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Lucian Build Guide by Kusakari

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kusakari

Kusakari's Guide to Lucian the Purifier (Work in Progress)

Kusakari Last updated on August 26, 2013
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Hi everyone, my name is Kusakari, this is my guide to play Lucian.
Here are some ideas how you could play and build him, i don't say its the best way, but for me it works fine.
This guide is work in progress, if you have anything to add or so on just let me now :)
I'm planning to add a rune/item description and alternative runes/items
hope you enjoy it rating would be much appreciated

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Pros / Cons

Reasons to play Lucian or better not to play him.



  1. Very squshy
  2. Vulerable to cc champs like Leona
  3. Not that easy to handle
  4. Without The Culling short range
  5. Mana hungry in early game
  6. Item dependant

I personaly would recommend Lucian for players who are used to play carry champs, aiming is also very important, you might not pick him if you generally play Champs with abilities where you only click to aim (for example Annie). Playing Lucian needs a lot of attention to the game to pick the right moment for your skills, specially for Piercing Light, dodge skills with Relentless Pursuit

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Skill's and Combo's

Lightslinger is his passive, the next attack counts twice, both attacks toggle on hit effects like Blade of the Ruined King or Frozen Mallet. This is your best way to make as much damage as possible even if you dont have that much attack speed. Make sure that you use every double shot before you cast the next skill.

Piercing Light is a good damage source with low cd and can be used to harass and poke your enemies. even if the cast range is not that high you can hit an enemie from a safer distance using minions to enlarge your range. Piercing Light can boost your life steal, with low cd you can use it to toggle Lightslinger and get more life from the next attack

Ardent Blaze is your AoE skill, the damage is not that high but it is a very good way to boost your movement speed to chase and take down an enemie champion.

The Culling Is a high range multishot skill dealing high damage to a single target, the range can be blocked by champions or minions. Get a kill/assist on an enemie champion will resett the cd on Relentless Pursuit

A good way to chase champions is to combine the movement speed buff from Ardent Blaze and The Culling, adding the 40-60 speed buff you get a movement speed from 440-460, this makes you able to follow or close up to a champ.

The same combination can be used to run away from an enemie, just cast The Culling and run backwards

A way to ge in and get out is the combination of Relentless Pursuit and The Culling
simply dash in with Relentless Pursuit, make sure u get the kill with The Culling and dash out, using the cd reset of Relentless Pursuit

Yeah thats it for the abilities

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Support Options

Here is a sector where i give some ideas for those Lucian players who have a premade supporter

Lucian himself fits really good with champs who have cc, but a point that counts even more is his squishyness, you should have a support that can take damage for you, and even more important tostart the fight, here are som champs i would love to have at my side:

  • Leona is the best support i could guess, very very high cc, her passive makes Lucian able to deal even more damage, very important she has a dash ability, and she can be played as a massive tank.
  • Thresh is also a good teammate for him, hard cc, but less stuns than Leona, his lantern can get Lucian out of really sticky situations, he has a gap closer, and he's a champ who can get serious amouts of dmg without dieing.
  • Blitzcrank is a good possibility, he can mute, knock up and pull the enemie. This adds the possibility to use Relentless Pursuit to follow the champ and not get into battle, Blitzcrank is a good choice against champs like Ezreal, the mute blocks his blink that he cant escape

Basically every champ that allows you a aggressive playstyle is a good support for Lucian, th elist above is only my personal preference. But you should choose a champ that supports your agressive playstyle that you dont get poked by long ranged attaks like Piltover Peacemaker.

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Here is my Match History playing Lucian, i know i'm not the best player but its still a solid history