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LeBlanc General Guide by 404Lucky

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 404Lucky

LeBlanc Done Right (A Guide By East)

404Lucky Last updated on May 14, 2016
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Guide Top

LeBlanc, The Deceiver (Introduction)

LeBlanc is one of the most powerful champions in League of Legends. In my opinion, she is literally the best soloer early game and can usually take down most enemies one on one by a landslide. Depending on how you play her, she can either force an early surrender, or be a powerful late-game champion (trust me). My build is here to steer any new players of my favorite champion in the right direction. So if you're here, get comfortable and prepare for an in-depth guide including different item builds, tips, tricks, and strategies. It is geared towards soloing mid, so if you aren't comfortable soloing I wouldn't recommend using LeBlanc.

Out of courtesy to me, please do not vote on this build unless you have completely read the details and the guide. My items, runes, and spells listed above is simply what build I use most often and is not meant to be taken as concrete or used 100% of the time.

I played ten games in a row with LeBlanc to see how well I could do. Here I will post the results to hopefully motivate you to complete my guide. Thanks in advance for reading!

**These two pictures are screenshots of ten games in a row that I played with LeBlanc. One is viewing the top half of my match history; one is viewing the bottom half. (Yes I know they're old. I still tend to often get similar scores but don't play LeBlanc as much anymore.)

Here's a new one for all the doubters. This guide works.

Guide Top

Detailed Pros and Cons of LeBlanc

1.) LeBlanc is one of the best champions overall during the early/mid game if played correctly.
2.) LeBlanc has a simple item build, skills, and is simple to learn (hard to master, obviously).
3.) LeBlanc is great for counter jungling when she is around level six(6).
4.) LeBlanc is a great ganker and has a great kit for easy ganks.
5.) LeBlanc has an insane amount of early game damage to get ahead and stay ahead in lane.
6.) LeBlanc is a gripping champion and is fun to play (I've been playing her for years).
7.) LeBlanc has very few counter-champions in mid lane, while outclassing most typical casters.
8.) LeBlanc is a lone wolf; if you are solo-queueing she is a great choice.
9.) LeBlanc hits like a truck throughout the game.
10.) LeBlanc is very maneuverable with up to three(3) different dashes* at her disposal. In my opinion, she is the most mobile and slippery champion in the game.

1.) In ranked, she is more often countered and ganked, so be careful. Enemies will know your potential!
2.) If overly harassed, LeBlanc can be shut down if she receives no help from the team.
3.) LeBlanc has a small mana pool, but this can be easily rectified with blue buff and conservative spell management.
4.) Most importantly, LeBlanc is squishy. Be careful and hang in the back of team fights; you aren't a frontliner.
5.) Long range casters like Xerath and Lux can shut down LeBlanc while in lane, and she is hard-countered by certain mages such as Morgana.

*A "dash" in this case being a small, instantaneous, jump from one point to another on the map.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells for LeBlanc

These are the summoner spells that are best for LeBlanc and why they are used...

Flash is one of the abilities I use on LeBlanc because it can be used in so many ways. Flash has gotten me a countless number of kills and is great for mobility. LeBlanc does have Distortion and Mimic for dashes, however these are less reliable than Flash in high-pace situations. Flash gives no trouble jumping up elevation and through thick tree-lines, however Distortion does and often gets stuck. For this reason, I definitely recommend using Flash every game.

Ignite is the other skill I use on LeBlanc simply for extra damage, especially against champions who invest in spell vamp and/or have sustain built into their kit. It has also gotten me countless kills and is great for soloing if you can't quite nuke the enemy down all the way. I recommend using Ignite.

Exhaust is not a spell I often use on LeBlanc, but it can be a legitimate one. Exhaust cuts down the damage and resistances of your enemy and slows them down. This is good if you want to get an extra Sigil of Malice in after your combo (it only has a couple seconds on the cooldown), however I often find more luck with Ignite. Exhaust can be good against some, but it is commonly accepted that Ignite is better.

