and trying to run away
You dont have full control over your W and it procs on your next AA when its up
Ult requires team awareness and smart use as it cant be cancelled when cast
Signs his own death sentence and possibly his teams when performing a bad ult
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This is a great pick on kled once pre 6. With his ult being semi global it allows you to back and Chaaaaaaaaarge down to the bot lane which usually ends in a double kill depending how pushed they are. then once your done you can tp back to top to collect cs and xp that you would otherwise miss. Its not just useful for ganks when kled suffers a bad trade early he usually dismounts and becomes at heavy risk in lane forcing you to hide under tower.

This is a pretty essential pick on any champion and especially Kled with his very limited mobility when dismounted.
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Kleds Plundering Equipment (abilities)

Skaarl the cowardly lizard

Now for the lil critter that makes Kled, Kled. His counterpart SKAARL THE COWARDLY LIZARD
this passive is usually seen as just a health bar but the outplay potential can be huge with this. picture your in lane with Garen he has His ult up but has burnt his other abilities on you and is still wanting to fight, you have lower hp than he does but your W is about to be up before his abilities, many would run from this but your passive restricts Garens ult and if he does use it alot of dmg will be wasted as it doesn't carry over to your health bar no matter how low skaarls hp is. So the enemy garen has aleady followed you to far into lane and now has no other option but to fight, he uses his ult on you and you become unmounted, by now your W has come up now and is a tank killer, you get all 4 aa of and fill your courage bar up to nearly full, the Garen is persistent and starts to chase, with your Q reset when you unmounted you Q away from him but land every shot Skaarl comes running back to you and you end up getting the kill. This is just one of the many scenarios that can happen and there isn't much i can help you with when it comes to his passive its up to you how you play your cards and kill the enemy laner. However when kled unmounts he gains a massive burst of movement speed when chasing enemy champs making difficult for them to escape when your chasing. The downside to this is Kled becomes the slowest moving character in the ganme when unmounted with a whopping 275 movement speed meaning if you unmount and your trying to run, your pretty much dead.

Beartrap on a rope/Pocket pistol

Probably your most useful ability in your entire kit, it provides poke, farming tool, small cc, and denying the enemy cs, its also provides a large chunk of damage when it procs for the 2nd time. The best use of it is when the opponent moves in for cs Q them and move forward, this forces the opponent to take the cs and take a chunk of damage or leave the cs and walk away. It has a small cast time however this can be cancelled when combined with E making an unpredictable engage.

Pocket pistol is extremely useful to Kleds kit and is often overlooked, when dismounted this is your best tool for csing and getting back on skaarl combined with kleds unmounted passive movement speed towards enemy champions you can move in close to them fast and Q away allowing you to get a chunk of courage back, it also allows you to hop over walls and can prove to be a nice csing tool.

Violent Tendencies

This W can be tricky to work with while its a good damage dealer you dont have much control over when it activates other than to not aa which can be problematic early game with your
Q being on a 7 second cool down and your W on a 12 you are forced to AA for cs. Without this ability your vulnerable to bad trades so you usually want to try and hook him when its on CD and hes moving into you.

Jousting your E is a really useful ability, think of it like Rivens E with the shield replaced by damage, or like renektons dash, when used if you hit an enemy champion you can reactivate it to dash through them again while gaining a burst of movement speed (this does not proc for a 2nd dash on minions) also keep in mind that unlike renektons dash it does not give you a choice where to move on its 2nd proc and instead automatically jumping to the enemy champion no matter what the distance, the proc also stays on the body when dead so pressing again will just jump you to a corpse, however this ability can not jump over walls
so dont try. The E cancels your Q animation just like Rivens E making it hard for the enemy to dodge.


Kleds ult makes a great tool to engage on the enemy when returning to lane and will normally result in a kill meaning enemies have to think twice about staying on your land for to long. However his ult in my opinion is one of the best tools in the game, it can let your whole team escape, it can let an entire team engage, it can allow you to split and join your team in fights. It gives you great roaming potential and is an all round a great ability. However thats where the whole ability has its con nearly all of its uses rely on your team to respond which can be problematic, especially for lower ELO. The ult leaves a path that gives your team a huge movement speed buff and builds up a shield that scales with ad over time, it also deals a huge portion of enemy champ max health depending on your distance traveled.

Kleds ult in a nut shell
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Iv found this tree works the best fevor is an amazing synergy with W as it gets stacks withing seconds and almost guarantees winning trades, in my opinion you have almost no cc in your kit and your going to roam with your ult so picking bounty hunter for the 1% of each unique enemy killed synergies better with your kit.
League of Legends Build Guide Author AngelDubz
AngelDubz Kled Guide
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Kled be ready to eat Lead

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