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Trundle Build Guide by AnIh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnIh

Let's troll the jungle ! Jungling and counter jungling guide

AnIh Last updated on December 4, 2011
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Hello , im AnIh and I give you a general guide about jungling as Trundle , this champion is my main jungler and is really powerful in this role , pulling nice jungling , ganking and counter jungling .
To make it more simple , all paths and maps assume you are starting at blue side , just reverse if your red side .
I will try to include videos but i cant record myself , if you have fraps and want to help me send me a pm :)

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

- Great jungler , clean camp fast with high health
- Great ganker , built-in ganking tools make him deadly even if flash is used
- Nice damage output , survivability and sustainability for a good tanky-dps champion
- Resistance debuffs and buff helping to take down target in a team fight

Cons :

- Can't start jungle with ward nor boots like Nunu or Cho'Gath
- His damage are bad end game
- Bad-used pillar can kill your mates
- He is ugly !

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Jungling basics

Why do you jungle ?

You jungle to give an advantage to your team with :

- 1 solo top lane , so more experience and gold granted to your team .

- Jungling fast to not be under leveled , the ideal is to stay at solo laner level .

- More map presence , you make sure your jungle and the space between lanes in general is under control .

- Ganking ! because enemy team dont see where you are , you can attempt to gank lanes .

- Holding lanes , mid need to recall to heal ? you take the lane and dont waste experience .

Common mistakes about jungling :

- Jungling is NOT stay into your jungle all the game , you need to help your team !

- Ganking is NOT killing the guy , if you get the enemy to mid life , make him use his ultimate or summoner spells then its a sucessful gank ! your mate will dominate the lane and you can even come later to finish him .

- Warding is your duty !!! you need to buy wards even with wriggle ! make sure your lanes are protected by warding river next , ward enemy buffs to counter jungle , pink ward dragon and baron or even buy Oracle's Elixir .

- Smite is MANDATORY , you need it to be as fast as possible and to make sure you obtain the jungle buffs (your buffs , enemy buff , baron&dragon) , always carry it and dont waste it ! now is true damage its easy to calculate the exact damage it deal .

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Trundle jungle setup

Runes :

Greater mark of desolation These rune are the best way to jungle with an AD champion , this mix or ARP and AD make sure you have optimal damage for your first journey into the jungle .

Armor seals make sure you have enought tankyness againts jungle monster , minions you pulled aggro enemy attacks and tower , necessary for jungle and usefull outside of it .

Mp5 runes for jungler ? u mad ? you got blue ! yeah but blue aura is NOT for you , you can take it say the 2 first time but then your mage will need it much more than you , this runes along with masteries make sure you can fight whitout blue buffs at the cost of some attention .
If you really dont like it use magic resist flat or /lvl runes instead .

Masteries :

The base of Trundle jungle masteries are 0/13/10 , you have 7 free mastery point to spend between improved exhaust , increased movement speed and mana regeneration

Why these masteries ? the 13 pt into defense make sure you have enought damage reduction to jungle with high health , they are necessary if you want to counter jungle , gank at every level and fight againts counter jungling

Summoner spells :

Always carry Smite as a jungler ! the 2 nd spell is personal choice , I love to use exhaust allow you to kill enemy jungler easier , shutdown champs damage when needed and also help a lot to gank whitout red buff (for example during jungle invasion , lvl 2 or 3 ganks) .

You can choose to run an escape/chasing spell like Ghost or Flash if you want , i just feel its not needed on Trundle but ppl are used to run Flash on every champ :o

Skill sequence :

Trundle have some freedom about his skill order , while the one I gave as example is optimal for standard jungling , with as mush rank into Rabid Bite as possible and picking Contaminate and Pillar of Filth for ganking , you might want to change it a bit to adapt for example by picking Pillar of Filth at lvl 3 in order to gank a low life middle lane :) this work only for the lvl 4 path ! you will have trouble continue jungling on sustained paths if you do so .

Paths :

I will show there 2 basics paths for jungling trundle , one path to lvl 4 and one path to lvl 6 :

These videos are NOT from me , i recommand you to turn volume down to keep mental sanity :p

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Counter jungling basics

What is counter jungling ?

Counter jungling is the fact to affect enemy jungling by any means , it can be done by :

- Track the position of the jungler by any mean including wards and Clairvoyance , it make him fear for ganks and react by playing more safe or even interupt his jungling , also can help your laners prevent his ganks if he try to .

- Steal creep camps , easy and safe way to counter jungle by reducing enemy experience , can even make him stop jungling if he is weak at it .

- Steal his buffs , most of junglers are dependant of buffs , red for ganking and blue to clean camps , if you can steal one or two of his buffs he will be severely less effective .

- Kill the enemy jungler , most likely when he is low life and away from help , you can do it alone (risky , only if low life) or do a X-man gank on him with help of a lane mates .

- Make him unable to gank , by warding keys locations or counter ganking .

etc ..

Common mistakes about counter jungling :

- Its good to counter jungle , but not if it affect too much your own jungle ! make sure you clean your own buffs and dont let monsters unfarmed

- Before counter jungling , make sure the enemy dont do it aswell ! and if so try to kill him

- Dont overcommit ! the enemy team is close they will most likely come before your own team , so if your spotted or try to kill enemy jungler alone dont stay for too long !

