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Soraka Build Guide by Wushikabushi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wushikabushi

Let me guide you

Wushikabushi Last updated on September 29, 2014
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Hello everybody!
My Name is Wushikabushi and I'm from Germany. I play on the Europe West-Servers.
The Soraka-Build wasn't really planed. I playe with a friend and hella we got destroyed by the new Soraka because we didn't knew the changes. After the game i read the Changelogs and decided to try Soraka at the Top-Lane. I would lie if I say I failed. I was really surprised seeing how heavy she can burst.
After the game ( we had won it.) I decided to play her a bit more and tried some other Items. And i was pretty surprised that it worked again, so I played it another time and hell yeah it's really funny playing Soraka at the Top-Lane, as long as they don't know how to play against you.

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Pros / Cons

It isn't easy to say all of the Counters because I don't played enough games to know all of them. I really hope you can help me at this Point.

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Farming with the new Soraka update is in my opinion easy, you can easily clear a Wave with your Q, you just have to care about, that all minions are in the center of the meteor.

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Laning phase

You have to be really careful in the early. The reason is your low HP, ranged Enemys or Tryhards who don't care to die can kill you really easy. So keep distance and farm. After buying your Mejais try to use your Ultimate as often as possible to get some assists and for sure the important stacks. You should first start spamming your Skills if you bought the Tear because the Skills costs alot of Mana and your pretty fast out of Mana, be careful.

If your Enemy wants to fight you, use your E to silence him, go a bit to him and use your Q. Your Q falls faster if you're near to the spot where you used it. Care about hitting your enemy in the center of you Q for the Damage boost.

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If the time is come to fight in a team you should care about two points.

Point 1: Your postion.
Don't be at the front of the fight! You are pretty fast down. Care about getting catched they'll focus you because you can silence, burst and heal your Teammates. You should be the first focus.
If someone caught you, silence him with your E and if you can't kill him ~ Run!

Point 2: Your Skills.
Try to hit as much as possible enemys with your E and your Q. You can't get all in the center of your Q but someone will be there, for sure.
Care about your Life! Your W costs 10% of your HP so don't heal someone if your low, use your Ultimate to heal everybody in some critical situations OR if you won the fight and your Team is pushing and the Carry of the enemy respawned. It's the best way to keep your Teammates alive.

Never forget! Don't die in the Teamfights, you need your Mejais-Stacks without them you are like "Nah".
Small Note:
Teamfights are good to get some Stacks, run if you think you can't surivie.

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It was a Game I started really weak. I wasn't really there in the early but I cleaned my mind and won the Endgame.

Score Card
Blue-Team K D A CS
S onihia sama 9 8 29 64
J Pauweurfoul 10 6 21 233
AD benzzza2012 23 14 14 198
AP ANXM Skittles 14 9 18 175
AP Wushikabushi 15 5 25 240
Score Card
Red-Team K D A CS
AP Fictive 10 14 14 184
AD Pyro2510 7 12 3 274
S bojjemannen 1 15 16 34
J Mr Crubbles 8 14 15 141
AD deathodead 16 16 10 194

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The End.

Well that was it.
Thank you for reading my first Guide, I hope you enjoyed it and it helped you to play Soraka at the Toplane.
If you have some Feedback write a comment I'm happy about every feedback i can get.

Excuse me for my bad english, I tried my best.