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Kog'Maw General Guide by Fakfejs

Kog'Maw AS/AD Masacre

Kog'Maw AS/AD Masacre

Updated on November 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fakfejs Build Guide By Fakfejs 9,583 Views 3 Comments
9,583 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Fakfejs Kog'Maw Build Guide By Fakfejs Updated on November 3, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Kog'Maw
  • LoL Champion: Kog'Maw
  • LoL Champion: Kog'Maw


You want to take mages and archers in blink of an eye? That's guide for u.

This guide is based on other guides that I have tested. Every one of them had something that is useless. This maw at late game is a heavy DPS with good escape capabilities. So read, try than comment.


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  • Squishy
  • Silencing and slowing spells make Kog'Maw act like target practice
  • Limited escape ability when you have used your Flash and Ghost
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As you noticed there are three builds in this guide. First one is my usual fighting build. Second one has little difference. Frozen Mallet is bought faster. You should choose it when you are opposing fast team. Third one is a build with different core items and magic penetration runes. This build has more attack speed, magic resistance and magic penetration followed by item instant effects. Skill sequence have also changed to get more AS faster
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First tree:Third tree:
Its 9/0/21 build because you get:
  • you get attack speed from runes and items (at lvl 18 with full item set around 2-2,2k AS) so u don't need them from masteries
  • you get lots of survivability thanks to utility masteries like Haste and Blink of an Eye
  • fair magic resistance and mana regen
  • longer neutral buffs
  • abilities cooldown reduction
  • faster respawn after death
  • increased experience gain

I chose AP tree to get best summoner spells and spammable skills.
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Recommended runes:
  • Greater Seal of Replenishment = longer on battlefield
  • = bigger Atack speed.
  • = reduced cooldowns late game = spamming more ;]
  • or = more magic resist
All runes are primary. Putting secondary runes is a waste of potential.
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I choose these spells

Why not Exhaust? Because you are so little and frightened creature you need to RUN to base not RUN to kill. Your Living Artillery will do the kill running for you anyway.

I prefer to have ready both of skills when I go solo or pushing. It's really easy to kill our little Kog'Maw so you need to watch for ganks all the time.

Flash will save your life many times. Ghost will ensure that your flash was not used for nothing.

Skills that are useless to Kog'Maw: ╚════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╝
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First and second build:
On level one get Caustic Spittle for 10% Attack speed. 1st max Bio-Arcane Barrage cause its your weapon of mass destruction. Next, get one Void Ooze between leveling Bio-Arcane Barrage]2nd max Void Ooze to slow enemies before barraging or slow them if you are escaping from them. This skill does lots of dmg at higher levels. Max Living Artillery whenever you can because if you harass enemies than you need to do it with style. You can use this skill whenever you think someone is in the bushes. Great for scouting and vital places checking. Leave Caustic Spittle for last levels. Theese two builds are not so AS dependent.

Third build
On level one get Caustic Spittle for 10% Attack speed. 1st max Bio-Arcane Barrage cause its your weapon of mass destruction. Next, get one Void Ooze between leveling Bio-Arcane Barrage]. 2nd max Caustic Spittle to get lots of AS in mid-game. Max Living Artillery whenever you can because if you harass enemies than you need to do it with style. You can use this skill whenever you think someone is in the bushes. Great for scouting and vital places checking. Leave Void Ooze to last levels. Only one level is needed to slow enemies.

You can always choose sequence from build one and two to use with build three and vice versa.
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First and second build:
Attack speed is first so I choose Berserker's Greaves and Malady. Then to get your attack more powerfull get Madred's Bloodrazor. Last items are your choice. I prefer buying Phantom Dancer before Frozen Mallet but it really depends on situation on battlefield. For the last item i choose Bloodthirster to get some HP from my vicitms. This item is again dependant on the situation on battlefield.

Third build
Instead of Phantom Dancer and Bloodthirster try getting Sword of the Divine and Wit's End. It's huge AS growth.
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As soon as enemy team realizes you eat tanks for breakfast you will be most focused champion in team so others can do the killing when you run ;].

Try to kill after you die. Yes, that's right you will be just like Osama Bin Laden using Icathian Surpriseafter you die, so run to enemies or creeps to score some more gold.

