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Lee Sin Build Guide by Delly156

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Delly156

Lee Sin - Blindness Is No Impairment!

Delly156 Last updated on April 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Lee Sin - Top Lane Assassin

Lee Sin is a Ranged, Melee, Tanky, DPS, Assassin, Mage, Suppport, Jungler. ;) His wide spectrum of abilities and build paths allows him to be one of, if not, the most unique and varied champion in League of Legends. This build will mainly be looking at the Assassin/DPS side of Lee Sin.

Let's have a look at Lee Sin's abilities;

Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike
Safeguard / Iron Will
Tempest / Cripple
Dragon's Rage

Early in the game you want to abuse Lee Sin's high early damage. In lane throw Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike at the lane opponent, if you hit wait for the minion wave to clear and engage. At level 4 with 2 points in Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike you will almost be able to kill anyone. Hit Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike then Tempest / Cripple making sure to auto attack twice between abilities. Use Safeguard / Iron Will to give yourself spell vamp/lifesteal through-out the fight.

At level 6 your combo changes. You want to poke with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike when you feel ready to fight; land Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike then, use Dragon's Rage, Activate Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike again into Tempest / Cripple again using Safeguard / Iron Will whenever possible.

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All of Lee Sin's abilities except Dragon's Rage have two parts to them. Let's break them down and have an in depth look at them.

The first part of this ability fires a line skillshot. if a target is struck they are revealed and resonating strike becomes active. With a target marked Lee Sin can activate Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike again to jump at the target dealing more damage the lower the targets health. This can be used offensively and defensively. Throwing Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike at a jungle camp and then activating its second effect to effectively gain a free flash.

The first half of this ability shields Lee Sin and a friendly target while Lee Sin dashes to the target. The second half gives lee sin life steal and spell vamp.

The first part of this ability deals damage in an AoE and reveals targets. The second part slows all affected targets and reveals them for longer.

This is Lee Sin's simplest ability. Lee sin roundhouse kicks a target dealing massive damage. The kick knocks the target back and anyone hit by the target is knocked up for a duration. If a target is hit against terrain they are effectively stunned for the duration of the knock back.

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Pros / Cons

Lee Sin's Pros

High Early/Mid Game Damage.
Good Survivability.
Good Peel Power.
Hard To Pin Down.
Excellent Movement Abilities.
Good Escapes.
Can And Will 100 to 0 A Teemo.

Lee Sin's Cons
Falls Off Late Game.
Lacks Damage If Full Tank.
Front Line/Initiator Champion.
Is Blind.
Hard To Master.

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Ward Hopping

sight wardLee Sin is one of the few champions in League of Legends who can ward hop. For those who don't know ward hopping is the act of placing a ward and then using Safeguard / Iron Will to move to the ward. This is essentially a free flash on a very low cooldown for only 75g. Here's a video example of ward hopping and why it is important. Full credit to the video maker.

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Farming on Lee Sin is fairly easy. His high base attack damage and free recourse for abilities means he can easily acquire creepscore in almost any lane. Here I'm going to give you some general tips for farming against champions who also have high farming ability.

- Vladimir is also a champion who has many abilities that cost very little, making him a very good farmer. On top of this, Vladimir is ranged. This means he can poke Lee Sin as well as farming. Against Vladimir I suggest maxing [Safeguard / iron will] However [sonic wave / resonating strike] would also be a good choice to reduce the cooldown and allow ranged farming. [Vladimir] has 2 abilities that he will use to farm with. [Tides of blood], which is an Area of Effect spell that costs health, and [Transfusion] that has no cost and restores health. Once [Vladimir] gets a Hextech Revolver it is extremely hard to push him out of lane, get a jungler to help push him out or kill him. This could be difficult however due to Sanguine Pool. Vladimir has a weak early game, whereas Lee Sin excels early. At 6 try and engage on him before he goes back to buy and free farm while he is dead/In base.

- This was partly covered in the match-ups section so go there for more detail into the lane, however this is pretty simple. If Udyr catches you with Bear Stance he will activate Tiger Stance and probably kill you. To avoid this don't max [safeguard / iron will] He has no poke and one point will be enough to dash away from him when he tries to engage. instead max [tempest / cripple] to kite him as he tries to engage. Farm as normal and as soon as he tries to get onto you, Safeguard / Iron Will away to a minion or sight ward. NEVER fight an Udyr on Lee Sin without a junglers help.

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Alternitive Items

Depending on the match-up and enemy team composition you may wish to change your item build. I'm going to go through some other items and how I feel they should be used.

