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Kennen Build Guide by m4tt30

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League of Legends Build Guide Author m4tt30

Lightning in a bottle, in a Yordle

m4tt30 Last updated on October 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 0

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Kennen The Heart of The Tempest

Hey guys so I am writing this guide because I love Kennen,I think he is the most fun champion to play in all of the League. I do not think that he is the most powerful caster, far from it. For players new to Kennen one thing to remember is that although his nuke is powerful it is not meant to instant kill one, rather than AoE stun and heavily damage and entire team. This guide will be for an AP Kennen because I personally believe that is the most fun way to play. Enjoy!

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AP=Ability Power
MR=Majic Resistance
CC=Crowd Control
HP=Health Points
DPS=Damage Per Second
AP=Armor Penetration( I think I did this once, it is with Magic Penetration though so it is easy to figure out)
MP=Magic Penetration

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Pros + Cons


+Highly mobile
+One of the best harassers in the game
+Can mid or lane effectivly
+AoE stun
+Great farmer
+An offtank, yes I said it!
+Because he is a ninja he can sustain laning


-Other casters can out nuke him
-He will get focused
-Can't jungle
-If abilities aren't used correctly he will not be able to anything in a fight

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Mark of the Storm - Kennen's abilities add Marks of the Storm to opponents. Upon receiving 3 Marks of Storm, an opponent is stunned and Kennen receives 25 energy. Has a diminished effect if done twice within 7 seconds.

This is Kennen's passive and it is what really makes him who he is. It is very easy to get a on someone. especially in team fights, stunning a team wins team fights which win games, period.

Thundering Shuriken - Kennen throws a fast moving shuriken towards a location, causing damage and adding a Mark of the Storm to any opponent that it hits.
Throws a shuriken that damages the first enemy it hits for 75/115/155/195/235 (+0.75) magic damage and adds a Mark of the Storm.
65/60/55/50/45 Energy

This is your primary method of harrasing, it will allow you to also use a , early in the game this will keep other champions away from you and if done properly constantly going back to base.

Electrical Surge - Kennen passively deals extra damage and adds a Mark of the Storm to his target every few attacks, and he can activate this ability to damage and add another Mark of the Storm to targets who are already marked.
Passive: Every 5 attacks, Kennen deals magic damage equal to 40/50/60/70/80% of his attack damage and adds a Mark of the Storm to his target.

Active: Surges electricity through all nearby targets afflicted by Mark of the Storm, dealing 65/95/125/155/185 (+0.55) magic damage and adding another mark.
45/45/45/45/45 Energy

This is the icing on the cake, this is the ability that you will use to hurt and stun entire teams as well as sneak in an additional 100 damage early in the game. A lasts 8 seconds, many people do not realize this and will get within range with one on them, blast them! You can also use the passive to get easy stuns, in, basic attack, then finally , an easy stun with about 250 damage early in the game. If you actually hit them with your lightning rush, paired with ignite you can score an easy kill, but I'll talk about combo's later.

Lightning Rush - Kennen morphs into a lightning form, enabling him to pass through units. Any enemy unit he runs through takes damage and gets a Mark of the Storm.
Kennen moves very fast and may pass through units, dealing 85/125/165/205/245 (+0.60) magic damage and adding a Mark of the Storm to any enemy he passes through. Additionally, Kennen will gain 10/20/30/40/50 armor and magic resistance for 4 seconds.

Kennen is refunded 40 energy if he passes through an enemy, but can only gain this effect once. Lightning Rush deals half damage to minions.
100/95/90/85/80 Energy

This will be your initiator in team fights and the way that you close the gap in your lane. This can also be used to escape and chase. This is the ability that makes Kennen fun!

Slicing Maelstrom - Kennen summons a storm that strikes at random nearby enemy champions for magical damage.
Summons a magical storm that deals 80/145/210 (+0.4) magic damage and applies a Mark of the Storm to a random enemy champion near Kennen every 0.5/0.4/0.33 seconds. This storm attacks up to 6/10/15 times and cannot hit the same target more than 3 times.
40/40/40 Energy
About 650 (not exactly sure)

This is the creme of what Kennen can do, this is one of the best ulitimate ablities in the game. This can do massive damage to and stun and entire team, when this is paired with Amumu or Gang Planks ult, team fights will last no more than a few seconds.