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Always keep your self behind team. Void Ooze and Bio-Arcane Barrage when some enemy is not carefull enough, finishing combo with Living Artillery.

Don't run solo mid and late game and most important ... CARE all the time.

If you are getting focused and chased run back a little and then come back to team fight to help your teammates.

Like in all team battles try to hit the most squishy champs and leave tanks without any support on battleground. Situation changes when a tank is starting an attack at your team. They get focus so other teammates have an easy time dealing with your team. Don't worry ... Kog'Maw to the rescue. Mid and late in game you will make those tanks run very fast cause their Hp will go down very fast.
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Sometimes you need to solo a lane cause your lane partner went to jungle. Kog'Maw can easily do it, but your tower will fall sooner or later. To successfully survive this hard task you will need to stay back. Hug tower and don't be a hero. Kill any minions that will be viable to your attacks. Try to kill as many as you can before they reach tower. If they stack near tower enemy champions will attack tower. From time to time your partner will come to help you gank your lane enemies.

This tactic should be used all the time. Even if you are a "lonely kog" as stated above. If you have a chance to hit your opponent, do it! Sooner or later he will need to go to base. In best case scenario you can get a kill. In worst case scenario you will be killed. Need to be careful with this tactic

Using this tactic is most profitable and easy for a fully grown Kog'Maw. You have to obey two simple rules. First, you can get ambushed from left and right side so care and look at map. Second, don't be so eager to go under enemy tower cause you can be ambushed even more. Combine this tactic with "angry kog" and you should be okay. Always try to last hit minions to earn some more gold. Don't spam your skills because you will end in base faster then you can think about it. Control your mana reserves to avoid being caught with your pants down when enemy will attack you. Flash will save your skin many times while using this tactic.

Map of lanes in Summoner's Rift

Almost same as above, but you don't need to look out for one side and you have a helper. Try to communicate your attacks with him by using map alerts (click on map or ALT+click on ground/enemy). You will get less gold and experience when you are on side lane.

You will be safer with your teammates. Don't solo lanes in mid/late game unless you are really good. 80% of such creatures end up dead... or worse :P. You never start a fight, but you can provoke your enemies to attack your team. Living Artillery and Bio-Arcane Barrage will do the thing. You can use "angry kog" tactic here. Engage in every team fight.

Just roam and kill neutrals. Nobody likes lazy kogs so don't use it.

If you have a chance to slow a pursuit after your team mates, do it. Void Ooze will do the thing. "Helper kog" is welcome in every team.

I'm not sure if this is really a tactic or just a hint. When you try to destroy tower use Bio-Arcane Barrage for better results. Use with other tactics.

So if you are tower angry group helper kog at mid-lane then you are set to go. Let's conquer the world.
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Till lvl 7 you can farm on creeps. Last hit them to get more cash. Maxing Void Ooze can help you kill whole waves. Past lvl 7 you can easly kill small neutrals like wolves , wraths nd golems. From around lvl 10-12 u can kill blue/red buff neutrals. Its easier to kill them when u have Madred's Bloodrazor and Berserker's Greaves ofcourse. Try to not miss a chance to kill some neutrals when you go back from your base.

Blue buff is the one you will need very badly. Its not essential but it will make your harassment more effective and easy without going to base every 2 minutes.

Red buff will make your spitting abbilities better so dont hasitate to take it too if you have a chance.

Map of availible neutral monsters

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Kog'Maw is not an easy champion and it needs a lot of awareness, predicting and focus. Greedy Kog'Maw usually end dead, so keep an eye out for ambushes. Building your champion in presented way will not make you win every time and without any effort. 50% is build and the other 50% is your skill. Constant moving and looking at map is the key to victory.

Many people say AS/AD builds are weaker than AP ones. Truth is that those builds can't be compared together. AP builds need more skill in targeting and predicting. With AS/AD you don't need such hell skill to play, but it also requires user to think. It does less nuke damage, but gives constant and fast enemy HP bar pulverizing.

Here are some recent matches of yours truly ;]

Please vote and comment. Have fun.
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Guide uploaded
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Updated visuals, formatting and added tactics
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