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Leona General Guide by RazeGR

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RazeGR


RazeGR Last updated on August 16, 2013
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Listen This While Reading this Guide or even Playing Leona!! :D

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Hey Guys, and Welcome to my Aggressive Leona All-About Guide! Leona is a support/tank champion who is naturally tanky (with her W) and provides a lot of CC. Leona is a Champion mainly for the support role but can also go to the jungle. I don't think she can be THAT good while jungling because she lacks of damage but her ganks can be GREAT!
Anyways, This is a Support Guide and i will try to give you all the possible builds on playing Leona

I hope you will like my guide and that it helps you.
If you have any suggestions or whatever you want just let me know by leaving a comment below!!

Thanks for Watching!

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Pros / Cons


*Stuns, Many Stuns, Lot of Stuns, OVER 9000 STUNS!!!
*Very Aggressive and Tanky early game(Easy Kills with the help of ADC)
*Can Carry a Game even though she is a Support


*Requires a Good ADC that can take advantage of your kit
*Needs Practice to Hit Your Skillshots(Your Ultimate and E)
*No Sustain at all
*Can lead to an Early Death if You Hit a Wrong (E)

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Here i'll explain shortly my rune choice


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Quintessence of Health
*I take Glyphs for Magic Resist because i consider them as the best tank runes for bot lane early on. Especially when laning against poking supports like [lulu] or [sona]

*Armor Seals are a Must-Have against an ADC(or Marksman after the new changes :D)

*Magic Penetration Marks because all the damage you deal is magic and this can help A LOT early on

*I take Health Quints in place of Gold Per 5 seconds because you will often find yourself Diving under the enemy turret in many occasions and you will need this extra health for more survivability


Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist can Replace the Flat MR Glyph.
Quints of Gold Per Second Can be Good If you find that you can't make it to buy your essential items!

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Summoner Spells


Flash is pretty much the BEST summoner spell at the current meta. I wouldnt change it for any other spell in Leona, and in most champions. It helps you engage escape a difficult situation, force an engage or CC the whole enemy team. It's the Spell You Need to fulfill your role as a support.


Exhaust is another Great spell for supports.It can help you so much in so many different ways. You can escape, chase, kill or stop an enemy etc. Use it wisely and you can take some early kills really fast and without any losses.


Clairvoyance It helps secure objectives and generally provides safety.It can also used to counterganking or provide vision on an unwarded area like baron(after the counterwarding of the enemy)
Heal ,After The Rework it heals the allies the same amount as it heals you. That makes it a Great Support Spell. However i wouldn't change one of my main spells for this but it's up to you

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On Leona i focus on building her as tanky as possible while having some strong support items and all of that with the low amount of gold a support can have.Happily, after the preseason 3 patch supports had been granted a great boost of gold ingame that made them able to buy items worth the while.

Anyway, so let's begin.


Start #1

sight wardsight ward

I always find myself starting with these items. They provide Huge sustain and a two sight wards and a vision ward for early counterganking.

Start #2

sight wardsight ward

This is another start. I don't chose this over the first but in some cases you may need the extra ward.


Philosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone
Philosopher's Stone is the best early game item a support could want. It provides sustain both mana and health and a great 5 gold per 10 seconds advance.Also it can be used to become an early Shurelya's Reverie

Sightstone is the greatest item for a support. With this you can carry 3 wards with you(you can only place 2 of them in a time) but it's great because it refreshes when you go back to base.
Also it provides some health that is really welcome! By the way, you should always carry some extra wards with you and don't fully rely on this item because of it's limitations.(Upgrade it to as soon as possible)

Boots Of Speed
Well i can't tell more about this. Just take it :D. You should get it before 10 minutes mark at all costs. You cant risk to get caught and die because of lack of Movement speed!


Mercury's Treads
These are one of the best boots in game if not the best. They have tenacity and +25 Magic Resist! With tenacity you can lower the effects of all the stuns,fears,slows etc affecting you and win stun them back easily

Locket of the Iron Solari
I think the best support item for leona at the momment.Has a great aura and gives you a boost on armor, mr ,and health. Also with it's passive you van shield your allies for some damage which can help them a lot especially on mid-game.

