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League of Legends Build Guide Author avari

Leaking Gas out my ___

avari Last updated on May 28, 2011
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So your checking this out huh?

This is my first build, be gentle.

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All right. Heres how I play . First things first, the way I play him is as a constant harrasser. late game (18 with 10k+gold) you should have around 200 hp regen per 5. anyone with a brain can see how that will make team fights and ***ualts interesting. ok here we go...

you see that hp at level 18? well his passive add hp from mana. meaning its more like 4500 maybe 4600 hp. wait its about 4300. 4600 with 4 pots or just red pot.

notice the hp per 5 is 112. add 1% of your max mana to that regen. also add a bonus 6% over top of it all. and your regens based off your max hp too. i think i got to 250 hp regen with baron at one point. you get the idea.

Now that thats taken care of. Listen. This build is an OFFTANK LANE PUSHER BUILD. Whats does that do for you, you ask? simple while you have 4 teamates hugging mid tower your pushing top one of thier players will have to stop you. When you see that one leave you run mid and engage a 5v4 under your tower. thats the way it works in a perfect world. Also thier whole team trys to gank you. this is good cause you should survive it easily. And your team can "clean up" after your poison that thier whole team just ate trying to kill you.

Being able to have a teammember that can push lanes uncontested is very nice. It keeps thier team on the defensive and unable to attack. That is this builds role.

If you find yourself on team SQUISHY your not gonna be able to do this build effectively. Go tank and be bored. Cause playing tank is boring. But having whole team chasing you is fun! =D

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I just use generic caster runes. Feel free to use whatever your comfortable with. Im serious. runes are cool and all but I dont have any preference for Singed at least. So just do what ever you want. Except att runes -_-.

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Pretty basic. Notice improved Cleanse greed (many people talk **** about it but its just one measly point... I guess you could put in mp regen that might help?) and the dodge thingy. umm... ohh! get regen improvment over less dead time. if you die late game thats bad, 10 sec aint gonna save your team from a push, so just dont die. the bonus hp regen will help. but if you must switch for less dead time -_-.

You must get Strength of Spirit and Improved Cleanse. These 2 are vital. Since your already halfway there get Tenacity as well. I enjoy having more exp gains and mana hp regen but you can get the ap pen if you want. I dont notice much of a differnce.

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Grab your and pots and head out to lane. if you hurry the heck up you can get in bushes. if they attack u just pop your poison and run. you have cleanse and ghost they cant kill you.

first time back should be at exactly 800 gold unless your rolling face then you should still b... get your Philosopher's Stone.

second time back about level 8-10 depending on how much youve been farming. get your Catalyst the Protector. keep this bad boy until level 16ish. the unexpected level ups have saved me so many times. im not shyting you. keep it.

third time should be at the end of laning phase and you wanna grab your and what ever part of your you can. level 10-12.

From here just get whatever is next in the build. Youll be needing the speed boost from and the armor will come just as you need it. Buy first, after force and before actually I dont even buy i just complete . By this time you should have around 120 hp regen without .

If you feel like you need to be super tank. and NOT A KITER. drop the rylais and get gaurdian. same with reverie. In fact drop reverie before the rylais. well you wouldnt build a Rylais if your going straight tank. is good too but i think i move to much (in and out of combat) for it to be worth the buff. in fact ive never used it. Ive used before but i was playing a tought dps instead of my general harrasser. Everything depends on your team. If its you and 4 squishys your the tank bro. build like it. This main build relys on you being an off tank lane pusher.

BANSHEE VEIL!!!! Its freaking useless on singed. What's the point in a cooldown (im talking about the shield) that is that long when your constantly making them attack you. get freaking another if you need more magic resist. Why would singed get a Banshee's Viel when all it does is block one spell. is good on , or or any other toon that never takes damage. it keeps them from taking damage. your gonna take ALOT OF DAMAGE! Instead of getting Banshee try getting more hp so you dont die from burst as easy. you got the hp regen to last through it. ugh.... I dont understand why people feel Singed needs it.

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Items in depth

If your like me, you went straight to the top rated build. He talks **** about . Hes right. is useless on Singed. But why do you have a useless item on your build they all ask! Its simple.

When you are about to buy you have:

philosopher's stone

Thats 5 items. Your hp is about 3k at level 18. Thats weak. Really weak. What do you do to fix it. Get more hp.

So insert .

Lets fast forward a bit. Its laaaaaate game. One mess up and your toast. Even you. Get now is a legit thing because anyone on thier team catches you your gonna be slowed indefinetly, especially since the ENTIRE game u have been running just out of thier clutches. They will pick up a or Rylais to slow you by this point. How do you deal with this? is how. But only late game does it work like that.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence. I got this idea from a friend. Just alternate leveling your and . Its way better to have both to rely on then just one powerful one.

