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Lee Sin Build Guide by BigFudge

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BigFudge

Lee Sin, Chuck Norris of the Jungle

BigFudge Last updated on November 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

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Hi, im BigFudge and this is my Lee Sin guide.
Its my first guide and English isnt my native language, so please be nice :D
Ive played many games as Lee Sin, jungling and laneing. I prefer jungle, because he has a good jungle speed and godlike ganks and can counterjungle well if done correctly.

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Release on Mobafire :D


Thank you for more than 1000 views, and Happy new year =)
Added Trinity Force to the Item Section


Yay! 5000 views Thank you :)


Lee Sin Nerf:
Flurry attack speed bonus reduced to 40% from 50%
Sonic Wave missing health damage reduced to 8% from 10%
The Nerf isnt that hard, you just do a little bit less dmg =(


10 000 views :D thank everybody

Updated Some Items And added Maw of Malmortius to Item Section.
Added some Items and expanded Counterjungling Section

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Why Lee Sin

Cause Lee Sin is one of the strongest jungler and a really safe pick against almost any Jungler.
He can chose different paths so he isnt really vulnerable to Counterjungling.
He can peel (focusing AD-Carry throught the fight, so he cant kill priority targets).
He can defend his ad carry really Well with W, E and R.
He has decent CC, is pretty tanky and can deal nice amounts of dmg.
He is extremely mobile if you use his skills correctly.
Hes also a brutal duelist and can counterjungle very well.
With his Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike + Smite you can steal Baron or Dragon really good.
He is great in Jungle and TopLane.
Hes the blind Monk ;D
He has a Roundhousekick like Chuck Norris.

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Pros / Cons


    No Mana
    Godlike ganks even before lvl 6
    Pretty fast jungling time
    Nice sustain
    aoe slow and a knockback/knockup
    High earlygame dmg
    nice counterjungling
    easy baron/dragon steal
    really tanky lategame
    can jungle with several paths
    dont need blue
    good mobility
    can show invisible targets like
Akali or Rengar with his Q and E

    squishy early game
    falls a bit off late game
    hard to play at the beginning (Q isnt very easy to land)

All in all the Pros overweight the Cons

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Summoner Spells

This is the best Spell for chasing, escaping, I pick it in most of the Games, even if some people like exhaust more, but Lee already has a slow.
Pick this spell also if you are new to Lee Sin.

You need smite for jungling/counterjungling, stealing baron/dragon/blue/red...
Also Smite benefits from spellvamp whitch makes it a lot easier to jungle.

Similar too Flash, I just feel its weaker early game and doesnt give you that much utility.

Really good spell for Lee, even if you dont counterjungle that much, sometimes it really helps, your ganks are stronger and you can duel against nearly anyone and win. IF you take Exhaust or Flash, is up to you, sometimes flash is better, sometimes Exhaust.

Never tried it but it could be also good if youre playing against a team with hard cc, but i prefer a Quicksilver Sash.

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This is a pretty standart mastery for junglers:


You can also take 9/21/0 if you want but I prefer the offensive way because it gives you stronger ganks, you can clear the camps faster and better counterjungling.

I dont get havoc, thats just 0.5% dmg per point, so i think its not really great.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Physical Dmg for Red and quints, for stronger ganks and faster jungling, you can also take ArmorPen for reds. Why not Atk Speed? Because Lee's DMG scales better with AD because of his passive.

For quints you can also take Movementspeed or ArmorPen.

For yellow take Armor like every jungler, there are not much alternatives.

For blue you can take also AtkSpeed or FlatMres, but i feel you dont need the early mres in the jungle and i dont like AtkSpeed an Lee.

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Underrated passive, try to keep his passive up when you arer jungling, it provides you with AtkSpeed and keeps your energy up. Wasting this is a huge waste of energy and Jungle Speed.
This is also the reason why AtkSpeed istn that good on Lee Sin.
Its also the Reason why you dont pick AtkSpeed Items.

Lee Sin's Q is where a large portion of his damage comes from, the second part of his Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike deals damage based on how much HP is missing, and if they're missing a lot of HP Lee Sin can really punish his opponents.

You can also jump after an enemy if hes flashing over a wall with the 2nd of Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike.

This makes Lee Sin so mobile, it has so many uses, you can jump to a ward, you can jump to a teammate...

Here is an example of Ward-Jumping by cruzerthebruzer:

Strong Aoe MoveSpeed/AtkSpeed debuff, nice if you want to 1 on 1 a autoattack based champion like Tryndamere, Jax, Irelia, Olaf, AD Carries...

High damage spell early game with nice CC.
You can kick an enemy away who has strong aoe skills or kick an squishy enemy into your team to get a kill. You can also steal kills really well with it ^^

Really nice kick + triple kill from cruzerthebruzer:

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

First take Tempest / Cripple for AtkSpeed debuff , then you can choose between Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike or Safeguard / Iron Will, if you want to gank early or counterjungle take Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, if you dont think you gank take Safeguard / Iron Will.
At lvl 3 take the one you havent skilled till now.
Then i would prefer:
> > >

or this if you feel safer with the sustain from your W:

> > >

However, you lose a bit DMG and duelist power with it.

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I would only recomment these 2 :

If the enemy team runs a double AP lane or Kog Maw mercury treads can give you quite good and cheap defensive stats.