Shurelya's ReverieShurelya's Reverie
This is another great item that can be bought early on because you should already have Philosopher's Stone. It gives a great movement boost with it's active that can help you and your teamates chase or escape from the enemies. Also it give you some health and Cooldown that can be really helpfull.

Ruby Sightstone
Not much to say, ruby sightstone is the same as the simple sightstone but givs you 2 more wards in your pocket, one more ward to place and some extra health. A MUST for any support.


Warmog's Armor
Warmog's Armor is one of the best items for leona. Due to her natural tankiness because of her shield. She can be REALLY tanky on teamfights with this item. It gives a great health boost(1000hp) that can make you strong enough to last on teamfights and fulfill your role!
I find myself buying it almost at any game.

Sunfire Cape
I Like this item much especially when we are ahead of score and i need some extra damage+ armor, or when the enemy team is mainly Attack Damage. It's not that supportive but can be a beast item along with leona's Eclipse.

Frozen Heart
This is an exceptional item when you find yourself fighting a strong ad team with champions like Vayne or Varus or Tryndamere.

zeke's heraldZeke's Herald
A great item in many situations. You should obviously buy it if your team has a lot of AS-reliant champions.

Randuin's Omen
Randuin's Omen is a great item that can counter the enemy AD even more.It has great stats that can help you much with it's bonus armor and health!

Also there are other viable items you can choose but these are the main you will need for your support role!

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Sunlight is Leona's Passive is one of her greatest spells she got in her awesome kit!What it does is that when you use an ability (whichever one) on your enemies, you mark them with Sunlight. If a friendly unit deals damage to those enemies either with basic attack or ability they trigger the effect of sunlight dealing 20 / 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 / 95 / 110 / 125 / 140 to them. This makes leona EVEN greater in early teamfight!Adding extremely usefull damage to early/mid game trades and mastering her passive could lead to domination of almost every lane!

Shield of Daybreak is an autoattack modifier which causes Leona's next autoattack within a short duration to deal bonus magic damage and stun the target.
That's extremely usefull because it of course stuns the enemy for 1.5 second(excluding tenacity) but also provides an autoattack reset on leona. That way Leona can first of all help her team via using her stun efficiently but also ,mainly on bot lane, she can take down a ward alone if she is close enough when it comes

Eclipse :Leona raises her shield to gain bonus armor and magic resistance for 3 seconds. When the effect ends she deals magic damage to nearby enemies. If any enemy was damaged by Eclipse, the defense buff is prolonged for an additional 3 seconds.
This ability gives leona EXTREME tankiness early on and helps her survive ganks,trades or even turretdives. Also while this ability offers a huge bonus armor and mr boost, it can be used to deal splash damage to all the enemies around leona also providing a Sunlight Debuff.

Zenith Blade is a multiple target pass-through linear skillshot that projects a sword of light in the target direction, dealing magic damage to all enemy units hit. If Zenith Blade strikes an enemy champion(s), once the sword has reached its maximum range the last champion struck will be immobilized for 0.5 seconds, and Leona will dash to a location linearly behind them over this duration.
Why Zenith Blade is SO important? Because this is your main initiation/engage skill. It goes through minions,monsters damaging them and let you dash to an enemy champin stunning them for half a second.This let's you come close to an enemy to perform your full combo!

Solar Flare is your ultimate. And as your ultimate it maxes your potential. What this ability does? Stuns all enemies around the triggered area and slows the rest a bit outside from the circle. It offers you great potential for ganks,initiation,traps,secure of objectives and pretty much everything you can have from a ranged multistun ulti! However it's a bit difficult to land it in a moving team especially if they aren't stick together and can make you waste it. So you have to be carefull and land it correctly!

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Skill Sequence

Here i will try to explain what ability you level first and your main combos and how you can use your abilities to maximize your engage-kill potential.

