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Kayle Build Guide by LatinoHunter

LatinoHunter's Kayle, El siguiente?

LatinoHunter's Kayle, El siguiente?

Updated on September 6, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LatinoHunter Build Guide By LatinoHunter 0 8 5,566 Views 16 Comments
0 8 5,566 Views 16 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LatinoHunter Kayle Build Guide By LatinoHunter Updated on September 6, 2011
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Just follow the guide and u will see the results by yourself...

my Kayle is not support, is not ap , is not add , is GOD on summoner rift

Important note : go to jungle at lvl4 like i write in my Ashe build for be OP since begin
this is what make all my new builds different from any each other ever made at this times the possibility of jungling with a lot of each easily and more efficient than the smite junglers.

Images speak louder than words u.u


I will soon make a list of my build for each of my champs wich i jungle
this is just a sample :

Chogat Hybrid Latino's Jungle
Alistar Tank Latino's Jungle
Renek Tank Latino's Jungle
Blitz Off Tank Latino's Jungle
Chogat Tank Latino's Jungle
and one of my favourites
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Im the only one who start to jungle at lvl4 instead of lvl1 with smite:

i have already said why Smite is soo f***ing useless in high elo or lvl 20+ summoners
so lets go ahead:

Prerequisites : kayle lv4 , Madred's Razors, Righteous Fury lv2 , Reckoning lv1 , 1 or 2 Health Potion, Divine Blessing lv1 :

1- go to blue golem spot and massacrate him with your Madred's Razors & Righteous Fury
2- go to wolfes and do the same and heal yourself with Divine Blessing to get extra mov speed :D
3- ghosts spot
4- twin golems spot
5- Red lizard buff !

ok now u are lv6 with Red and Blue buff ready to get an easy kill in any lane :D
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Pro & Con

-perfect hybrid dps : armor & mr penetration , high lifesteal/spellvamp , tons of atk speed , great atk and ap , a lot of CC
-good heal
-*** saver ulti OR invencible dps mode
-insane farmer & jungler
-Tower Eater
- double,triple,quadra,penta addicted ( ok is a kstealer xD )
- range and melee fighter!

- can't tank
- just it
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Skill Sequence

Intervention >> Righteous Fury >> Reckoning >> Divine Blessing

No discussion.

first is righteous fury : couz with Berserker's Greaves and Zeal u will slash all the jungle spots in seconds! and in late - mid game u will rape an entire team with this skill in team fight staying behind the tanker healed and (if needed) ultimated with your Intervention

second is Reckoning : use it for speeds up the jungling and to starting to gank! This Skill do a LOT of damage when your enemy is slowed u will do % of more damage!! read well the skill it have 100% atk ratio and 100% ap ratio! its just the perfect hybrid skill.

third is Divine Blessing is an good heal ( not impressive but very usefull) and grants free moviment speed ! :D u can use it for running and healing at the same time if ganked , or to chase an running enemy nice skin very versatile and usefull

and last the OP passive Holy Fervor : why is op? easy with this skill if your victim is an dps u will do TRUE DMG --> all vamp and spellvamp --> your enemy will die!
is an tank? ok 15% of Magic Resist AND 15% of Armor Resist only with the passive!! its just amazing slain champs like morde,malphite, blitz and any champ who believe he is safe with a bit of armor or with magic resist like Garen ( "Dalmacia!!!!!ahhh! ah..." were him last words :3 )
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Start with :
- Long Sword & 1 Health Potion
- recall at lv4 and buy madred's razor
- jungle : clear all your own jungle zone and recall to buy Wriggle's Lantern
- go to gank someone, counter jungle or push towers and recall for buy Berserker's Greaves
- Trinity Force : key item for all : burst dmg , atk speed , hp and mp !
start with Zeal more atk speed more farm more dmg with Righteous Fury, then with Phage for more hp and slow chance and at last Sheen !
- Guinsoo's Rageblade : op item for kayle combine with lifesteal and spell vamp
- Hextech Revolver : go for spell vamp first couz it is 0 at begin
- Hextech Gunblade : now you are invencible...
- Sword of the Divine : great item :D insane atk speed who will rip apart all of your enemies remember to use the active!!
- 2nd Hextech Gunblade: ok now u are in god mode. ( sell your wriggle)

why not defensive object? u have an ulti who anulates all the oncoming dmg for 3 seconds!!
in 3 seconds with all this atk speed armor/magic penetration , lifesteal/spell vamp and a lot of crowd control no one can stop you.

all type of casters will waste all of their skills on your ulti...
all type of dps will not dmg you--> no lifesteal --> selfdeath
all type of add/assasins will die like casters
all type of tankers will only runs out from you couz holy fervor will destroy all on Kayle's way

and i say AND if they hit you, you have too hybrid force to spell/lifesteal all their HP
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Screens list

send me your screens playing Kayle with my build i will post them here :D !

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More more and more things coming

im busy those days sorry x3

coming soon:
- how to gank
- how to counter jungle
- more screens
- more text xDDDD
- more more!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LatinoHunter
LatinoHunter Kayle Guide
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LatinoHunter's Kayle, El siguiente?

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