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Caitlyn Build Guide by MateusKingston

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MateusKingston

Let me carry you sir.

MateusKingston Last updated on August 22, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Caitlyn is a very good Attack Damage Carry for Season 4, it has one of the best passive possible, it's easy to play, and very strong agains most match ups. Well, presenting me my name is Mateus I play League of Legends since early Season 2, my favorites Marksmans (ADC) is Caitlyn and Vayne, I'm at Gold 1 at the time, but I'm getting higher and lower, I will update when I change league to Platinum. I like to play with Mid Laners and Marksmans. I play at BR Server, no I'm not a Hu3Hu3 MORDEKAISER, I play for fun but I try to get better.

Let's get to the champion, why pick Caitlyn ? Caitlyn is easy to play and easy to master, it's lane phase is really good and she don't fall back at mid/late game. She's basically the most easily played ADC, and she can siege very well.

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Pros / Cons


+ Traps will let you get free hits at lane phase and stop chase/gank
+ Good range to poke and safe range at fights
+ Very good sustain


- Not that burst damage
- Her ultimate can be interrupted easily

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Match Ups

- Caitlyn synergy best with that supports (in my opinion and play style) :

Well, I've classified Leona as one of the best supports for Caitlyn because it lets you poke very well with her combo and passive + your hits basics, but it's not that good because Leona is a all -in support, and Caitlyn is a poke ADC

Thresh I don't even need to explain...

Lulu has a really good kit to let you farm and poke very well at lane phase and can stop assassins from getting and killing you instantly

Janna is a very good support for Caitlyn as she have CC, a attack damage steroid with her shield and a engage/desengage very well with her Passive, Q, and Ultimate, that's for me the second best support for Caitlyn.

Nami and Caitlyn is the best bot lane for ME, Nami has a great CC and a attack damage steroid plus slow for 3 AA, the problem with Nami it's that nowadays supports needs to tank or do tons of damage, so it's a little bit out of Metagaming, it's not that strong but it's a safe lane that can gives you opportunity to carry at late game

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I found that the best masteries for Caitlyn it gives you, attack speed, attack damage Executioner gives you a assassin power with your R, Dangerous Game for getting double kills at bottom lane without dying and at Team Fights gives you sustain if you get kills, Armor penetration really useful against heavy tanks. 9 points at Defense gives you reduced incoming damage, health regeneration, health, it's basically what you need to survive a little bit more.

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I've seen a lot of combinations, but one of the best is that:

Greater Mark of Attack Damage x 9 and
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage x 1 They give you a flat AD for early fights

Greater Seal of Scaling Health x 9 Gives you Health for Late sustain agains Assasins/Bruisers.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x 9 It gives you a Magic Resist for late game that prevents you from getting killed easily by some AP Assassins

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed x 2 Gives you a lot of Attack Speed at lane phase and late so you can trigger your passive more times.

Personally I don't use that but it's because of my play style

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Summoner Spells

You WILL get this

And One of These :


Why getting flash always, because it's really useful to do offensives and defensives plays.
Barrier for tanking that burst damage on you, you will get this often
Cleanse against hard CC opponents
Ignite if your support don't get it and you find it necessary (a hard life steal/spell vamp champion on the other team)
Heal because of the sustain it gives to your duo lane, and that movement speed.

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Skill Sequence

I use that skill sequence because I found that the better one, not only me, if you watch pro players playing Caitlyn they do the same thing. Here's my explanation :

W at level 3 because it let's you gain control of your lane phase and escape early ganks/offensives. Q maximized first because it's your main damage ability. E maximized at second because it let's you escape more times and deals slow for more time. Your ultimate is very good to start fights, letting you to deal a good initiate damage but caution with some champions like Nocturne and Wukong that can block it very well with just one ability without taking damage.

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Things you need to know

Laning Phase

Things you should do :

- Try to poke your enemies but not walking into minions and taking more damage than dealing, that's not how it works

- Farm, Farm, Farm, Farm, if you don't farm well you won't get much gold and you can't carry, you can use your Q to farm and push lane, but caution with your mana and when you use your Q there'll be some seconds that you'll be vulnerable to grabs...

- Use your W to prevent enemies getting at close range, and use it to combine with your Q, when your enemy falls in a trap you can simply at a safe range poke him with your Q (Try to avoid hitting minions with Q, as it deals less damage for each hit)

- You can combo E + Q to deal a damage and get to a safe range, using your E will slow your enemy and you will be able to hit your Q, but you need to do it fast otherwise your opponent will escape it (have caution with your mana, as Caitlyn constant uses her abilities you can drain your mana very fast).

- If you're against a good match up for you, try pushing your lane and using traps to prevent ganks, continue on that trying to destroy the first turret as soon as possible, and if you get a kill meanwhile you can try going for a dragon with your jungler + support, caution with stupid junglers that will loss that dragon without using smite, it's better don't doing it if you don't trust your jungler

- When you're losing lane with Caitlyn it will be hard to get to game again, as it's better potential is at lane phase / mid game. You can try asking help to your mid laner if he's winning, and your jungler can help you a lot if he's a Vi, Nocturne, Jarvan, Amumu. If your support is a Thresh, any jungler can get a good gank

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Team Work

Well, there's some things that you need to know, as a ADC you need to know how to stay at Team Fights, your objective is not slay the enemy ADC, is to survive you need to hit who you can, don't throw yourself into 3 enemies just to hit the enemy Jinx... It's better to hit the enemy Renekton than die trying to kill someone with high damage, if you can kill the ADC or the APC, WITHOUT dying, do it but your life comes first. Sorry if it was repetitive but at game I got a lot of trash talking about I focussing the tank, but I WILL NOT and you should too suicide to kill someone. And I see a lot of ADC doing that and giving games easily.

At the mid game, you can get the Red buff it gives you a true damage, and slow. It helps you a lot to kait and do such things.

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Please read this

Well i put the text from notes into chapters, I know, no ones like reading notes btw they're still there, I don't have reasons to explain more than that but if you read everything about what you know and still have questions, ask me with a comment here, I will try to explain everything, if you have suggestions, critics, anything just comment I would like to know your opinion.

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Things to do.

Explain better every rune and mastery, put every match up that you can be with and against, gives you tip about where to put wards, how to take play with Caitlyn, and a lot of things, link my LoL account with Mobafire (Bugged for me, I tried but keeps saying Summoner Not Found)

I will format later Runes, Masteries, Items everything almost with more images and such things, but I don't have time now neither patience.

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It's explain the meaning of some LoL and MOBA language for new players.

Spoiler: Click to view

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August, 20
- Updated to new meta.
March, 22
- Updated exemple of final build for what's better in my opnion for this meta
February, 14
- Added "Things you need to know".
- Added Janna and Nami as good supports for Caitlyn.
- Added a brief introduction of me
- Added Summoner Spells Chapter
- Added Masteries Notes
- Added Glossary
- Added Team Work Chapter
- Added Rune Chapter
- Added Masteries Chapter
- Added Skill Sequence Chapter
Guide Started on February, 13/14

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