The basic ability upgrade order is this >>>

Well, there are some variations. Always upgrade your ultimate(Q) when it is possible on 6,11,16 level. After that i always go for eclipse and i won't change it. But the next two abilities are for you to chose what to upgrade.You can rank either Shield of Daybreak or Zenith Blade because they don't offer more stun time but less cooldown.


Your Main combo on bot lane is this : W>E>Q or W>E>Q>R when you get 6 level.

Let me explain this a bit. You firstly use your W to shield up and then jump on the enemy stunning them afterwards. The total time of stun on the simple combo (without your ulti) will be like 2 seconds and if your adc is close enough he can deal A LOT damage on this time. Furthermore your shield with erupt and deal a great amount of damage to your enemies too.
Also, if you are 6 level you can use your ultimate to stun him for another 1.5 seconds and take the kill/assist .

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Early Game

Early in game you have your true power.To be certain,on level 3 you can almost kill every enemy adc or support with a succesfull combo and help of your adc.In this Phase your main role is to ward properly the bot lane and wait till the right oportunity appears .Then you can just jump on your opponent and give the kill to your adc.
Don't Forget to counterward your lane if you are pushed so your jungler can come for a gank. And Always remember to ward the dragon!

Mid Game

Now is when the fun stuff begins. Some turrets have gone down but some lanes are still holding. You must be carefull while on this phase. The safest thing to do is finish off their bottom turret and go roam with your team to secure frags and break the rest of their remaining 1st Line Turrets. By now you should have at least one of your core items plus boots.In this phase of the game your main role is to ward the map properly and jump on unaware enemies. If your team had won the most lanes then you can try teamfighting.
On Teamfights what you do is, INITIATE. You shall try to jump on an enemy carry(ap/ad) and stun him. Then let your team finish him when you stun their rest team with your ultimate. Then The fight will be easy for you.
Also, you should start warding baron and don't forget to use pink's after the 25 minute mark.

Late Game

Your work is similar to the mid game. You are the initiator , in most cases, you should try en grab their enemies squisy targets such as adc and apc and finish the rest of their team. Baron and dragon warding is absolutely Critical! A Lack of Warding and a successfull baron for your enemies can turn the whole game around !!!!!
At this time you should have already own 3 items and your boots.
Never go alone and stick with your team and keep roaming all together ,breaking turrets. If you have champions as or you can let them split push your enemy turrets and you should make their team focus you

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This map explains a lot about what you should ward on each phase of the game

Green - Lane-safety wards.
Aqua - General map vision wards.
Yellow - Dragon/Baron control wards.
Red - Counter-jungle wards.
Blue - Buff-defense wards.
Purple - Late-game wards.

Why would I want to ward?
The answer to this question is very easy: Warding wins games!
To know where the enemies are at any given moment is a very important matter throughout all stages of the game. Wards provide the additional map awareness to get that information constantly. Where is the jungler trying to gank? Where are the missing enemies heading to? Having or not having information about the whereabouts of your enemies makes a huge difference. It allows you to tell when to go back, when overextending isn't that risky, when you are getting counter-jungled, when you can gank, if buffs/dragon/baron are still there to name a few. Without wards, you would just play a guessing game which is not only inaccurate most of the time but also very risky for your sole goal in this game: Winning.

Counter Warding
As your team will most likely not be the only ones placing wards, warding itself becomes a competition of information. Cutting off information leaves them more vulnerable overall to ganks, counter jungling and buff stealing.
Counter warding itself has two kinds in LoL. Clearing by walking around using oracle or actual counter warding by placing pink wards at spots where you don't want to have enemy wards. This section will only cover the latter, as clearing with oracle is pretty easy if you can manage to not get caught and know the most common ward spots.

There are only three real spots where you want to get rid of enemy wards that much that it's actually worth it to buy counter wards: Baron, dragon and the bot lane tribush.

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This is my first in-depth guide. I hope you like it.
Leave comments and suggestions!
AND ADD ME on Nordic-East: RazeGR if you want to play with me!


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