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Lee Sin Build Guide by Koalah

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Koalah

Lee Sin | The Blind Monk | Jungle. (Solo Top added soon)

Koalah Last updated on November 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey Guys , Koalah here bringing my first ever Mobafire guide ! As you can see it's a guide for Jungling with Lee Sin. I've put a lot of effort into this guide and would appreciate it read it! :)

Personally I think Lee Sin is no doubt the best Jungler of League of Legends and also a very good Top lane champ. You should definitely try him out if he's free one week, as for me I recently bought him on offer for RP.

Ever since I bought him, he's the only champion I've played with and I must say, the stats have been amazing! These builds are not for everyone, but as i play Tanky/aggressive, they work absolutely perfect for me!

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Champion Spotlight

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Lee Sin's Lore

As a young teen, Lee Sin was intent on becoming a summoner. His will and dedication were unmatched by any of his peers, and his skill drew the attention of Reginald Ashram, the League's High Councilor at the time. While studying at the Arcanum Majoris, Lee Sin became frustrated with instruction paced for the other students. He spent his free time researching the nuances of summoning in hopes of graduating sooner. He made amazing advances in his arcane studies, surpassing all other students. By all indications, he would have become one of the League's greatest summoners were it not for one terrible mistake. Too impatient, he attempted to test his ability by summoning a beast from the Plague Jungles. What he summoned instead was a young boy, but not in one piece. He barely had time to look the boy in what was once his face before the jumbled human mass fell lifeless to the floor. A League investigation later revealed that the boy's entire village was obliterated by feedback from the ritual.

Lee Sin's talents were so promising that the League was willing to overlook the incident, but he could never forgive himself. He left the Institute and journeyed to the Shojin Monastery for eternal repentance, swearing never to practice magic again. Years later, hoping to atone for his crime with martyrdom, he set himself ablaze as a protest of the Noxian occupation of Ionia. He remained alive in this state, enduring searing agony for weeks. His actions paved the way for a League match wherein Ionia prevailed, but by the time he was doused, his eyes had been burned completely from their sockets. Hailed as a savior, he was reborn, and his will to act invigorated. He joined the League of Legends to continue his atonement with sweat and blood, a true monk's only possessions.

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Greater Mark of Strength & Greater Quintessence of Strength

These Runes above are simply for the Early Game Attack damage! It helps out so much when killing minions or even killing the enemies as you will have such an advantage.
If you choose the same masteries they will link very well.

Greater Seal of Resilience & Greater Glyph of Shielding

These runes will protect you a lot during the game. The Greater Seal of Armor will help you get those Monster kills whilst Jungling early game or even when laning this helps you a lot! The Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist will help you out Early, but mainly late game to protect you from them AP Carries giving you that Nice Magic Resistance.

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Pros / Cons


No Mana!
Nice Damage
Amazing Game Starter for First Bloods
BEST Jungler/Counter Jungler (My Opinion)


Squishy if not built correct
When silenced, you're screwed
Only Late game champ if fed at the start
Q is a Skillshot

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Summoner Spells

My Choices of Spells when playing as Lee Sin


Well, I guess Smite is an obvious Spell to use when jungling so I won't need to explain that.


This slows the enemy by 40% of their movement speed and grants you 70% more attack damage for 2.1 seconds. This really helps if you're against a stronger opponent in a 1v1. Let's say you find Xin Zhao at top, both of you alone going in for the 1v1. Exhaust would come in handy alot here for either a get away or if you think you have a chance, can use to stay and fight and most likely win.


Ignite helps you early game really well on that extra damage and if they're trying to get away, I've made some nasty ignite kills by using it just as I start running away from a nice turret dive. (ONLY USE IGNITE WHEN LANING)


Flash works just as well as Ward jumping just if there is no ward or your Safeguard / Iron Will is on Cooldown and need a fast escape, Flash is definitely a must. Saved me many times and I'm sure it will save you too.

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Lee Sin , my favourite Jungler of the game. Due to his abilities he is able to clear each camp with speed and come out with alot of health as his Safeguard / Iron Will give's him Lifesteal and a small shield. I Don't normally Gank until level 3 so I have all my spells unlocked but it's worth the wait!

My Jungle Route.