- To counter jungle you need to have the best possible setup regarding health level and clean speed , dont try it whitout optimal setup or you will just fail .

- Counter jungling a strong jungler such as Nunu can lead to fail , be careful againts them ! know your enemy !

- Counter jungling require general jungling knowledge such as paths and timing for common junglers , dont try it if your not experienced .

- Counter jungling is much more powerful with a coordinated team , if you cant trust your team reaction then be very careful of just dont do it

- Most of the strong junglers got 2 or 3 jungle paths , you need to figure out which one he use ! the best way is to use Clairvoyance

- Always let one creep at each camp you steal to prevent respawning !

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Trundle counter jungle

Here explained few ways of counter jungling as Trundle

1) LvL 1 creep/buff steal

Easiest and most common way to counter jungle .
For creep steal , you will need to know where the enemy jungler start , when you know this you can manage to counter jungle him :

If he start at the 2 golems :

- You can steal the wraiths with your team (dont use smite) and then go standard jungling .

- You can steal the wolves .

- You can steal his blue golem with your team , dont forgot to make sure he dont take your ! take it and then give your to the mage of your team for example .

- You can come with your team , make him flee and steal all his red buff side jungle (give buff to the ranged AD) , only if your team dominate at lvl 1 .

If he start at the wraith camp :

- you can steal one of the 2 golems (dont use smite)

- You can steal the wolves

- You can steal his blue golem with your team , dont forgot to make sure he dont take your ! take it and then give your to the mage of your team for example .

- You can come with your team , make him flee and steal all his red buff side jungle , only if your team dominate at lvl 1 .

If he start at blue :

- You can try to gank him with your team , dont underestimate the enemy team !

- You can steal both his wraiths and golems , do it alone to get to lvl 2 , for this path you will need Vampiric Scepter .

- You can steal his red with your team .

2) LvL X jungle invasion

More elaborate way to counter jungle , you will need to know enemy paths and timing perfectly .
For this setup you will run the standard Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potion , you will clean your jungle as usual and will invade the enemy jungle at an exact timing .

If he start at blue :

You can attempt to gank him on red buff , try to get it warded by a mate for better effectiveness , pick Pillar of Filth at lvl 3 and get top lane ready to come asap can really help .

If he start at golems/wraith :

You can attempt to gank him on blue buff , try to get it warded by a mate for better effectiveness , pick Pillar of Filth at lvl 3 and get bot lane ready to come asap can really help .

Higher level invasion :

You can simply achieve your jungle as usual and counter jungle later , most likely when buffs respawn (5 min after it have been killed) , ward it a bit before (thanks to your path info you know when he did it) and attempt to gank the enemy jungler with the help of your team mates or just steal it if he leave it too long unchecked .

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Common junglers starting camp

To help counter jungle , there is a list of possible starting camp for most commong junglers .

Amumu : Start blue golem for lvl 4 , wraiths to wolves for lvl 6 .

Jarvan IV : Start blue golem .

Jax : Start blue golem .

Lee Sin : Start blue golem for lvl 4 , 2 golems for lvl 6 .

Master Yi : Start blue or wraiths .

Nocturne : Start blue or wraiths .

Olaf : Start blue or golems .

Rammus: Start blue .

Sion : Start golems .

Trundle : Start blue or golems .

Tryndamere : Start wraiths .

Udyr : most likely start blue , can start golems too but rare .

Warwick : Start blue or golems .

Nunu : Start in your jungle most likely :P and blue after .

Xin Zhao : Start blue or golems .

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Trundle item build

The example build work in standard situation , however you always need to adapt so i give it core items + possible items to complete the build .

Core items :

+ or

The wriggle give you enought AD , life steal and armor for early jungling and ganking along with a free ward .
Trinity force give you all the damage you need until late game along with health and mana .
For boots , mercury + Contaminate make you laught at common CC :) , if there is not that much CC affected by it just go CDR boots for more utility and DPS .

Offensive items :

In a standard game you will complete your build with last whisper as last item , if your dominating and look for more damage you can build The Brutalizer into youmuu early on .

Magic resist items :

Force of Nature Is great for the life regen , Trundle damage are too low in end game for life steal to keep your health up .
Banshee's Veil I dont really like this item for trundle , but always help in case of combo champions like LeBlanc and Annie , the spell shield break their combo .
Spirit Visage If your looking for early game game health and magic resist buy it along with the heart of gold and sheen .
Quicksilver Sash Great to cleanse suppressions .
Hexdrinker to survive early/mid mage burst , situational but can help in case of heavy magic damage team .

Armor items :

Randuin's Omen For me the best defensive item , a bunch of health along with amazing amount of armor make you really solid while the slow allow you to give red buff to your ranged ad and still be able to slow enemy , also shutdown auto attacking champions .
Thornmail Best armor/gold item , the passive help killing overfed AD carry .
Frozen Heart Great if your looking for CDR .
Guardian Angel The rez is imba in late game :)
Atma's Impaler If you go for a health build , worth it if you have over 2700 hp .

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To end

I hope this guide will help you getting into counter jungling or just start jungling with Trundle , please give feedback and vote fairly , if you have anything to add to the guide just tell me !
Thanks xiaowiriamu for the maps and eyedias for the banner !
Thanks Scarlisle and Trixxis for their support :)