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Lee Sin General Guide by SpectorHacked

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SpectorHacked

Lee Sin Season 6 Jungler, Mobility is the Key!

SpectorHacked Last updated on November 26, 2015
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Season 6 Welcome

Hi Guys welcome to my Lee Sin Guide Jungler Season 6.

I belive that on this season Lee Sin will return to the meta Beacuse of the items change and the ADC changes, Is realy fun champ and very Rewarding champ, I think Lee is the most fun champ I ever played with, Is high mobility and the build I use give him a High Map control!

On this guide i focused on the mobility build I use 90% of the time, I use the Mobility to gank more and Farm less, And with this Build you gonna GANK ALOT!

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I am a Plat player who plays since season3, I got more then 1k hours on Lee Sin, I started a lot at normal thats why I am Only Plat:)
I made this guide for you all to enjoy the power of Lee sin and get this free elo!
I got more then 60% win as Lee on my Total Accounts Is my main for ever, And you can main him, It worth it!

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Skill Sequence

Dragon's Rage > Sonic Wave > Safegaurd > Tempest

Thats is the order you Max your Skills, Sonic Wave gets Reduced CDR, Safegaurd Give you more Sustain and More Shield DMG, Tempest I think that skill is good only for Invisible Champs like Rengar Twitch Shaco.

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Pros / Cons


+ Great at combaining Dmg&Tanky
+ High Mobility!
+ Good disengage with R,also you can set up ganks with it
+ Take most of the 1Vs1 fights
+ Amazing Potential Well rewarded!
+ Energy No Mana!
+ Great Sustain with W
+ Most Fun Champ I ever played with
+ Easy To carry with
+ Great at take Obejctives
+ Game changing Ult if played well


- Falls off late if not mastered
- Very hard to master
- Bad Wave Clear
- You can think your good, And you will feed beacuse your not:)

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Jungling And Routes


That chapter gonna be the diffrent from Silver Jungler and Diamond Jungler

The Route is like I marked on the map, Basicly after completeing 3 camps total you gonna get to level 3, and you gonna be about 70% Hp, Usally I am looking for gank after my third camp, Lee sin is a early champ and I doesnt wanna to lose my potential.

On Blue side(Bottom side of the map) I am starting with Golems With the help of my Bottom lane, Smite it Then I go for Chickens (Its important that you kill small chicken first to Reduce the dmg you get!), After this I am going to red and warding the bush next to me to see if enemy jungler is coming, If is coming I will Mark my mid lane And bot lane to make it free kill, its important to mark sometimes they are Focusing on farm to much, Basicly you can win him 1vs1 beacuse your Lee Sin but that depend on which Champ is this and the hp gap between you,((If your fighting and Red is still up Dont forget you can smite it and get like 20% hp! That can change a fight!),

After red is clear I will gank bot or mid depend on the champs, If mid got a good Gapcloser/Escare I will prefer bot, If bot is someone like Thresh Tahm I will prefer mid.

On Red side map (Upper side of the Picture) I will start at Gromp, I smite if With the help of my bot lane, After Gromp I am warding My Blue and go to Chickens, Again Focus on kill the little one first, Then Red Buff Then ganking mid or top usually I go top Beacuse the Champion pool with good escape on top is very small, Same if I know mid is pushing hard Or have no flash I will go mid!


Dont forget that if You smite a Monster you will get Buffs, That is realy important Use of smite, Beside getting Obejctives.
Gromp - Posion all the enemies that Auto Attack you.
Blue - Give you 30% of your Mana Back.
Wolves - Give You a short "Spirit Ward" The Spirit look for enemies that get to your jungle.
Chicken - Alert you When ever there Is any Vision ward near you *I use it the most*
Red - Give you 30% of your Health back.
Golems - Every 5 basic attacks, Your 6th Stun the Target, That work only on Monsters&Mnions.
And your next basic attack against Turrent will deal True DMG!

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This Is very imporntat Chapter as well because Vision in my opnion can Win games or Lose games!

Again I will give you the same picture but this time I want to focus on the pink and green dots I made with painter (Yea I know its not even a Dot)

The Pink dots represnt a Pink Ward

The Green dots represnt Green Ward

Personally I hold Vision Ward 80% of the time, Usually I put it next to the Drake On the closer Pink Dot on the map, I am looking for Counter Jungling I put the pink on the Blue side map far Drake Dot.

You got 4 refreshing Green Wards on you all the time, Basiclly I save 2 Of them the whole time for WarpHop but I got 2 I can use the whole time so why not?

My smart cast Is on key 1 so I am using for vision Only on trinket who is Is smartcasted on 4 key!

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The Different Betweed Good Lee And Bad Lee!

All Lee Players can Sonic Wave and fight like a puppet untill you kill or most likely will die.

This Chapter will Make the Gap between good Lee sin's And Bad Lee Sin's, There are so many Tricks and staff to do will Lee, You need to be creative and look for Best kick Opportunity'S

You Can make this Opportunity's With the following tricks:

I exaplained the most common and best Lee Sin tricks.

After Mastering those tricks I made a guide about something I belive none made a guide before for this I call it:"Dargon Dash" Its make ganks on bot and counter jungle so much easy.

Sightstone+ Safeguard


Very Basic step you put a Ward and W to it, That can be very fast for Good Lee Players,

This Play can save your life its like a flash every 14 seconds

Flash+ Dragon's Rage:

The FlashKick

Basiclly you just Kick before your flash Afterwise you flash its a milisecond and kind of hard, This move let you decide to which direction the enemy knocked back.

Sonic Wave+ Resonating Strike+ Sightstone+ Safeguard+ Dragon's Rage


That move is combained your Q Your W and your Ulti, Basiclly people do it for kicking ADC to the team or to get better position for the FlashKick, If you have no flash you can do this instead.

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Team Fights

In Team fights basiclly you have 3 Options:

Protect The ADC

Kill The Carry's

Kick Tank Towards Enemy Team

1. Protect The ADC

This mission Depend on the ADC, If your ADC is behind&Very Bad You shouldnt pick this option, If your ADC is some1 such as Kog'Maw you should Protect him And let him deal the DMG, You can protect Him Dragon's Rage And Safeguard.

2.Kill The Carry's

This is my favorite mission I just go in With WardHop, FlashKick , Q, Q, After whole this you should be in safe place if played Correctly, You should Focus on ADC or APC, Or the most fed Enemy.

3.Kick Tank Towards Enemy Team

In a Preamde 5 team This is the best option to do, When the enemy you Ultied hit another enemy they will get Knockup+The whole DMG from the kick+12%/15%/18% Of the kicked target Bonus hp, That mean that If the enemy tank got 1k Bonus Health and your Ult is level 3 That mean He will get 180 More dmg from the hit, that mean 180+The base dmg of the kick, That can be a lot of dmg And dont forget about the CC, Knock up all of them can Win fight eaisly!

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Guys Thanks for reading the Guide and I hope it helped you,

Practice is the Key for sucsess so dont give up on this Champ he's realy rewarded!

I gave a lot of time to made it So I will hope it will serve you the best:)

Anyway If you guys want to help me only by clicking those 2 links, Its basiclly nothing its just profit after the time I got into this tutorial.



I am just starting but you can follow me on:



Email Me



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