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Alistar Build Guide by iSparklez

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iSparklez

Knocking People into towers! A Jungle Alistar Guide

iSparklez Last updated on February 8, 2013
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Introduction to Alistar

Hey everyone, I'm iSparklez, and I welcome you to my Jungle Alistar Guide. I've never written a Guide on a Champion before but I'm trying my best to make this your best resource when you jungle the strongest Animal in the League! I would appreciate all the feedback you could give me on how to improve my guide to it's maximum potential.

Alistar is mostly known for his aggressive and disruptive Support power but what a lot of people don't know or some consider to be "weak" or "under powered" is Alistar's Jungle capability! He is one of the best gankers in the game if played correctly thanks to his Headbutt Ability which allows you to execute some of the most powerful and disruptive ganking in all the League!

This video made by FatigueOfLegends demonstrates the amazing power of Jungle Alistar a simple well coordinated well placed Headbutt is the key to getting a ton of kills on unsuspecting enemies!
So without waiting more I present you my guide to Headbutting Enemies !

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Pros / Cons

> Amazing Crowd Control (Knockup and Knockback)
> Best Ganks in the League
> Amazing durability with his ultimate
> One of the best Champions to have in a Team Fight
> His heal offers a decent amount of sustain for the jungle

> Needs quite a bit of help at the Blue Buff
> Pretty much worthless in the jungle without the Blue Buff
> Fairly Slow Jungler

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When I build Jungle Alistar I like to go 0/21/9 mostly focusing on his defensive side so I can better sustain the Jungle, but still taking points in the Utility Tree for the increased Movement Speed, Mana and the extended buff duration.


Summoner's Resolve Is a must have for that extra gold it gives you for killing a Minion with Smite

4/4 Points in Durability for that extra Health and the ability to put a point into Veteran's Scars

Tough Skin and Bladed Armor help make up for your small damage output by allowing some extra damage on the Neutral Minions

Tenacious is a good mastery to have on Alistar has it reduces the duration of crowd control effects on you which can be really helpful to break out of sooner during a gank!

Juggernaut is there for pretty much the same reason Durability and Veteran's Scars are : to give you a little Health Bonus to aid you with sustain in the Jungle

Honor Guard is just an amazing Mastery for what it gives! You will take less damage when Jungling and when ganking! You never know when that mastery may save your life!

Wanderer Has you will figure out later in this guide and even from the Item build Alistar requires movement speed to execute his ganks so this Mastery is really one of the best for him!

Meditation Alistar is really dependent on the Blue Buff in order to jungle effectively, he gets mana starved quite easily so in order to aid him this mastery is quite powerful on him.

Expanded Mind It's just an all around amazing Mastery that increases your Mana permanently each level!

Runic Affinity Since Alistar is really dependent on the Blue Buff the longer you can hold on to it the better you will be at Jungling in the early game so this Mastery is pretty much amazing has it allows you to be able to spam your abilities more because you have the blue buff for a longer period of time!

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Skill Sequence

This is Alistar's Passive Ability it is one of his best aids when jungling. It's an Area of Effect / Damage over Time effect that is activated for a decent period of time after Alistar uses any one of his Abilities! To use this passive to it's full potential make sure you're near every creep in the camp so they all take damage and make sure you let it run before you use another ability! Don't spam your abilities in order to take the most advantage out of this passive!

This is Alistar's first ability and one of his amazing disruption abilities! I like to start with this ability because it's an Area of Effect Knock up ability capable of knocking up and entire Team if they are all close to Alistar it's also quite useful if you get invaded because you can knock up big groups of people and possibly secure the first blood for your Team! When ganking with this ability what you want to do is save it to use after you Headbutt an Enemy into your team so you can stop their escape!

This is Alistar's second ability and also brings amazing disruption power! It's an incredibly strong knock back ability! I pickup this ability at level 3 because it's when I actually start ganking. This ability is incredible if your Team mates are paying attention. To use this ability to it's full potential you should come in from behind and knock the enemy into your teammate so you can get some damage on him and then when he tried to escape you have your Pulverize ability prepared and can stop them and most likely pick up a kill!

This is Alistar's third ability, it's a small heal that I pickup at level 2 for the extra little bit of sustain it gives. It's an Area of Effect heal but won't really recover much HP for your allies at earlier ranks of the ability. It's a good form of sustain for jungle Alistar because it's cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds every time a unit dies near Alistar be it a minion or a champion.

