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Ezreal Build Guide by Korean Ezreal

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Korean Ezreal

Korean Ezreal - Optimal ADC Ezreal Build S6

Korean Ezreal Last updated on December 1, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi, my name is Korean Ezreal and I am an Ezreal main. I've done many builds, experimented with many builds and found that this build is the most optimal build when it comes to mana sustain, damage, and kiting ability with the new item changes and mastery changes.

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Runes and Masteries

When it comes to runes, you can run pretty much anything that fits your play style. I personally like to play a caster adc Ezreal which is why i run hybrid pen, mana regen, and ability power runes (considering to change these to magic pen). The MUST HAVE MASTERY as a good Ezreal players is thunderlords because it combos really well with the rest of your abilities. An ideal engage or combo with Ezreal would be the cast "W" first on the enemy procing the first stack of thunderlords, then "E" into the "W" as well as hitting the enemy with "E" proccing the second stack of thunderlords, and then finishing it off with a triforce bufffed "Q" to proc te final stack of thunderlords creating serious burst damage. It's not the easiest combo to pull off, but when done correctly you win trades easy.

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Summoner Spells

Everyone thinks that ADCs need to run flash and heal, but honestly heal is overrated compared to exhaust. Your support should always run ignite because in the end, when you and your support are doing an all in, a well timed ignite will make a heal utterly useless, while an exhaust changes the fight in your favor with or without heal. So as an ezreal player who likes to all in and combo his skills, running exhaust wins fights rather than a simple heal.

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Starting Items - Why Doran's Ring?

People wonder, why get a doran's ring over a doran's blade as an adc main? Simple, youre playing freaken Ezreal and you are a mana hungry champ. Without mana you're useless and the fact that they got rid of mana pots makes it even harder to do anything in lane. Doran's ring is nice because not only does it give you really good mana regen, but it also give you 4 mana back for every time you kill a minion or monster. Some people may think that is small, but that is awesome and you literally never run out of mana. Oh lastly, you get 2 pots, who doesn't like having an additional health pot?

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First Buy - 1500 gold

Best buff to Ezreal in this game is his early game because of the fact that sheen is only 1050 gold. That is amazing and should be the first item you buy on your first back. The bonus damage from sheen when combined with your "Q" is insaneeee and lets you dish out a ton of damage early even without any damage items. However, the ideal situation would be to buy a sheen and a longsword (which will eventually build into phage and then triforce) which is why I emphasize the 1500 gold buy. Do your best to get 1500 gold and buy these 2 items on your first back, but if you cant, PRIORITIZE the sheen.

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Core Items

Triforce, Essence Reaver, Sorcerer Boots.

Triforce - I dont care what anyone says when it comes to item builds, YOU NEED TRIFORCE as Ezreal because Triforce makes you useFUL and not useLESS. Even if it does cost 3800 gold, buy triforce and it should always be your first core item.

Essence Reaver - A lot of people argue that essence reaver should be your first item because of the need of mana sustain and cdr, but honestly you dont need mana sustain as much anymore because why, you have a doran's ring ;). Essence Reaver though is essential as your second item because not only does it give you damage, but the insane passive which will give you a solid 40% cdr with triforce. Also that mana return from crits, but more importantly, the 40% cdr.

Sorcerer Boots - I used to never build this item because I always needed cdr boots in order to hit my 40% cap, but now that I get 40% cdr with 2 items, I dont see the need for having cdr boots. I originally thought of getting atk speed boots, but honestly, as ezreal, your job is to kite with your "Q"s and only all in when you know you can burst down the enemy champ. I see sorc boots to be the best fit because of how 3/4 of Ezreal's abilities are all magic damage so when laning you will win trades more often than not because of the ridiculous amount of magic pen as well as the fact that the enemy adc won't have much magic resistance.

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Situational Items

Sustain when you need it...
Defensive when you need it...
Armor pen / more damage, when you need it...

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Tips and Tricks

Practice hitting your "Q"s. Look for windows of opportunity and don't be afraid to just keep throwing em out even if it means hitting or last hitting minions with them. The atk speed buff is great for helping to push a lane.

Learn to thread between minions, enemy won't ever expect it.

Lead your targets with your "Q". Anticipate their movement and watch for patterns.

The 1, 2, punch Ezreal combo.
Step 1: Cast "W" at enemy
Step 2: Cast "E" and arcane shift into your "W" path and receive the auto attack speed buff.
Step 3: Cast triforce buffed "Q" or auto attack and proc thunderlord's.
Step 4: laugh and taunt enemy.
Step 5: repeat

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Ezreal is a fun champ and many people underestimate him in this patch and think he is not a viable ADC anymore. I beg to differ and have proven many people wrong and that Ezreal is a force to be wreckened with when played correctly. It takes time to learn and master his kit, but when mastered you can make some pretty flashy plays. Anyways I hope this guide helps and will encourage you guys to learn Ezreal despite the bad rep that the community gives him. Good luck and have fun!