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Master Yi Build Guide by nalganeitor

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nalganeitor

knock knock, who is there? Wuju Backdoor Style

nalganeitor Last updated on January 18, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, this is my first guide, am nalganeitor i play in NA server and bla bla, well, i will talk about Master Yi he is understimate sometimes and many people focus him in another annoying (for the enemy team) style, the backdoor style.

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Pros / Cons


+easy escape and chase with Ghost and Highlander
+no needs to go back to base for health with Meditate
+with Highlander on you can do multi kill easy
+the turrets and minions will shake against you
+with Ghost and Highlander on, nothing can slow you down


-trouble with mana in low lvl and in longer teamfights
-early game really squishy
-easy target if you get stunned or silenced

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Master Yi build is full ad build cuz, well, its obvious, but the esencial maestrie is Destruction , with this item plus Highlander plus Wuju Style you can that turrets in few second and use Ghost to escape while your team laugh and the other team damn you, so do Meditate is indispensable, cuz in early game you cant do many recalls and your mana pool is really low, with this maestrie you will keep your lane for more time, this maestries are the best for a Master Yi

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why to use AP runes with a Master Yi AD? why dont to make it AP? cuz with the AP runes your AD yi will get a considerable amount of health using your Meditate and Alpha Strike while you can melee some tanks champions

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Solo Top

its a shy lane, many times you will fight against champions like Darius or Olaf or Pantheon or many others, you must to atack with your Alpha Strike against a minion making a conection against your target (obviously while more minions more chance that the atack fail) to kill to your enemy almost always you will need a gank,but when lane phase is over you will start your game

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as backdoor, you must always be checking the mini map and respawn time of your enemys, you must to get ready to run, so before to go to atack a turret, be sure that you have Ghost or Highlander if you will atack first or second turrets, and you still having your first turret alive, if you need to atack a second and you dont have you first turret, be sure that you have Ghost and Highlander ready, also if the enemy has an inhibitor turret down, you can go cross the jungle and wait untill you see the 5 enemys and go to destroy the inhibitor and run, for this you must to have Ghost to run and Highlander and Wuju Style to kill the inhibitor (you will have just Ghost to run so be sure that you have enough time to do it and run

Summoner Rift

green point: easy turret, you wont have any problem with that turretsĀ“
yellow point: you need to have ready Ghost or highlander to escape
red point: upi must to be sure of where is everyone to kill this turret and have ready Ghost and Highlander
black point: to destroy this one, you must to go crossing the jungle and stay in the white point and wait untill you can see the whole enemy team, in teamfight or doing baron or someone dead and someone in another lane,

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wuju backdoor style is a good option for a team, either in team fight or doing backdoor, he has pros and cons like all the champions, but he is unique in backdoor, he has a good balance of AD and AP with the runes and maestries, and sometimes doing backdoor can safe a game against a team OP even if the match is 30 kills down, as soon as i can i will up proofs of my build and games