This is Alistar's Ultimate Ability and possibly one of the best Tanking abilities in all the game! On cast it removes all Crowd Control abilities on him and gives him 50% reduced Physical and Magical damage for 7 seconds and this is just at level 1 of the ability on level 3 it gives 70% reduced damage! This skill is also amazing to tower dive, come in from behind the tower and activate the ability then just use your Headbutt and knock your target into your team so they can do the cleanup work! When engaging team fights try to get to the center of the enemy team preferably with Flash and use Pulverize to knock them up, followed by the activation of Unbreakable Will giving you enough damage reduction to tank all their damage and blow their abilities giving your team the perfect opportunity to engage without taking much damage!

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The Boots of Mobility are the only type of boots I'd recommend you build on Jungle Alistar the movement speed bonus it gives is just amazing on Alistar! It will allow you to get into position for a perfect Headbutt way faster which will = more time to farm and gank!

This Item is a perfect match for Alistar has in the mid to late game you'll be transitioning from the Jungler to a Tank/Support Spirit of the Ancient Golem allows you to do both, it gives the increased damage to minions, more HP and Armor, Health and Mana Regen and some tenacity which makes up for not getting Mercury's Treads like a regular tank would.

The Sunfire Cape Is just that all around amazing Item on any Tanky Jungler! It's passive will help you jungle faster and it also brings a nice Armor and HP boost which consists with your role of tank in the Late game!

Shurelya's Reverie I usually pick between Shurelya's and Runic Bulwark when building my Jungle Alistar the regeneration offered by Shurelya's is quite good and it's active effect works well with Alistar's way of ganking from behind however Runic Bulwark gives Alistar extra tankyness which allows him to scale better into his late game role. Communicate with your team's support player and decide who will be building what because usually the support will be building shurelya's.

Runic Bulwark is an amazing item for tanks, it grants you additional Health and Magic resist which is always helpful on a Tank like Alistar plus it's Aura is helpful to every member on the team to increase their resistances!

Randuin's Omen is a must have on Alistar because you'll be the one initiating all the fights which means you'll be focused at the start and that is where Randuin's comes in, aside from the fact that it gives you Health and Armor it's passive slows the Attack and Move Speed of any Enemy that uses basic attacks on you for a decent amount reducing the DPS (Damage per Second) you would be taking and since Alistar is a tank and if you follow this build the active effect of Randuin's will be amazing! It reduces the movement speed of nearby enemy units by 35% for 2 seconds adding 1 more second to it for every 100 Armor and Magic resist that you have!

This is the final Item in your build or not if you want to change the order around it's a free world out there. Frozen Heart gives you an amazing mana and armor boost along with a 20 cooldown reduction which is always welcome seeing has some of Alistar's skills could have a lower cooldown in my opinion this item is incredibly useful! It's passive ability reduces the attack speed of nearby enemy champions for 20% and the range is quite good on this passive ability making it a must have on Alistar!

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Jungle Path

Alistar's jungle pattern is the default pattern that any jungler would usually take : Start at the blue buff move to wolves then wraiths, red buff and finally if you have enough HP you can do the small golems.

This image shows the the path you'll be taking with Alistar

1 - Blue Buff - Ask for your team to also put some damage on it so you can get it easier!
2 - Wolves
3 - Wraiths - Attack the big Wraith and let your passive handle the small ones
4 - Red Buff
5 - Small Golems - By the time you're ready to engage the Small golems you will already be Level 3 and have your Headbutt so choose between getting a gank or doing these guys they're optional.

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Ganking with Alistar

I've mentioned it many times during this guide and now we're at it's own topic in the guide "Ganking with Alistar" I've talked about how Alistar has some of the best ganks in the League and that is true however you need to execute them correctly in order to take the most out of them. This map of the summoners rift will explain where you want to go in order to get the most our of your Alistar Ganks

If you're playing on Purple team to gank bottom simply use the Tribush, and if you're ganking top you'll have to stay close to the wall like it's shown in the map at the bottom lane !

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Thank You!

Thanks for reading my Jungle Alistar guide I hope you liked the strategies it brought to playing this amazing champion with incredible potential. If you have any possible feedback for me to improve my guide let me know I will always be trying to improve this has it was my first guide! Please don't downvote my guide without giving me a valid reason why you're doing it.

Thanks a bunch :D