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Lee Sin Build Guide by ZnzoTheprofs

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZnzoTheprofs

Lee sin,The tanky dps jungler

ZnzoTheprofs Last updated on June 26, 2012
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Hello,My name is hamza and today i has another qucik Jungle lee sin guide hopefully you guys enjoy reading it and hopefully this helps you in jungleing with Lee sin

Now Lee Sin Alot of people call him op As in overpowered But he is not if you cant play him
He is useless.

Let's began shall we?

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Start out with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion Grab Wriggles lantern And
Mercury treads From then grab Phage

Now your core items are Warmog's Armor Frozen Mallet And Atma's Impaler
Round up your build with Force of Nature

This item build is aimed at giveing me more tankiness more duarbility and aswell more damage late game

There is another item build aswell wich is full tank

Start up with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion Grab mercury treads
Wriggles lantern And Aegis of the Legion
Your core items are simple Force of Nature Randuin's Omen Warmog's Armor
This item build is aimed At full tanky And no dps at all i dont build this nor do i reccomned it but if your team needs a tank then go with this build

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I take x9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage To help me in early damage in the jungle and more damage when ganking Now alot of people are going to disagree and say that armor pentration makrs are better but i just dont like them

2nd i take x9 Greater Seal of Armor To give me more defense and tankyness in the jungle

3rd my Glyphs wich are x9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist Aimed to give me more magic resist whenever helping a lane,Keeping it from getting pushed, and more durability late game agnist mage casters such as Ziggs and LeBlanc

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i take 0-21-9 Focusing on armor and more health in defense while grabbing increased buff duartion in utility

Now if your asking why did i take 4 at Swiftness It's because it will help you in ganks and it can be useful with champions that have a increased movement speed buff such as Janna
And Galio
This will help you get to the lane you want 2 gank and gank it while being able to follow to your target.

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Skill sequence

My skill sequence is simple
Start with your E Tempest/Cripple At level 2 get your Sonic wave/Resonating strike
At level 3 get your Safeguard/Ironwill then max out your Sonic wave/Resonating strike
And be sure to always pick up Dragon's Rage Whenever it's There :P

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Summoner spells

i take Smite and Exhaust While smite helps me clear the jungle faster and To help me in late game when we are fighting Baron nashor
Exhaust Exhaust helps me in my ganks to make them 90% Working or to help me escape sticky situations

Flash Is another Great choice to help you escape & to Chase down an enemy or just to setup a good gank however i think exhaust is a more good choice Since you have great escapeing tools with your W Safeguard/Ironwill you can just place your Wriggle's Lantern Ward and jump to it
Ignite It's a good choice however Do not ever take ignite as a jungler Because you are going to help in ganks not take the kill with ignite this is a bad choice and i have tested and the results werent great
Teleport why would you take teleport as a jungler it's just stupid :P
Heal Heal is good for laneing and sustain in lane but you are a jungler and you dont need that!
Note: i havent tried the other summoner spells so i apolgize

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Basically this build gives you more survivebillty Damage and more sustain late game And it also brings great uitlity Defense And everything you need!

Try this build it wont hurt you to get 1 loose on your profile or To get you 100 wins on it? :P

To round up this guide i thank you guys for watching and i want to thank TN infection &
TN magister for giveing me great tips about lee sin

Now i dont brag to be the best lee sin player out there but i am very good with him and he was my best champion until i met kennen anyways
Enbjoy summoners and see you on the fields of Justice

Note:Add me i'm on eu west Summoner name is znzo

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How to gank

At level2 after you have taken the red buff and wraiths Check for a suitable lane to gank
Once you are there try to land your Sonic wave/Resonating strike On an enemy champion and
then jump 2 them and use your Tempest/Cripple Twice then pop your Exhaust This should allow for an easy kill if your team coaprates

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How to counter jungle

This will help you in counter jungleing the enemy jungler to slow down his ganking time or his jungle route
At first you always want to place a Sight ward At the enemy jungler's Red and blue buff When ever you see him there and you can get 2 him befor he finish the buff come from behind
Sonic wave/Resonating strike on the blue/red buff get in smite it and then if you can just fight him or just run away if needed pop your Exhaust To escape and not give him his buff and a 300g bonus :P

Alot of people may call this a waste of time but junglers like Udyr or Amumu
Realy on the blue buff alot
i will get a map asap to tell you where exactly to ward

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How to baron steal

Now alot of people Lack the knowlodge of how to baron steal as Lee Sin

if you are @ the purple team it's so Easy first of all have your support place the ward inside baron beside the big wall behind baron so you can Safeguard/Ironwill to the Sight ward
or the Vision Ward When they are doing baron go behind your red buff and wait when baron gets to 2000hp-Ish wait then jump to the ward smite baron off But this will mean your death if you dont have flash
The 2nd way 2 do it place a ward behind your red buff so you can jump to it when baron is at 2k hp Sonic wave/Resonating strike To baron Fly kick him :P smite it then jump to your ally or the ward you placed

this will allow for an easy baron steal