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Morgana Build Guide by NicoletBullet

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NicoletBullet

Let Morgana take you under her wings

NicoletBullet Last updated on February 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello summoners :) I know how you must feel after reading the tittle of my guide.

Did she lost her mind? Is she crazy? Morgana belongs on a mid lane. This is total s*h*i*t*

But think a little before you start judging...

Black Shield is like a blessing for your carry. You protect them from damage and disables. AMAZING THING agains enemy suport such as Leona.

You can paralyze enemies with Dark Binding so your carry can hit them without being hurt for some time. Great poking. You will never die when enemy jungler ganks and your jungler can gank easilly if they cant run - if you not miss your spells...

You have lovely teamfight ultimate Soul Shackles. If it is used right, you can stun everyone.

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Pros and Cons


strong disables
imunity (your shield works similar to Banshee's Veil)
one of the best ultimates in a whole game ♥
impossible to gank her or chase her


When she is played as a support, she is not so fed = not so powerfull :(
targeted a lot
in ranked almost always banned

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* put a ward so you can be aware of ganks
* don't steal creeps, you will have item for more money soon
* poke and harras your enemies from the bush so their carry cant last hit so much
* look after your carry and give him/her a shield or paralyze the enemy if there is a danger
* try not to steal a kill

Early game - ward your own lane
Mid game - ward dragon (vision), your red and blue buff so it won't be stolen
Late gane - baron (vision), enemy jungle

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Parners and counters

Your ideal parners
But... why should they want you on their lane? You don't heal, you don't give mana, go away :D Well, but you have another strong advantiges for carries. You can protect them with your shield, so no heal is needed ;) You can paralyze, low their magic resist, stun all... You can be more usefull that most of classic supports.

Awesome teamfight AoE combo with:

Good agains:

Weak agains:

LEE AND XIN ARE THE WORST ENEMY CHAMPIONS YOU CAN IMAGINE! You start channeling your ultimate and they kickes you away so the bound breaks :/

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You should try to find a balance between supporting, tankiness, survibility and ability power.

What helps your allies

• shurelya's reverie - speed burst

- it lows enemies' magic resist

- AP and spellvamp aura

...and also items with CD reduction...

What helps you survive

- untargetable for 2 seconds

- everything you need

- well, you don't need its passive because you can paralyze and your ultimate already slows... But still not the worst choice.

- some MR, mana regen, AP. Not in my main build, maybe better on Lux or Orianna but you can try it too

Your team force you to build more damage?

AP + 25% of your current AP

Magic penetracion!

AP + Sheen involved

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Last words

I hope you understood my english and my main intention.

This is officialy the first mobafire guide describing Morg as a support. I felt like this part of her possible role was missing, so here it is.

Enjoy and learn. Your BulletNicolet :-*