- If you feel like your team has enough crowd control and you don't really need the damage, switch Frozen Mallet for this. It gives more Health and health regeneration at the cost of some attack damage and a slow.

- If you want to be a bit more tanky and at the same time give your team a nice aura, get this. Make sure to mention to your support and jungler that you are buying this however. I also suggest maybe doubling up on these against high ability power teams.

- No seriously, I like these on Lee Sin. Reducing the cooldown on all of Lee Sin's abilities maximizes his damage output. Being able to shield your teammates more often and slow the opponent is always good. You will be more susceptible to crowd control since you are missing tenacity, so I suggest only doing this if you have a very tanky jungler who can peel e.g Jarvan IV

- I'm going to let you in on a little secret here, I don't like this item on Lee Sin I've played over 500 ranked games this season and honestly I can say, the Last Whisper carries you better into late game in my opinion. Try The Black Cleaver for yourself to see if you like it and tell me what you think, but for me. Last Whisper is king.

- This item has many stats useful to Lee Sin but some wasted, like Critical strike and Mana . I do not suggest getting this except in extremely situational circumstances.

- This item is great early on for protecting you and your team. It gives cooldown reduction, Armour, Health and an on effect shield. I'd get this against teams with high burst to potentially save your Attack damage carry from a hit fatal.

- Guardian Angel allows you to get back up in a teamfight with a considerable amount of health, not to mention the decent armour/Magic resist bonuses is bolsters. If you are fed and your team isn't, pick this up and try and carry endgame.

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Lane Match-Ups

Difficulty Rating Scaling

* - Blindness is no impairment.
** - Might have to put some thought into this lane.
*** - Evenly matched, play better then your opponent to win.
**** - Opponent has an advantage, Must play extremely well to come out on top.
***** - Requires Three functioning eyes to even come close to winning.

Difficulty Level * - Lee Sin counters Wukong in all aspects. He out damages, Out Sustains, Out pokes and out manoeuvres Wukong. Wukong's Decoy Is ineffective against Lee Sin due to the revealing effect of Tempest / Cripple. Late game Lee sin can use Dragon's Rage to remove Wukong from a team fight while he's using Cyclone.

Difficulty level * - Same deal as Wukong really. Akali has more burst than Wukong but her major defence mechanic is fully countered by Tempest / Cripple and Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike. Although at 6 she may be able to burst you down, you should have no problems bullying her early and setting her back for the game.

Difficulty level ** - Rengar's insane early damage is higher than Lee Sin's. A well played Rengar can set a Lee Sin back by engaging at level one with Savagery make it through to level 6 though and then squish that pesky mut as lee.

Difficulty level *** - Jax has good burst damage, an reliable engage in Leap Strike, an ultimate which gives him a massive buff to armour and magic resistance, and Counter Strike lets him dodge Lee Sin's auto attacks and mitigate some damage from Tempest / Cripple. The slowing effect of Tempest / Cripple however will make trades even. I suggest in this lane, throw out Sonic Wave / Resonating Strikes but don't fully engage until you have your full combo including Ignite. If he uses Leap Strike and Counter Strike to engage on you. Safeguard / Iron Will to a minion to avoid the stun and then engage on him with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike making sure to activate Safeguard / Iron Wills second effect.

Difficulty level *** - Garen can really mess with Lee Sin late game however in lane when Garen tries to engage using Decisive Strike use Safeguard / Iron Will to dash to a minion until the silence falls off and then engage. Putting extra points in Safeguard / Iron Will in this lane can help keep up with Garen's sustain due to Perseverance. Try and out farm Garen until 5, poking with Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike and engage pre-six. Garen will win trades with Demacian Justice at 6 with Ignite.

Difficulty level **** - Although Udyr is not seen top as often as he used to, he is becoming more popular and he really does counter Lee Sin. His sustain through Turtle Stance and high damage throughout the game due to Tiger Stance is totally unmatchable by Lee Sin. I suggest trying to farm and every time he goes for you, use Safeguard / Iron Will to burn his mana . Get your jungler to gank him as Udyr's only escape comes in the form of Bear Stance but it's only a movement speed buff. Not a dash. In the late game if you fell behind just build tanky and peel for your carries who can kite Udyr.

Difficulty level ***** - Trundle kills Lee Sin, that is all...If you're lucky. He'll think you're Lee Sin jungle . If you aren't lucky. He'll walk into top lane and beat you to death with his club. His high sustain through Decompose means he will keep his health high, reducing damage from Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike. Agony will seriously mess with Lee Sin during trades. I really do suggest trying to swap lanes if you get landed with trundle, otherwise, Try your best, farm and get your jungler and midlane to help.