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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

LeBlanc Build Guide by reykorivengod

Middle Leblanc, The Deceiver (Patch 8.2)

Middle Leblanc, The Deceiver (Patch 8.2)

Updated on January 26, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author reykorivengod Build Guide By reykorivengod 22,504 Views 2 Comments
22,504 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author reykorivengod LeBlanc Build Guide By reykorivengod Updated on January 26, 2018
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Hello, my name is Suleiman, Getting 20 years old after 6days (1st of feb), I'm a leblanc s7/s8 main. She is kinda hard to master, but also fun doing it. U have absurdly amount of choices u can make with her, whether u want to roam and help ur teammates, or just poke down your opponent and rule him over, juke and make plays and etc. This is also my First guide EVER, so I would like your feedbacks. I did this guide because many asked. And yeah I'm also the #1 LB world at the moment. Currently standing in CHALL. I hope my guide helps for your climb!
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Pros / Cons

An amazing JUKE and FUN Champion.
Absurdly high BURST damage early and later on.
Big range CC (E).
LOW CD Ultimate(R).
Great escapes.
One of the strongest SINS in 8.2.

As every champ has, LB does too.
The worst part is - once behind , LB has a really hard time going back into games.
Hard to master - 50% of your kills rely on your E and positioning.
U have to wait your passive to do a proper ALL IN.
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Early game just try to autoattack minions, u have really low mana pool and u need to save that for the enemy laner. Poke him down, AA minions till level 6 and till u get some items.
After u have level 7, with seal,dring and revolver, u pretty much W Q the waves.
Mid game lb has one of the easiest clears EVER. U can just W Q a wave or if u cant land passive to all the minions u can also W ( R - W ) Q, what that does? Well u proc your W 2 times with your r and makes almost all minions stacked passive, keep in mind that u have to do this REALLY FAST else u proc the non-ulti W minions passive.
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BAN Kassadin in your ranked games, one of the hardest matchups for LB.
And here we are, COMBOS.
Now - as an OTP LB player , I can tell u that u have sooo many ways to play Leblanc.
Keep in mind that u rely on CDS.
I'll tell u some of them and keep it updates as i still LEARN HER.
Combos for newbies
Levels 1-5).
Level 1 - AA - Q - AA -> prox electrocute -> back off.
Level 2 - AA - W - Q -> prox electrocute -> back off.
Level 3 -> AA -> Land E -> Q -> AA -> SAVE W for flash -> IGNITE -> electrocute -> he is dead or just back off.
Level 4 - > AA -> Q -> LAND E -> AA -> SAVE W for flash -> IGNITE -> electrocute -> he is dead or just back off. ( U HAVE ALMOST 100% KILL with level 2 Q if u land the chain!!)
LEVEL 6 ( You should have a seal and a revolver, if not - back and buy it!!).
Q -> AA(proc revolver) -> W -> proc electrocute -> IGNITE -> Q(ULTI) -> If E is not landed enemy will survive like 15 perc HP.
Q -> AA (proc revolver) -> W -> proc electrocute -> Q (ulti) -> IGNITE -> LAND E if possible -> 99% KILL.
LEVEL 8 (same thing as level 7)
Now u have the chance to 100-0 your laner if he lacks MR.
Q -> AA (proc revolver) -> ULTI Q (passive) -> LAND E (CC) -> ELECTROCUTE -> IGNITE -> DEAD.
After level 10 and so on everything is the same.
U have items now (should have gunblade).
W -> Q -> ULTI Q(proc electocute + gunblade) -> IGNITE -> AD DEAD. (simple as that, keep in mind if he has support nearby things are harder.)( Also try to land ur combo the fastest possible way so u can go back with your W)
Now I'll tell u my combos and gameplay style.
Level 1 -> AA -> Q -> AA (proc electrocute) -> back off and farm up(wait ur CDS).
LEVEL 2 -> I Usually take E, if enemy champ is melee , ekko zed , yasuo etc. U have 99% Kill chance.
AA -> LAND E -> IGNITE -> Q -> AA -> AA -> FLASH (KILL).
LEVEL 3 -> AA -> Q -> E -> W -> electrocute -> Poke him down -> back off and wait cds.
LEVEL 4 -> AA -> E -> Q -> electrocute -> Poke him down -> back off and wait cds. (SAVE W because usually I get ganked level 4.)
LEVEL 5 -> Q -> E -> W -> IGNITE -> electrocute -> Poke him down(u have chance to kill him too) -> back off and wait cds. ( Whether u have 400 g or 1050 g enough for a revolver BACKOFF and buy!!, u will need it for level 6).
LEVEL 6 -> As I love to call it, One hundred to zero LEVEL.
Q -> E -> E(R) -> IGNITE -> AA -> If flashes use W -> Can't reach him -> use w + f -> Absolutely guaranteed kill.
Level 7 -> Time to roam, start pushing your lane with-> W -> Q should kill a wave, push and go help your team.
Q - > W -> E -> Q -> poke your laner down -> roam -> get back to lane.
Basically its the same till level 11.
LEVEL 11 and so on ->
U have big items ( I Usually have 10 stacks seal g.blade and a 900g codex)
Thats more than enough for 100-0 a squishy ADC and get yourself FED.
Combo for the ADC guys->
W -> Q -> gunblade -> Q(R) -> proc electrocute -> BACK OFF WITH W once she done, U don't want to stay cuz u have BIG CDS.
And a final tip for the people asking me what to do vs tank comps on lb.
LB lacks the abbility to kill a real tank like, 300 mr galio.. Etc.. Well u will have these kind of games time to time.
To prevent that thing from happening -> I'll give u my best tip.
ROAM up -> get your ad fed, because ADC has the biggest potential to kill a tank.
Peel your adc with x2 chains, Yeah cc him for long so he can kill him without any problems. There are many ways to play that champion, which makes her unique to me.
Wish u the best of luck and justice in the summoners rift. I will keep it updated, Sorry for the poor guide but I am a noobie!
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I don't really have the specs to stream, I have been asking many times, It is not like I don't want to. I just play with like -+ 60 fps and hardly even play the game itself. I will try to work and get some money to upgrade my specs so I can give u live guides too!
Thanks for reading!
League of Legends Build Guide Author reykorivengod
reykorivengod LeBlanc Guide
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Leblanc, The Deceiver (Patch 8.2)

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