I do not personally use teleport on Leblanc, but it is useful for hopping into progressing skirmishes and for soloing mid. If you like to go back to base a lot then Teleport can also work favorably for you. It really all depends on your play style. This spell can make or break games if used correctly. It will detract from your lane prowess, but it will also do wonders for your logistics. Definitely a legitimate pickup if your play style favors it.

Guide Top

Runes for LeBlanc

The rune page I use for LeBlanc is a very traditional AP/Mage rune page. This rune page gears towards early AP for lane dominance along with health-per-level and CDR-per-level so you can scale into late game without trouble.

I use the following:

Nine(9) - Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Nine(9) - Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Nine(9) - Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Three(3) - Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

This is the most solid rune page for her; I would not recommend using AP per-level runes over flat AP runes because LeBlanc needs to have early power to succeed, and flat AP helps accomplish that. Let your health and CDR scale while retaining early damage.

Guide Top

Masteries for LeBlanc

I use a classic 12/18/0 mastery page on LeBlanc, taking a point in Thunderlord's Decree . The page I use is listed above and below; pretty straightforward stuff.

Guide Top

(Stacking) Item Build for LeBlanc

LeBlanc has a very straightforward build that is geared towards soloing mid. The goal of this build is to have as much power as possible as early as possible while still being able to stay in lane and not get completely dominated mid. On all of the top-tier items, it is up to you which sub-items to build first. Go with your instinct and not what is cheapest. If you are ahead in lane, try building around a Mejai's Soulstealer if you feel confident enough. Otherwise, stick to the traditional build I have listed above.

Here are some pointers if you are feeling confident enough to build Mejai's Soulstealer.

I start out with a Doran's Ring to solo mid lane. When it is the best item to start out the game because it gives everything LeBlanc needs to dominate her lane. With the small health boost, you will survive ganks and harass easier; with the AP and mana regeneration you will be able to stay in lane longer and deal more early damage. If, however, you are against an opponent you feel is very weak, start the game with The Dark Seal so you can build Mejai's Soulstealer faster.

When I go back I usually have about 1000 gold from minion farming and often times first blood. With this I buy another Doran's Ring to further increase my AP and health to be able to be even bigger of a problem for mid lane. I almost always have enough for Boots of Speed and more Health Potions too, so I grab those on my first trip to base as well. The boots are for chasing down your enemy in mid lane and for ganking other lanes. Once you have your ultimate you will be ready to roam to other lanes and gank, if the situation allows it.

After ganking and some additional farming I buy a Needlessly Large Rod which I complete to form a Rabadon's Deathcap. This gives an insane boost to AP and is absolutely imperative to get on LeBlanc very early, if you are stacking. The percentage boost to AP compounds with your stacks and synergizes very well.

After these items you may stray off depending on how the game is going. If I am doing a good job building stacks but still need to be stronger I build a Zhonya's Hourglass. This makes sense because along with the insane boost to AP it gives invincibility for two seconds which is helpful for if you get focused. This is a great item because your combo will also give bonus armor to prevent you from dying and losing your precious stacks on Mejai's Soulstealer.

Depending on what I've already built, I grab my later items. This usually includes a Void Staff for late-game magic penetration which helps LeBlanc scale well into late game. Depending on the enemy team composition, a Liandry's Torment is also viable at this point in the game. If paired with a Void Staff and Sorcerer's Shoes you will have a ridiculous amount of magic penetration on top of the DOT from Liandry's Torment. If you find yourself against overly tanky enemies, this should be your response; otherwise, steer clear of Liandry's Torment.

This isn't a very strict item build, it is just the most solid one that I use. It gives everything LeBlanc needs to succeed. If you find more success with different items, try them out and see how well they work with the build.

Guide Top

LeBlanc's Skills

With the use of Mimic, LeBlanc has numerous combinations of skills she can use. Here I will cover all of her skills and useful combinations, as well as when to level them and when to use them.