Red (Get someone to leash it, then Smite)
Wraiths(Make sure to use Safeguard / Iron Will for that lifesteal)
Small golems

Then just clear the rest. But make sure to save you you Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike over walls for that little time extra saved.

Instead if you want to take the other side first try this.

Small golems

Remember to Smite Red/Blue all the time at low level!

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Jungle Items/Alternatives

OR Depending on the enemys team being AP/AD

When Jungling I like to start off with Cloth Armour for that extra defence! It really helps out a lot. With Lee Sin you only need 1 potion as your Safeguard / Iron Will has lifesteal!
Depending on the enemy team I will buy either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treds, in most scenarios I get Ninja Tabi for that little extra armour.

I Then move on to Trinity Force! That is a key items with Lee Sin because his spells use everything Trinity Force has to offer! It's just an amazing item.

Next is Warmog's Armor this is a key item in the build due to the amount of bonus health that it gives you! But, straight after getting warmogs you're going to need Atma's Impaler because It hits 1.5% of your maximum health per hit, and even gives armour which is a massive bonus if you had Warmogs!

Eventually obtain Maw of Malmortius, It's just an amazing item against AP Carries, works just as well as Force of Nature and gives the extra attack damage! And will also give you a shield that can absorb up to 400 damage which really comes in handy, real life saver.

I Shouldn't really need to explain the Bloodthirster, The Attack damage on it is CRAZY and also gives you lifesteal, so if your Safeguard / Iron Will is on cooldown and need that extra health, this will help you out tons. The Bloodthirster is a key item for this build and recommend it 100%.

To finish off the build would be Guardian Angel, it just makes your build look complete and gives some pretty nice stats, The Armour against AD and Magic Resistance against AP then just for a bonus it resurrects you upon death every 5 minutes!

Alternative Items

There a more items that you can use other than these items I have recommended.
Here's a list of Alternatives.

This for most Junglers is a key option, but for me I prefer to just buy Sight Wards. Because you need Madred's Razors to use this item it's even more of a bonus due to the Madreds effects, it's randomly hits the monster/minion you are fighting for a rather high amount of damage.

Frozen mallet is also a good choice, it gives you 700 health extra with would also work with Atma's Impaler, you can never go wrong with the little extra attack damage it offers and then it's passive, on basic attacks it's slows the enemies movement speed, this just secures that your opponent does not get away!

Thornmail works great with Lee Sin! If the enemy team's AD's are too strong, Getting Thornmail will protect you massively and also deals back Magic damage for every time they hit you! Getting Thornmail rather early will prevent you from feeding them and will make you more of a person they do not target as much.

Force of nature is basically the Item you get instead of thornmail incase they have a more AP Based team.

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Ganking Combo

My Combo for when I Gank.

--> --> -->

How it works.

If I were to Gank top, I would Safeguard / Iron Will to a minion, Kick the enemy closer to my turret/team mate using Dragon's Rage then Quickly Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike back over to them and then finish them off with Tempest / Cripple if that didn't work just finish them off with basic attacks.

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How To Ward Jump

Ward Jumping allows you to escape from enemies on really scary situations.
Here is a video on how to do it.
Credits to 'Ryanjh29'

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Team Fights

In late game Team Fight's, Lee Sin is needed badly.

What I Tend to do and strongly encourage others to do is Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike over to the APC/ADC, quickly ' Dragon's Rage them over the your team then for the get away either Ward Jump away or quickly Safeguard / Iron Will back to an allied Minion or player.

BUT if your team is trying to run away from them chasing you down, the best option is to Dragon's Rage The one closest to you, or the most threatening champion, but make sure you kick them into the enemies direction so they get stopped and quickly Ward Jump out back to your team. But if they do catch up just use your Tempest / Cripple to slow them down and run back to safety.

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My (Would have been first) Penta Kill with Lee Sin
(This was my Solo Top Build)

2 Nice games I've had with only 1 death.

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12/11/12 - Guide Published.
13/11/12 - Cleared most stuff up, (BBcoding, Spells Errors, cleaning pictures)
13/11/12 - Updated the build, made it more clear and added Alternative Items

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Last Thread

This is my very first guide!

Thanks if you took the time to read it, I will really appreciate constructive comments on how I can improve. I'll be updating this guide regularly so you won't be dissapointed.

Thumbs up are strongly appreciated! :) Thanks!