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Lee Sin Build Guide by kourlos95

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kourlos95

LEE SHIN an alternative Gameplay !!

kourlos95 Last updated on October 31, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Lee Sin is one of the strongest, if not the strongest jungler in the game right now. His counter jungling prowess, skirmish strength, mobility, and great ult give him all the tools a jungler needs to dominate a game. He is however one of the hardest junglers to play, given that he has six spells and so many small interactions, combined with a skillshot Q and one of the hardest ults to use in the game. Great Lee Sin junglers are quite rare for this reason, but seeing it executed properly is truly a sight to behold!

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Pros / Cons

1. Insane mobility
2. Very strong counterjungling
3. Great ganks, particularly post 6
4. Extremely strong skirmish potential
5. If played right, insane youtube-worthy plays are a common occurrence

1. Extremely hard to play
2. Weak CC
3. Must build tanky to be effective in high level play
4. Recovers poorly if behind

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Well as all junglers i think 9* armor ,9*magic resist and as GREATER QUINTS 3* attack dmg ,are the most common and good runes !! especially for lee these runes give him great dmg at early game (what lee needs ) and are better from runes with armor pene or life steal !! which are also good but after many games i dont really like them !!

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well !! here we have a different style of lee ,and thats why i create that guide !! these masteries are somewhat made for a sup champ ...BUT if you take a closer look ,you ll see that these masteries give lee an extreme speed inside jungle which means faster ganks and greater dmg with cd masteries ...its simple ..speed and cool down reduction ...what else needs lee ?

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First of all . bisquit gives somewhat help of hp in lee when he takes red/blue ,try to take it smiteless if possible so you dont have to use potion !! Second potion is nescecary to recover after taking your second buff blue/red and of course the ward for escaping ward+w if you wanna counter jungle ;)

old time classic here ...Its the main build of lee if you wanna domain in your lane and in whole game !! remember that lee is of tank champ with great dmg at early game ...but in late game he is not so good ...with that build lee has great dmg and health also !!

These items are optional in case you have an AP champ <<GET FED >> by your mid lane teammate ,or an AD champ with great attack speed and DMG !!

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Skill Sequence

Here we have a classic skill sequence !! BUT any lee shin player can start with different skill sequence from that i have now ...its up to what lee wants to do after taking his first buff ...for example

If lee wants o counter jungle a very good secuence to get is

    1. w
    2. q

AND after that you can go with your smite on to opponets red/blue and steal it have q-q and smite and also w+ ward from masteries for escape ...

IF lee wants to take red/blue and gank top/mid/bot he has 2 skill sequences to follow
1. he can get e first and then q for slow and assisting yor team mate with a porpably kill
2. he can get w first and then q for an upcoming great dmg hit/harras and come back if the enemy is too stong or has cc

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Generally, you're going to want to get a smiteless leash from your ad/support lane. AD can stay for like 1 hit then support can just stay until it's dead because support doesn't need to be that early to lane. So if you're blue side, start red - if purple side, start blue. Note that this can change if level one shenanigans go down.

Standard paths:

(Purple) Blue -> Red -> Gank top (or wraith, if top is warded)
(Blue) Red -> Blue -> Gank top (or wolf, if top is warded)

Always be aware of enemy starting wards, always be asking your lanes where wards are so you can look for potential sneak paths. Lane ganks are also possible once you hit 3, so keep that in mind. Just Safeguard / Iron Will to your ally then Tempest the enemy and your Sonic Wave should be easy to land, making it a clean kill.


Another thing you can do is look to counter-jungle early, especially vs junglers like Amumu, Maokai, etc. If you do that, get your smiteless leash then run to their second buff. For example, if they started blue, you run to their red ASAP after getting your smiteless leash. If they're doing it, engage when the buff is at ~800 health so they can't finish it and walk out - they have to give it up. If they aren't, just wait - they'll be coming, and they will face check you. Make sure you let your team know what you're attempting, and keep an eye on enemy lanes also. You don't want to get stuck 1v3.

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You basically can do one of two things in mid-game:

Go Solo Dragon.

Buy a pink ward or get your support to, pink it, go do a camp, then come back and solo it. You need Madred's Razors + 1 item. Get your lanes to come if they can, but you don't need them if you're not interfered with. This is mostly because of Iron Will being OP in 1v1 fighting.

Gank With Your Ult.

Every lane is ganked differently, so I'll split them into three sections:


Usually you don't want to gank top after level 6ish because it's the hardest to kill, and the enemy can take dragon if you go top. If you do happen to find yourself there, try to get behind them then lead with Dragon's Rage, walk (not Safeguard / Iron Will, not flash) for Tempest, then hit easy Sonic Wave to follow them.


Never gank mid from a side brush. Always come from the blind spot behind them (between S brush and banana brush). You will usually want to initiate the gank with Flash -> Dragon's Rage or Safeguard / Iron Will->ward-> Dragon's Rage. Mid lane is shorter than top lane so you have to use these abilities to get in proper position. Try to land your Sonic Wave while they are mid-air from Dragon's Rage.



There are two types of ganks bot - dives and lane ganks. Never come from the river, it's ALWAYS warded. When you dive, it should be when you have a big wave on their tower, and they are slightly chunked. Just walk up, use Dragon's Rage-> Sonic Wave-> Sonic Wave, drop tower aggro with Safeguard / Iron Will, and let team finish them off. If it's a lane gank, your lane has to initiate. Join the fight with Safeguard / Iron Will into Sonic Wave. Sonic Wave should be easier to land since they are midfight / slowed or stunned.

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Late game is about team fighting. Always stay with your team; your wave clear kinda sucks and you don't need the farm as much as allies anyway. There are two ways you can start a fight:

1) Flash -> Tempest -> Tempest -> Safeguard / Iron Will to safety. Only do this if you're sure your team can follow up as it puts you in a dangerous position and uses flash. It is a nice setup if you have good followup, though.

2) Sonic Wave -> Resonating Strike -> Flash -> Dragon's Rage. Flash can be replaced with Safeguard / Iron Will to ward. This kicks an enemy toward your team obviously. Look to land it on unsuspecting enemies that don't have flash. Again, careful when doing this as it puts you into a dangerous position with flash down.

If the enemy team initiates the fight, don't try to pull off any of these techs. Instead, protect your AD with Safeguard / Iron Will into Tempest. You don't want to "zone" the enemy team by dying to them. You need to survive to the end of the fight since you can turn won fights into objectives, or aces much better than most other champions.

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Creeping / Jungling

A VERY GOOD way for creeping and farming is what METEOS from FNATIC did in the last championship !!! ( <3 FNATIC )
He was creeping his jungle and also he was holding the lane of his teammates when they were back in base !! this gave him the opportunity to have equal minions with the other players ( that means same gold ) and good items !!
so if we take a closer look ,junglers generally are assisting members of team witch means that they are not fully equiped players to carry a game !! creeping and farming good with a jungler means that you have an extra advantage against oponent's team and also a chance to wint the game !!

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I hope you enjoyed my lee shin guide ,and work on him .He is propably the best jungler in game and the most difficult to learn !!
I also want to hear some opinions from you so i can work on this build and make it better for everyone !!