Mirror Image is LeBlanc's passive ability. If she drops below 40% health, she instantly duplicates herself and has an identical clone which the player can control. This clone does not deal any damage and can only auto-attack, but in a teamfight it is hard to keep track of which one is real. If you are focused (especially in a teamfight) USE HER MIRROR IMAGE WHEN IT POPS! Find somewhere safe (somewhere out of sight, but near the battle) and run your clone in to the battle. Make it look like it is actually you and people will fall for it every time. I have made enemies waste countless ultimates and summoners on my clone in team fights and sets them up for failure, allowing your team to attack them while they waste their time and energy to take your clone down.

Sigil of Malice is the skill that is needed to get any damage-dealing combo started. This is a point-and-click nuke that has a moderate range. After using it against an enemy, it gives them a de-buff for a few seconds which can be popped for extra damage. It is excellent for harassing and has a very short cooldown of only a few seconds. If another of LeBlanc's abilities is used on the enemy after Sigil of Malice then it "pops" the Sigil which deals extra damage. Max this spell second, after maxing Distortion

Distortion is LeBlanc's "bread and butter". It can be used in countless situations: as a dash to get away from a gank, pursue and enemy, do damage, lay down jukes, or farm minions. This is needed for extra damage and for combos. It functions as a dash which you may "point-and-click" activate. It has a moderate range and after you cast it you will instantly dash to the location cast. Within four(4) seconds of casting, you may activate it again to return to your original point. It has a 10-15 second cooldown. This should be maxed first.

Ethereal Chains functions as a skillshot nuke/snare. This does not deal as much damage and hits the first thing it touches. It should be maxed last because it is more useful for the snare and less for the damage. It can, however, be used as a last pinch of damage if you didn't quite get someone down. Once it hits a champion, it locks onto that champion. Unless the champion gets too far away it will stick to that champion and after a few seconds it will "pop" doing another burst of whatever initial damage it has and snaring the enemy. This should be maxed last. Keep in mind that Ethereal Chains damages the enemy TWICE. It damages once when it hits a champion, and once when it snares them (after it has been hooked for the duration). Either one of these will trigger Sigil of Malice. (i.e. If you land Sigil of Malice on an enemy before launching Ethereal Chains, when the chains land it will pop the sigil. If you already have chains landed and THEN cast Sigil of Malice, when the chains pop and snare the enemy, that will also pop the sigil as well.)

Mimic is LeBlanc's ultimate ability. It has a small cooldown (around 30 seconds at rank 1 and gets smaller as it is ranked up) and is a huge damage dealer. It functions like this...

When LeBlanc casts one of her abilities, that same ability takes the place of the Mimic slot. You have the option of instantly repeating the previously cast ability with a 10%/25%/40% damage increase. For instance, if you use Sigil of Malice then you may use Mimic RIGHT after to cast another, stronger version of Sigil of Malice.

Guide Top

Useful Combos on LeBlanc

There are different combos of spells that can be used on LeBlanc. With the versatility of Mimic she can cast all sorts of different combos for different situations.

Combo #1 - (The Terminator)
Sigil of Malice + Mimic + Distortion (Q+R+W)

If you can get close enough to an enemy (one of the reasons I occasionally use Flash) to use this, it deals the most amount of damage possible out of any combo. Start by casting Sigil of Malice on your target. Follow this up with a Mimic which will repeat Sigil of Malice and "pop" the first one which will damage them. After this, use Distortion and jump right on top of them to "pop" the second sigil for max damage. Use Distortion again if need be to return to your original point. You may also use Ethereal Chains and Ignite after Distortion to run them down and finish them off. Use this combo if you are close enough to bring enemies down that have full health.

