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Lee Sin Build Guide by masv

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League of Legends Build Guide Author masv

Lightning Assassination

masv Last updated on August 7, 2011
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This is a simple (in my mind) build for Lee... i know people build him waaay different but if you try this out you might see a different potential in lee than most people see... my friends say i treat him like a Yi... becuase of the speed and crits...

but it isnt! this is all lee... just a different way to play him....

please remember you ARE NOT a tank with this build... you are a surprise attack quick take down assassin...

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For runes i use....

armor pen marks for those pesky tanks

magic resist glyphs for those stupid lux lazers

armor seals just cuz i like having some defense

and straight health regen quintessences for help with early laninig stamina

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Boots of Speed - 1st item along with Health Potionx3

then build into Boots of Swiftness asap. (you CAN substitute these for Berserker's Greaves)

Zeal is amazing to have after the boots... try to lane as long as u can so u can get it right away without wasting time (mainly xp) on the peices

Phantom Dancer comes next... as before build it as u can try to get it in one swoop one u got the cash

i then go with Last Whisper for some nice armor pen and dmg

next up is B. F. Sword for our Infinity Edge i personally get the sword first because its the most expensive part and it gives alot of dmg... but if u die and have money for the other two parts take em

you can skip building the Infinity Edge until after you build the Guardian Angel if you feel too squishy... but i do recomend at least getting the B. F. Sword at least...

Situation dependant items

Youmuu's Ghostblade this is nice for some CDR and more armor pen... if you feel like u want to crit more (i like having this for the chases)

Force of Nature this is very handy if u still feel squishy... i never needed to build it but ive had times where it would be helpful

The Bloodthirster this is usefull if you can keep up the stacks... which means u need to have survival... its nice because of the boost to life steal and AD although i prefer to take Zeke's Harbinger

Frozen Mallet this is good for enemys like yi that are super fast...

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Unique Skills

Wat makes this different from other builds ive seen is the attack speed... you might argue that his passive makes attack speed useless... but think about this... always attacking fast means more dmg on minions early on.... AND allows more out of the lifesteal you get for the 5 seconds when the W is used...

the wait time for two strikes after you use an ability is less than a second... which helps keep your energy up AND allow for skill chaining to be faster....

ALSO! the crit.... His attack damage scales very well.... wen i have my full build up.... i hit for about 600ish wen i crit (80% of the time) and thats without my abilities... wen u have the infinity edge you gain alot of dmg and crit... 250% damage instead of 200%? HECK YES YOU TAKE THAT! plus this makes you crit 50% of the time and by the time you have this... .wen u use an ability and have phantom dancer you hav lightning speed attacks...

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Skill Sequence

Take a while a figure out wat works best... ive been playing two weeks and lee for 4 days....

I put a point into all 3... then i max out Q first puting a point into W or R wen i cant... then i max out W and put a R wen i can and finally i max out the E...

all you have to do is read the abilities and understand them... and then THINK before you use any of them... if u dash in with shield in the begining of a team fight u might not have an escape... so use sonic wave/ resonating strike to get in...

ur Ult is a great escape tool... and its awsome for interupting Nunus ult and fiddlestick's drain and ult before he teleports.....

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Summoner Spells

Flash - LOVE THIS ABILITY is like and extension of any of ur teleports into or out of a fight... super good

Ghost - This is a great help for getting away... i wouldnt use it to chase because of your already fast movement speed.....

Exhaust - is nice to have sometimes but i personally dont use it enough to put the mastery point in it and use it off CD during fights...

Heal - i used to use this... i felt it was nice in early game laning and assisting the support in a team fight... but as i played i found that if the support people take this it works waaaay better and is timed better...

Ignite - now i have never used this but i feel it would be a nice thing to have for some nice kills and finishes...

Smite - if you wanna jungle with this build... go for it...

Fortify - could be helpful... but i normally let a tank or support take this

Clairvoyance - usefull for detecting a gank or finding an enemy thats alone...

everthing else... i dont find very useful for him.. although if you feel differently go ahead and take wat ud like

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Pros / Cons

- escapes are made easy
- hits pretty hard and fast early
- hits mega hard and fast late game
- cross map travel is quick so u can help your team more

- rather squishy late game without guardian angel
- almost requires a teammate for laning phase early on
- stuns are the bane of your existence

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Pros / Cons

- escapes are made easy
- hits pretty hard and fast early
- hits mega hard and fast late game
- cross map travel is quick so u can help your team more

- rather squishy late game without guardian angel
- almost requires a teammate for laning phase early on
- stuns are the bane of your existence

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Team Work


For team fights all you need to do is wait for the tank to initiate... once your team picks a target... hit it hard.... and keep up the slow on them and chase them if they run away... you have shields and lifesteal that will keep you alive... once they are dead hide in a bush or get outa the fight for a second and then hop back in and destroy the next guy.