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LeBlanc Humor Guide by EpilepticTurdle

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EpilepticTurdle

LeBlanc - Super Sassy Support

EpilepticTurdle Last updated on December 15, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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You may be wondering why the best mid in the whole League of Legends would be played support. Well, most of you must know that Super Sassy Support LeBlanc is NOT a conventional support. She is Queen of Doom. She is the Princess of Power. The Lady of- Well you get the picture. In this guide I will show you how she tears the nipples off of Mantheon and dethrones Jarvan IV.

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Some people disagree with my choice in Runes and claim that LeBlanc needs Mana Regen. Runes. I feel that she doesn't need these Runes because if you play safe then you don't need them, just don't spam abilities. Right? WRONG! We will spam our abilities and do whatever hell we want because we're LeBlanc, the Deceiver.

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A lot of builds seem to go only a little into the utility mastery tree and tend to go more into the offensive with a little AD or a little into defensive and the rest in offense. But we aren't mentally handicapped. We use only AP because AD is for the knuckle-dragging ADC and Bruiser. Its called a Bruiser for a reason. We go more into utility to get access to those Sexy, Sexy Biscuits. These biscuits put you ahead in lane immediately because it makes the enemy ADC and Support jealous. Make sure your ADC doesn't see the biscuits though, because you only share if you are in Pre-school.

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You may look at these items and say: "Well gee. These don't look like support items!" And you'd be right because we aren't *******! What do support items do for the Team? Makes them better at running away. ***** ITEM. Gives them a shield to act like a fakey Ashe tank? Make her face-tank that ****! ***** ITEM! Slows down the enemies and makes them less able to fight. ***** ITEM! We only use manly magical ****! You may say that Zhonya's hourglass is a defensive item, to which I say: WRONG! It is use for purely swagalicious purposes. SOLID GOLD **********ER! Lets see them fight against that!

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Skill Sequence

You get the Distortion first because it does straight up more damage AND gets up in the ADCs face. You can jump in and deal damage, spit in Ezreal's eye and pop back, neatly dodging his returning projectile. Why? Because the ADC shouldn't have the kills. Did you want the jocks in school winning everything and getting the highest grades? No. You wanted them to fall on the day of the exam and potentially break several bones in their leg, ruining their career in competitive football. Sorry, I may have some pent-up aggression. Anyway, max Sigil of Silence first because it will do more overall damage because of the marks. Pop dat mark with your Distortion and watch them QQ down ALL chat. Really you want to lead with a Q, follow up with your Ult, (R for ****** McSpackypants) to pop the mark and set a new one, then pop that one with your W and E in case they aren't dead yet. You want to pop your Deathfire Grasp before this combo and if they aren't dead? Lets face it. They're dead.

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Obvious. Flash in the face of any potential enemy and watch them panic trying to stop your death combo. They cannot, and die once more. Ignite is simply for when you want to make an example of their deaths and make it look more dramatic. You get them low and then pot Ignite. Just try not to kill them before they can escape with Ignite on them. It may be hard considering how OP LeBlanc is.

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The general idea behind Super Sassy Support Leblanc is that you burst the ADC down at level 6 and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. They fear the Mimic. They even fear the clone because it means that you are near and you are angry. You burst the ADC down in lane and if by some magical feat they don't die, you let them leave lane and go back to the spawn. They lose farm, your ADC gets farm and you get a kill. GG.

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Ranked Play

The real question is why wouldn't you pick LeBlanc in ranked play? Well, sometimes you have to accept that other people will want to play her too, you may have to concede her to other roles, such as: ADC, Bruiser AP or Mid APC. Basically just play her however you want in ranked because she is good enough to get you to challenger with very little practice. If you are playing ranked just ignore what others say, they are all n00bz.

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Pros / Cons

Ok, we all know that she is the best champion in the League of Legends (Except, perhaps, Malzahar: God of Disco) but she does have a few crippling flaws.


    She has insane burst and can kill anyone in the game.
    She is juketastic.
    You get promoted to challenger just on principle if you play her.

    She isn't quite as fabulous as Taric. A close second.
    She isn't quite
She is always banned in Draft play.
She can get boring as she always wins.

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Creeping / Jungling

Don't creep. Don't be Gary Glitter. Its just wrong.

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Team Work

Team work is a very important part of playing League of Legends. Your teammates have to accept that you will be getting all the kills in the game, otherwise they will just be sorely disappointed. Make sure that you don't have any champions on your team that need lots of kills to help because they wont be getting any, although it doesn't matter that much because you can carry the whole team yourself but everyone should be having fun.

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Unique Skills

Well, how can I possibly name all the Unique skills of LeBlanc?

    She can't be matched in burst by a support or a mid.
    She can't fall behind ever because people give you kills through fear.
    One of the two champions that promote you directly to Challenger.
    She is **********ing
LeBlanc - Queen of Jukes

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The best thing about Super Sassy Support LeBlanc is that you can allow the other champions on your team to get farm. They'll need it since you will be farming champions. You don't need to focus too much on last hitting them as your burst should beat any champion in the game. Mid/Late game you can one-shot the entire minion line if you really want creep farm.


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