Combo #2 - (The Harasser)
Distortion + Sigil of Malice + Mimic + Return back Distortion (W+Q+R)

This is the best move for harassing and deals a good amount of damage. This is the safer combo for doing damage because after you cast your Sigil of Malice and Mimic you can activate your Distortion again to return to your original point. This is excellent for tower diving because you can jump in under tower with Distortion and return to your original point before taking more than one shot from the tower. If you are fast enough you can tower dive without taking one hit from the tower. Use this to out-harass your target or to finish someone off if they have low health.

Combo #3 - (The Hat Trick)
Distortion + Flash + Mimic (Return to first Distortion afterwards if needed.) (W+Flash+R)

This is the triple-dash I talked about before. Use this to cover an insane amount of ground almost instantly. Use this to get out of an extremely sticky situation or to pursue someone. This is most successfully done on a straightaway or in lane because Distortion tends not to work around thick walls (even if it looks like it could cover the wall, it sometimes does not). Use this with a Sigil of Malice at the end to pick off someone far away from you if they have very low health.

Combo #4 - (The High Speed Pursuit)
Sigil of Malice + Distortion + Mimic (Q+W+R)

This is the combo I actually find myself using most often. Use Q+W for initial damage, then mimic the jump to run them down as they attempt to get away. Since you are maxing W, this will also do a lot of damage after you jump on them the second time. Don't return to the first W, you want to be running them down so you keep pressing on with the R after you perform the initial combo, then you can return to that first W if you are in trouble.

PLEASE NOTE: At the end of all of these combos, you should usually be looking to land Ethereal Chains to secure the kill (or at least lock them up further and do more damage). I usually just back out if I miss the chain and they aren't going to die, because at that point everything is on cooldown and you can't do anything significant, except take damage.

LeBlanc can also use other combos such as Ethereal Chains + Mimic ("2 CHAINZ!!!") to snare two enemies at once, or two snare an enemy for a long period of time, but the three I mentioned are the most used and most famous. These take practice but are not the only combos you can use. Experiment as you play LeBlanc and find handy ones that work for you.

Guide Top

Tips and Tricks While Playing LeBlanc

Ganking - Gank often to build stacks on your Mejai's Soulstealer and gain early dominance.. Any time your enemy recalls out of mid lane, slip out of lane quickly and quietly while your enemy is most likely buying items (and therefore not paying attention to you) and wait in river-bush of one of the other lanes. Head towards a lane with a low-health enemy. Even if you have to tower dive, you can usually get a kill if someone in the lane has less than ~40% health (or more if they are squishy and you have your ult). If they are under tower and low enough, use whichever combo necessary (described above) to pick them off for a free kill. If they are in the middle of the lane and you need extra gap-close, just Flash up next to them (or just walk out of the bush if they are close enough) and use "Combo #1" (described above) to kill them.

Farming - Last hit minions whenever you can. It is harder for LeBlanc to farm because early in the game she has no abilities that can one-shot minions (except for maybe a Mimic of Distortion). If pushed under the tower, you can last hit ranged minions (that are full health) on LeBlanc by auto-attacking them once, and letting the turret hit them once, then auto-attacking them again for the last hit. For instance, to get the most gold out of the minions if you are pushed under tower, hit one auto-attack on the ranged minions while the tower is focused on the melee minions. When the tower attacks a ranged minion you've already hit once, it will be low enough to hit it for the kill.

Cooldowns and Teamfights - LeBlanc's cooldowns are overall low, but to get a combo going you have to almost always wait on Mimic to come off cooldown. When in teamfights, after your original combo just hang in the back of the fight and land Sigil of Malice on people until your Mimic comes off cooldown. Do another combo. Rinse and repeat.

Landing your Chain After Combos - If you have read the section above this one, you will know I mention to try and land chain after most aggressive combos. LeBlanc's skirmishes go way better for you if you land the chain, so it's important to do. Enemies will anticipate this, however, when you combo them. So HOLD THE CHAIN FOR A SECOND OR TWO while they try to anticipate it and dodge it. They will dodge nothing and you should THEN use the chain after they let you catch up even more by dodging nothing.


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