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Leona Build Guide by mystreios

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mystreios


mystreios Last updated on February 3, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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What about Abilities?

Q = Shield of Daybreak / W = Eclipse / E = Zenith Blade / R = Solar Flare(Ulty) /

For 1st Level is good W it is increasen Deffense and when it explodes it is dealing dmg.About Q i think its not enought to kill on 1st level.Play Passive till u get 3 level for all 3 abilities that u can use.How to make the attack?Engage with next Combo " W-E-Normal Hit-Q (imidiatly)- Exhoust (when the stun duration is off)".Only Leona combo can remove 30%-50% of targets HP so u need agressive adc that u can Brust the enemy

Why Maximize W - W is the best skill after her Ulty.Its Dealing dmg and increasing greatly her Deffense.
Why Q maximize on Late game - U need Q only for Stun if u maximize it does not increasing stun duration its only increasing Dmg and u need melee range to get someone with Q.Thats why u need maximaze E after u maximize W.Becouse E is range skill and its dealing dmg and u can egage with it when u are tank.

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Leona is one of the best tanks in LoL.She is aggresive support too cuz she dont have abillities to heal or to help your teammates i mean she cant heal or give mana Her Abilities are dmg,Defense,Stun there is no Heal or other support abilityes.Her full ability combo can remove 30%-50% of health from Enemy squishy champions or maybe more but her Dmg and her deffense are enought to engage,help your adc to kill someone or to survive.Engage Combo:
1. R-W-E-Q-Exhoust
2. W-E-Q-R-Exhoust
3. E-W-Q-R-Exhoust
Its all about situation.
If they Focus Adc u can use R to save it doesnt metter u will stun 1 or 5 u have to save your Adc.
If u engage with R and then they focus Adc u can use E to get to the enemy who focused Adc and stun it with Q (R over enemy team-E+Q to enemy who focused your ADC)
Or u can focus the enemy assassin from the start of the engage cuz assassin aways focus Adc.
Use Exhoust only to enemy ADC or Assassins(AD).
W must aways on when u start engage or any fight.

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Pros / Cons

Low speed / Good Ability DMG / Very good CC/ Extremly good Tank/ Aggresive Champion/ Dont have good Sustain/ Very usfull in team fights/ Can do 1v1(but in other builds)/

I made that guide cuz i'm tired of noobs that dont know how to play leona...(easy champion).
My english is not good i hope u undrestand my guide try it once.