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Kled Build Guide by EksSkellybur

LET'S TALK META: Kled (and Skaarl)

LET'S TALK META: Kled (and Skaarl)

Updated on September 5, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author EksSkellybur Build Guide By EksSkellybur 5,804 Views 0 Comments
5,804 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author EksSkellybur Kled Build Guide By EksSkellybur Updated on September 5, 2016
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Intro: Kled & Skaarl: If Sivir was a Top Laner Brusier and Spawned a Ne

Hey Guys, Skellybur here, with Kled and Skaarl. Riot has done it you guys. They have released the Three Annoying Yordles in the Game: They released Teemo, They Released Gnar, and now they Released Kled. (And Skaarl, but Skarrl's Cool. :3) Who knows what Riot will create as their next Yordle, But I sure hope that He has some of the most annoying Kits in the entire game for some of the longest time, as a Celebration for that new Yordle Champion.

Also, Barrier and Teleport with Kled are both Equally good, in my opinion. Try still sticking with Flash though, if you can.
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Pros / Cons:

+Excels best in Ambushing or camping away his enemies to full tilt with his Ultimate
+Has 2 Health Bars
+He makes so much BS with Skaarl, as he can have a Shield Shield for his Shield, Shield and Shielding his Shield with his Shield. He Loves Shields.
+He Excels in either Scenarios as a Tank, Bruiser, Junlger or Even Full AD, so you're builds are very wide.
+Currently speaking, he is the only champion in the game, who is able to have GA First Item and still look legit and not troll.

-He Becoming from Threatening to Threatened in a matter of seconds, if he isn't careful with Map Awareness.
-Although Kled has Extra Range poke, that still dosen't mean Jack, as he can't even defend him as well as the average Squishy.
-No Escape tools other then his Pocket Pistol, and he's THE slowest champion in the game without Skaarl.
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About the Builds:

AD Kled: Assuming that this is what Riot intended Kled to be, it actually puts in enough sence as to how stupid Kled can be. Bringing in both the Pain and the Harrasment with his Ultimate is one of the most scariest thing to see in the game right now, just torpedoing someone to Oblivion. The only problem is his Aftermath: As he would pretty much just die first after the shield is over. Very stupid build idea, non the less.

Brusier Skaarl: Now Brusier Skaarl is Kinda what I'm thinking is going to happen the most, expect that people are going to mix it up for more armor beucase "Meta Kled 2016". Brusier Skaarl is very standard, and hey, you have a Second Engage just incase your big Engage didn't work as well. :3

Crit Kled: It Doesn't start working up until Late Game.. Let's say that. You need to worry more about your Cooldown First before even touching IE, and Half of he time, Late Game is already over and done with, so.. If you want to go balls deep and buy IE and some sort of Crit + Attack Speed Item, by all means go right ahead. Fun Fact, by the way. When I tried out the build myself, Kled's Pre Proc was in Critical Damage. That Damage was similar to his final Proc Damage without the crits.

Extravaganza Kled-Skaarl: Do you want Damage? Do you want Health Sustain? Do you want both at once and not worry about Cooldown Reduction? well now you can. The only Issue I have with this however, is the Expensive Early game that you will be Struggling the most, but if you can pull that off, The rest should be set sailing for Kled and Skaarl, as long as you don't die.

Shieldy Skaarl: Shieldy Skaarl is just a Gimmicky Item Build Idea, were the goal is to proc in as many Shields for all of your other shields to transform into this one big massive mutant shield that the items builds have just created. It's Nothing Special, but is this a fun build for Pub Play, and watching your enemies go to full tilt mode. A Shieldy Shield, for you Shield and Shiedling your Shield with your Shield. :P

Jungle Kled & Skaarl:

Warrior: Honestly, This build feels pretty standard for Kled; Being able to have some Harrasment for Early to Mid Game, and the rest putting you self to being more of a Utility wise Teamplayer later in the game. Still, Try giving it a Shot, It's not bad, but it pretty Expensive, Escpially for Bloodthirster.

Bloodrazer: Basically Put, the Idea was to make Jungle Attack Speed Kled just as Scary as AD Kled if not Scarier for Early to Mid Game. I feel like Bloodrazer Kled can Actually work, and just melt through early game Health bars so quickly.

Cinderhulk: This build is for when you want to be a Complete Utility Pick. Allowing yourself to do all the Work and Meatshield, while the rest of your team do the Damage for you with Communication. I can also understanding this build being the most underrate build out of the Three, unless we get the 'Tank Meta Treatment' once again.
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Kled's OP Skin: Too Broken (11/10)

I mean.. It's Kled, as a Knight, riding on an Armored Chicken... Lizard... T-thing. ...Is it weird that Sir Kled reminds me of Foster's Home and Skaarl reminds me of Coco?
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LCS Approval: Masters I/ Challenger I (27/23/27)

TL;DR: With Communication, Kled can be one of the most Ridiculous BS yet Fun as Hell Champion in the game that riot has invented, ever since they released Tahm Kench. I Highly Recommend you go get Kled & Skaarl , if you love Top Lane.

Full Info: Kled & Skaarl Are Total BS. A Good Kled & Skaarl can make Top Lane a Living Nightmare, especially if you are a Melee Champion. He bully the Obvilion out of you in Early game, in top or Jungle, while Kled doesn't take any punishment back, and that even adds salt to injury with Guradian Angel, as He can have to up health Completely filled up, when he has under 700 HP. As for Teamfights, Kled is more Ham then Scrady Cat when it comes to his kit, since all of his abilities are about harassment and Engaging. Yes, fine, you can Escape with your ulti, but it's in intended to be used like that, as you could have used it for Baron, Dragon or Rift due to the Choke Points it has, as well as Several Jungle Spots, Such as Raptorbeaks and Wolves. Underestimate a Good Kled, and He can tilt you to Afk because you thought that you can kill him, but just at the last second, he spawns out Skaarl and Kills you anyways. (and maybe even making you buy a new headset if you broke it.) :P
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Notes on Kled:

You can stop building Attack Speed, at 1.56
Try using your Ultimate when the Enemy is doing Baron or Dragon
If you have Slain the Dragon or Baron, while the Enemy team is Catching up. If they haven't blocked you over completly, you can use your ultimate as an Escaping. At least one of you is alive, right?

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