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Basic Tactics?

im gonna go on a tangent, just listen/read. everyone who plays generally builds their toon so it can do ONE thing really well. when i decided i was gonna play singed i wanted to do one thing REALLY well. and that is survive. any encounter.

to do this you need armor, mag resist, hp, and a get the fck out of dodge card. with singed you have all of those without even needing cleanse and escape. those are just icing on the cake.

with that said your biggest counter singed toons are:

I made those take up a full sentence to prove something. Against those dont act like super man they will destroy you easily. Well not easily but you get the idea.
a pain early game cause of stun and the exploding bubble. will kite you all day same as . And ults you, well that aint pretty...

So i guess i should clarify. Your not really a tank. Your just a harrasser. A all game harrasser. Weather it be pushing lanes, by yourself and getting ganked by thier whole team. generaly, when done right, this is a great thing. Half the time youll live and take 2 or 3 of thier squishys to half and if your team isnt all mental, they can easily clean up after you.

Dont expect to get away from 5 of them if you dont have cleanse or escape up. that should be obvious but i felt i needed to say it. Check your cooldowns and expect the unexpected. Also burst dmg will kill you and can well, go suck a willie. (i didnt add tryn cause well everyone is scared of him late game)

ooooooooooh i almost forgot. I dont buy or Shurleya's Reverie for no reason. Use those items often. They are very nice. Pop both of those Escape and your gone

Something I love to do is slow down a bit when I feel im out of the "Danger" zone. It makes them feel like they are catching me and they end up eating more poison and following further to my allies. But be careful about it. Thats a given...

ooops i forgot something, and instead of being "neat" and putting it in an appropiate spot, im just gonna attach it at the end. Your ult is awesome. AWESOME, SUGOI (thats japanese). Use it ALOT. Its pretty short cooldown. Use it to regen mana, use it to stay in lane longer, use it for no reason whatsoever (just joking). Heck I use it to run to a lane faster. Just use it =D.

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Early game laning

Im gonna go into detail. You should get into the bush on thier side. Remember you are faster then them and you can get away from them so dont be scared if they gank you mid way just run and poison them.

The first wave is coming leave bush and make a trail of poison. Do this practically every wave will ensure you have lane control just dont go ape shyt and run out of mana. Use small bursts of poison for last hits ect. You cant be mana crazy till you get the philosophers stone.

Toss them over your shoulder often. OMG dont toss a sion into ashe. Thats not a good idea. EVER. But do your thing and they cant farm and youll be wealthy. A jungler gank will kill you so be careful. You aint super man your just trying to get there.
After rereading this, I realized you cant just toss them over your shoulder often. One toss and your out of mana. With that said if they overextend throw em. You want to farm until you get philosophers stone. Once you got that you wont run out of mana, and you can begin tossing them relentlessly.

Use the bushes alot hide in them everytime your not poisoning last hitting minions. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Your W is intimidating. VERY intimidating. Just use it to scare them. Thats after you got Philosopher's Stone and your ult to regen mana. Scaring them is fun too =D.

Coordinate with your allies not to jump the gun to early. Let your poison and them chasing you do most of the work and your buddy can just clean up. Dont chase them let them chase you. If you have an "encounter" and your at 150hp with your hp pot healing you to 350 and soon to be 400 dont get cocky just cause they are at 100 hp. You have the advantage let them mess up dont be the one to mess up because your overconfident. If they b you win. Cause they will be a level or 2 behind you and much less rich. Meaning you will hold that advantage over them for the rest of the laning phase. In my personal opinion this is better then a kill. A champ that tower hugs and doesnt last hit is a weak champ. This is also why you push them to thier tower. They will get half the last hits cause thier tower will eat the minions up. Its a form of denying by pushing. They can counter this easily though (Jungler Gank).

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Pros / Cons

great farming
great farming
great farming
lol okay for real now...

When a team fight is broken down everyone targets the biggest threat. When all your doing is harrassing not letting them push and throwing them into your teamates you become a threat. THIS IS GOOD. That means instead of saving that for , they are now using it on you. and you have a much better chance of getting away then her. A tank/tough that does no harrassing just gets ignored. Like tanks, they put out great dmg but end up getting ignored cause its not enough to matter. just gets ignored but he has this thing called taunt so its OK.

Ohh and did I mention great farming?


Feel free to mention any. i can kill anyone at any point in the game. it may take awhile on a tank but i can kill anyone, im fast, its way to hard to gank me. i cant think of a con. other then dumb teamates...

ugh i really cant think of a con =/

ohh trynndamere will ignore you if hes attacking your nexus. does that count?

there are cons. in a team fight where they are not chasing you, for instance your ad carry got caught by thier tank and they have 2 people attacking him. you really cant do anything but give him a poison smoke screen. other tanks have ways of saving them but singed doesnt. Thats why I say hes more of an offtank Initiater then a real tank.

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No seriously, reply. I cant help you, or me, if you dont give me a heads up to suggestions.

Also remember this build is generic. If your up against a fed anything defend against that. builds look good on paper just like the democratic budget. They just end up not working as well when put to the test.

I told myself when i first started reading builds, "look at these dumb-___es telling everyone thier secrets that they worked so hard to build. Ill never do that..."

Well heres to you mobafire and all the help you gave me. =D