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Lee Sin Build Guide by Lamkhang82

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lamkhang82

Lee sin lamkhang

Lamkhang82 Last updated on August 10, 2015
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Alternatively, max magic resist and have no CDR (this build is not too frequent.)

At lev 2: If going to counterjungle, get E. If farming, get and spam Iron Will, Q and E (especially at buffs.)
At lev 8 onwards: maxing W if behind or maxing E if ahead. Get a hotkey of W on self.

Standard combo poke: Q, ward and face (if necc), Q, W.
Standard combo sneaking gang: E, E, hit x2, Q, hit x2, Q, W (if necc), D (smite if necc). Standard combo sneaking gang max damage: E, E, hit (if necc), Q, hit (if necc), R, Q. Standard combo (closing the gap or attacking from a different angle): ward, W, Q, Q, E, E (or ward, W, E, E, Q, Q).

W can be used for escaping, chasing (with ward) and WW can be used to semi tank (decide what to use - usually combo chasing ward or combo sneaking gang max damage and semi tank in early game and usually combo poke, E, E + ready to escape in late game). Be creative and use W on friendly minions/champs to escape/close the gap when necc.

If sneaking gang, Q first is ok; though, closing and E first usually guarantee a Q.

R can be used to kick carry toward team or kick enemy tank away. R + Q + Q is almost guaranteed to hit Q. Use this against the wall or toward team or 1 combo finish (can be used with combo sneaking gang or combo chasing ward.)