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Leona Build Guide by MallyxLloyd

Leona, just Leona

Leona, just Leona

Updated on July 16, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MallyxLloyd Build Guide By MallyxLloyd 2,957 Views 0 Comments
2,957 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MallyxLloyd Leona Build Guide By MallyxLloyd Updated on July 16, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Leona
  • LoL Champion: Leona


Tank Leona can take alot of damage and with the CC given her, can easily protect her allies and still be able to hold an enemy in his place. With she can start tanking very soon ingame. and has a great gank potential!
The first build is a Leona tank build for Medium and heavy enemy CC team.
he second build is a Leona tankbuild for low enemy CC team.
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Pros / Cons


+ 2 stuns and a small immobilize
+ great initiate with Zenith blade
+ cool(and better) Lux passsive
+ utilizes eclipse to get big amounts of AR/MR
+ ...


- bad at last hitting
- requiers good teamplay
- mana hungry
- ...
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How to build Leona

In my opinion, Leona should be builded towards Health/CDR/team items. Because will give her a big chunk of AR and MR she needs. When activiating, this build will give you more then 200 AR and MR for 6 seconds, it should be enough to win any teamfight!
This is why I won't give Leona big MR or AR items, but items that will give her energy, gold, CDR, health,... What she needs to survive!
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Diffrence build 1/2

The diffrence is the Tenacity items and how we are able to build towards them.
Build 1 focuses on getin early tenacity with and later getting more protection from against any CC.
This is all good and well, but what if the enemy team lacks real CC, only has one stun and 2 slows? Then you should go with build number 2. it focuses on getting CDR faster with , and leaving the tenacity item for last. This also means that some items change. becomes because we need MR. the extra movement speed will make the small CC that the enemy team has even less noticable!
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Masteries + Summoner spells

Straight forward masteries, taking 0/21/9. So Leona would be able to soak up alot more damage. Power lvl and get a very small amount of extra, but much needed gold.

For Summoner Spells, I prefer taking and , Making it easier to chase stray enemies untill a point I come close enough to use on them.

Other valid picks would be : and (when taking improved exhaust in the mastery tree)
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Pretty straight forward. You use a skill on an enemy, ally hits enemy, enemy mad for getting a ****load of damage.

Small stun, small damage. I take one point early game because of the usefull stun.

A great boost to your AR and MR. Does AOE damage, meaning that all enemies have on them. I max this skill out first for survivability. Mid game I find it handy to easily clear creep waves with it.

Probebly the most fun initiation skill I've seen. You project your sword in a straight line, dealing small damage to all enemies hit, and teleport to the last hit champion!

You have to use this wisely, and try to hit as many enemies with it as possible. Either stunned or slowed, your enemies are bound to end up dead if they get hit by it.(That being, if your team isn't ******ed)

skill combo

To start a teamfight, start off with
, immediatly followed by . Stun your target with . I tend to only use Solare Flare to protect my carries, or if I can hit 3 or more of them with it. What will basicly save my carries too because either the enemy will be stunned or epicly slowed.
Note : Always ping the enemy target you are going for. You want to be sure that your allies hit the target you are constantly refreshing on for more damage.

To farm mid and late game. Use with a good . Creeps will be dead in 3 seconds after activiating .

To gank a target. Hide in a brush, cast when the target is in range of and use it. Stun the target with
.If the target seems healthy enough to get away, use to seal the deal.
Note : Leona has a very small damage output, always make sure to never gank alone. Leona can keep one target in place easily, but you do not have the damage to take him down.
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For Items I try to get rid of most of the mana problem early game and go for CDR. Seeing as Leona her cooldowns are to high.

Philosopher's Stone

Like I've said before, Leona is bad at last hitting and is mana hungry, it seems to be the best choice to rush this item first.
We are going to keep it untill we have no other items to upgrade to get the most out of it's 5g per 10 seconds.

Health, Armor, MR and a nice aura for the team...Want!

pretty obvious, we need better movement, we need tenacity. And the extra MR is always welcome.

Health and CDR, we get this item because of it's CDR.


We need both of these items for there health. Banshee also gives more mana, MR and a spellshield. While Sunfire cape will give extra armor and 40 AOE magic damage each second which will help you farm. The sequence n which you get these 2 items, depends on the enemy team.(who is getting the kill/dealing the damage).

more health, A nice active and more CDR. Make sure this item is in slot one, so to activate it all you have to do is press 1.

From here we have one spot left for an item. You'll have a ton of AR and MR by now + so yet another AR or MR item is overkill. This last item will all depend on your and the enemy team.
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So far for this guide. I will try to update it as often as possible, Please try it out before you vote. Leona quickly becoming one of my favorite tanks because I keep on finding new ways to use her skills. They're just so fun!
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