Most of the time i pick Ninja Tabi because i counterjungle a lot and the bonus Armor and reduced hit DMG really helps out + they are cheap

You could also pick if they just suck and you can gank often, but i dont recomment it:

Item Options:

Wriggles is still, after the nerf a great item, and i pick it in nearly all games, it adds nice sustain DMG and armor and a free ward, everybody likes free wards, especially Lee Sin

If your Team can do enough dmg and they arent really tanky i would probably go for warmogs, as long as they dont have a Kog Maw or Vayne.

Nice Damage , Crit lategame just get this if the enemy team isnt stacking armor!
But i wouldnt recommend it since its really expensive and doesnt give you any defensive Stats.

I like it because of the lifesteal and the dmg, but if you die you lose the extra dmg and lifesteal. In Lategame i replace Wriggle's with a Bloodthirster.

Awesome dmg if the enemies are stacking armor, i usually get it if they start buying armor.

I had it long in my build, but i realizied it isnt that great, MoM is better.
If they have much CC i recommend Quicksilver Sash.

Not really a item that i would recommend, it doesnt give you any DMG.

Low costs, nice mres and the active.
Get it if the enemy has much CC

This Item is one of my favorite Items on Lee, its really good, chep and it makes the whole team more tanky. If your Support also gets it, thats not a problem, the effect sums up for you and the Support.

It got better because of the Warmogs nerf, it gives dmg and HP and the slow is nice, i usually get it Mid game.

Since it got nerfed its not a core item any more, i think there are better items now.
You still can get it late game if the enemy has a fed Ad Carry, its still good.

I have seen this Item in just too many guides that i just cant ignore it.
so, the reasons i dont pick this item is:

    It is soooo expensive
    there are better options in my mind like warmogs
    it doesnt make him tanky enough and he will go down much easier in teamfights
    doesnt add too much dmg
    has mana and ability power, you doesnt need both
i would not recommend getting this item, if someone has a other opinion its ok, i just dont pick it because i think there are better options, if someone can explain to me why i should take it, please comment

I really like this item, since the Atmas nerf you need your DMG from somewhere else, and thats the item you should go for. It gives mres, DMG and a little shield, its great.
I buy it somewhere around Mid/Late Game, depends on the enemy team.

Since the Wriggles people think that 2 Dorans are better for Lee, maybe thats true, but i like Wriggles. Never mind, Dorans Blade is a great Item for Lee and i normally get one early, but i still buy Wriggles.

So, normally Your build Midgame build should look something like this:

And your Lategame build like this:

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Buy a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion, or a Doran's Blade.

Start at Wraiths, ask someone if he can do some DMG to them.
After Wraiths ask someone to pull you red.
After this you can try to gank or continue jungling.

When you jungle, dont forget to buff you with your Safeguard / Iron Will and debuff the enemy with Tempest / Cripple.
Dont waste your passive, because you get slower at jungling if you forget to!
IF you want to smite dont forget to have Safeguard / Iron Will up because like i said above Smite benefits from spellvamp.

Dont forget to give blue for your mage.

if you have Wriggle's Lantern, try to use the ward for ganking, dragon or counterjungling.
Never forget Wards, buy 1 or 2 if you think, it would be nice.

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At lvl 2 you just try to land your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike and then slow the enemy with Tempest / Cripple.
Later you want to jump with your Safeguard / Iron Will to an ally, then slow your enemy.
Then you can do the following things:

    if hes low life kill him with
Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike,
if he has a bit too much life, hit him with the 1st Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike, kick him away with Dragon's Rage and kill him with 2nd Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike,
if he has too much life kick him into your ally and just do more DMG to him.

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Counterjungling is a bit difficult and needs a lot of practice, but if done correctly it can devastate the enemy jungler and win you the game.

Most likely you should counterjungle against a weak jungler or if your Lanes are all pushed.
Against a strong jungler like Dr. Mundo or Shyvana it is really hard, but with Exhaust its manageable. But try to communicate with your teammates, and always look at map if a lane misses, especially early!

So, if you want to counterjungle you should ward enemy Blue and Red, then when the enemy jungler wants to do it wait till they are low life, then you can steal the buff with smite and then duel him or kill him before.
You should counterjungle after you got red at lvl 2 if you cant gank because your mates pushed the lanes too hard. So, if the other jungler starts at blue he should be at the wraiths when you are hiding in the brush at red.
Then wait till he is making red and punish him. Because you have red you can easily counterjungle him due to the slow and the true DMG from red.
Thats it pretty much at early levels, but be carefull if someone is missing, he could go and help his jungler.

You can also just steal the Big Minions in the jungle. against a Shaco you should do this because hes highly vurnable against Counter Jungling, especially because Lee can see stealth targets with his Q and E.

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In teamfights your mission is to kill their carry or save your carry.
Jump fast to the enemy carry with a ward or if possible a Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike and kick him into your team, the other opponents should get knocked up and you can make a 5v4.
Also try to slow as much people as possible with his Tempest / Cripple.
Sometimes its smarter to defend your carrie, if a bruiser tries to gett to your carrie shield him with your W and slow the bruiser with your E, maybe kick him away with your R

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Lee Sin is funny to play because of his unique playstyle.
But he is not the easiest champion to play, so you have to spend much time to learn him.
If you master him he is a very nice champion to play and can be really rewarding and you can climb the Elo Ladder really well with the Blind Monk

Credits from the videos belong to cruzerthebruzer.
Credits also go to jhoijhoi and his guide how to make a guide.

Feel free to leave a constructive comment :D