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Leona Build Guide by blackdwarf

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blackdwarf

Leona, the sunwall (tank)

blackdwarf Last updated on August 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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leona, the first female tank in the world of league of legends and a shiny one at that. Where most ladies use the rays of the sun to tan their hide, Leona uses it to blind her enemies.

This is my newest guide. I’m getting the hang of it and I really enjoy making them. Please excuse me for some of the grammar in the following guide. I still have some problems with writing it correctly, but I try my best.

With that said. Enjoy my tank guide for Leona, the radiant dawn.

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reserved for if i have to update my build.

08/11/2011: after the just released patch, i don't see any reason to change anything yet. in the future i will do some of the promised adds, but now i'm playing with skarner, and he is a bit more interresting.

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Pros / Cons

-great stuns
-decent chaser
-high survivability
-can do some nice burst damage
-female tank

-mana thirsty
-high cooldowns
-bad farmer

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Runes & masteries

Runes, everybody (above level 30) use them and they are really important. So why do I have those I have chosen.

Greater Mark of Desolation

I have chosen these marks because you can do some damage with your abilities and these make it easier.
I got the seals because you will get OOM fast, especially early game.
The glyphs are just handy because in my guild you aren't really getting magic resist (in a normal situation).so this is just a good choice.
I get extra health from the quintessence, because she is a tank and so she needs health.

The masteries are pretty straight forward. Some regen and some defense. If you are using Fortify, I suggest you take a point from defensive masteries and put it in reinforce.

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Aaah, the most important part of every guide: the items!!! Why I suggest you buy these I will explain now.

I start with this item because the health boost is handy in early game. You get around 900 health, so you already can tank little ganks.

First take the boots. You need the speed, because you are slow. If possible: take Kindlegem with the boots. You will need the CDreduction or else you can't tank.

You need the visage for the MR that will help you to survive some AP damage dealers. You get the CDreduction boots so you can faster use your abilities and have Eclipse on for most of the time.

It gives you health, gives a nice boost for your armor and it makes it easier to farm minions. To my opinion this is one of the most important items for Leona.

Now you have finished your core build. All your tanks attribute and you have 25% CDreduction. If you have done well, you are now in mid-game. You can take your tank roll, but still can't survive a focus of the enemy team.

In a normal situation (enemies team has AP and AD dealers mixed) you won't change this core build. If there is a game where there are only dealers of one kind you can replace an item with the useless stat with an other one. The following three items I almost always use but the order how the buy them can change. I will now show what I buy in a normal situation.

You need the shroud for the Mana and the armor. It will also max your CDreduction so it is handy. If you have the feeling that you still can tank easily with the health you have at the moment, then finish the shroud in a frozen heart. If you don't really need armor at the moment but do want more survivability then buy this next item after you bought the shroud.

This just gives a huge health boost and health regen. A must have. buy this one if you are in a situation that you don't really need armor or MR. if you are having a problem because the enemies team consist of high AD and AP dealers and you need armor and MR both then I still suggest you buy this one.

It gives high MR, good health regen and makes you faster. So this is a great item for Leona.

You have now 6 items. Being a tank, you can never hold the same order of purchase, because the line-up of the enemy team is not always the same. After the core build buy the item you need the most. I will look for alternatives in the future.

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Summoner Spells

and here we go, the summoner spells.

i normally use these two: and . ghost is just handy for fleeing and chasing and teleport to get fast to teamfights.

the alternatives:

- is usefull, but it is more for a support.

- yeah you can use it, but after you get a mana item you won't need it annymore.

- yep, you can take this one. i know i don't have tenacity so this can be usefull.

- you already have 2 stuns and this is better for a AD brawler.

- if you really don't like ghost you can take this one. you can also take it with ghost for better fleeing and chasing.

- yeah this can be great on Leona. keep in mind that you have to change your masteries if you use it.

- what do you think you are? a girl?... well yeah bit... never mind! don't take it! (don't hate me for making a joke about one half of the human population, i love them :D)

- yeah it is usefull, but to my opinion there are other spells that just are better.


- yeah use it. it is the best thing ever! sarcasm off/

- short awnser: no. long awnser: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


- you won't jungle so you won't need it.

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Oooh, shiny!!!! The skills.

Leona's abilities mark the target with sunlight. Allied champions that damage marked targets deal additional damage and consume the mark.

a really nice passive. It really does some damage and it is easy to put marks on enemies, because you have two AOE's. Best thing is that you don't have to be aware of it. Just play your game and the passive will do its work.

Leona charges her shield with the power of the sun causing her next melee attack to deal additional damage and briefly stun the target.

a really to use stun. It stuns the enemy for 1.25 seconds. The stuns won't increase per level.

Leona raises her shield granting her additional Armor and Magic Resistance for 3 seconds. When the effect ends she deals area of effect damage and increases the duration of the defensive bonuses by 3 seconds if she damages an enemy.

her main ability. It gives a huge boost to her armor and MR, it does some decent damage and because it is an AOE it really works nice with Sunlight. The buff for your armor and MR increases per level.

Leona throws a blade of sunlight that deals damage to all enemies in a line. Leona teleports to the last enemy champion hit by this attack.

this is also a great ability. Really great to initiate. Watch out with it though. You will get teleported to the champ you have hit with it, so you can end in the middle of the enemy team. Don’t ever use it as a ranged attack. Only at minions if you are farming.

After a brief delay, Leona calls down a beam of solar energy dealing damage and slowing enemies. Enemies in the center of the beam are stunned instead of slowed.

good ulti. It does solid damage, slows everyone and stuns enemies in the center for 1.5 seconds.

how to use your skills

So what are the tactics with Leona? Let me try to explain.

This is your main tactic. After you have chosen your target you activate Eclipse. Run to your target and charge him with your Zenith Blade. While you are teleporting (or the sec before you use it) activate Shield of Daybreak. Once the target is stunned, use Solar Flare and target the AOE on such way that the target is in the center of it. Meanwhile your Eclipse has gone off so your buff is still going on. If you are already in a fight, try to wait with Zenith Blade. If he tries to flee, you can still get him and stun him.

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I’ve have already explained how to fight with Leona, so there is not much to discuss here. Just try to farm if you have time and help your teammates with getting buffs and Dragon. Make it clear to your team who to focus and try to save them if you can.

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And with that said I am done. This still an early guide, so there will come some changes. Please leave a comment and please vote. If you have something to add, please do.

Enjoy the game and may I thank you for your time.