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I like the 9/21/0 scheme for a few reasons

1. It allows me to get AP quints which significantly help early harassing and early kills
2. Your requires you to get close, having that extra defense will keep you alive
3.MP will get you kills, 15% is nothing to scoff at, when fighting tanky dps, this is how you win fights.
4.4% reduced damage is huge, it is basically the same thing as having an addition 100(+/-)hp.
5.+6 Armor and MR is basically another 3 or so % reduced damage.
6. 48 HP flat out, this makes you very tanky early game.
7. Finally, Kennen is a good farmer and with his has good mobility, therefore utility masteries are not as necessary.(This is why he does not get the typical 9/0/21 like other casters.

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When it comes to Runes you have a few options, what i suggest are

greater seal of vitality
I would not suggest using anything else, these are made for casters! 8.6 Majic penetration is a big deal. Damage Multiplier=100/100(+MR/Armor) or (-MP/AP). Meaning for any non tank that has 30 MR, 100/100+30-8.6=.82 of total damage vs. .79 without the penetration. On a full combo that is about 100 points of damage. greater seal of vitalityThese might be the best runes that league of legends has to offer, they are standard for any tank and in my opinion should be for any champion, I mean how can you say no to 175 hp.
These are what I use and suggest but you could also use
These will help your mastery tree and help against DPS champs, however, they do not affect abilities so i would rather have the 175 hp.
I prefer these because they give you the most AP, 3 total as opposed to flat ap runes that give you just 1. However you may like these if you are having trouble dealing damage in the very early game
These will help you do more early damage, however being taken over at level 6, I think that scaling AP runes are better. I think these are the best for Kennen especially with the mastery set up. These will be your main source of AP early on, the reason you don't want to get AP scaling quints here is because you only get 40% more from them, meaning level 11 before they scale up, I personally would rather have the ability to get fed early rather than an additional 7.5 AP in the late game. However you might go with these if you feel you are too squishy in the beginning
Pretty standard on most champs, these quints are a top tier rune and are good for anyone, with the and the defense mastery however, you already start level 1 with 660 hp, that's more than some tanks.

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Summoner Spells

Good Spells


-Flash is just by far the best summoner spell.It can be used to chase and escape, 80% of people use it, why not for Kennen.


-Sometimes you just need that little bit more damage, ignite is the answer.


-Basically same reason as flash but you can also use it to gank and defend towers, really just a matter of play style.

Other Choices


-Map movement is made easy with teleport, never a bad choice


-Really jsut depends on your play style, sometimes heal is a good choice, especially for newer players


-Great for early lane kills, usually the job of your melee dps, such as Xin Zhao, but still viable.

Never Use


-Kennen doesn't have mana, enough said.


-With and you should have no problem getting out of CC, I know other builds say that this is good on Kennen, I just can't justify using this over any of the suggested spells above.


-You have no way to get people into turret fire, don't use this spell.


-Rally is aweful, just never use it.


-Not even going to explain, do you plan on dying?

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Kennen quite different from other casters, although he has good burst capability he is not the instant 2000 point nuke like Annie, he is what i call a dps caster. He will fight and use abilities for the duration of the team fight, because of this you build him differently.

Your Core


Regrowth Pendant- This is a great first item for Kennen, it provides awesome health regeneration, this will allow for Kennen's up close harrassing to be easily maintained in the lane. Plus getting this item first allows you to get a health potion which is even more sustain.
Sorcerer's Schoes- A standard for any caster, 20 magic penetration paired with your runes, and you are dealing nearly true damage to almost all enemies.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter-This item is what makes you deadly, 500 hp for survivability, 80 AP for higher damage, and a 35% slow when you attack enemies, with Kennen's quick ability spamming, your enemies will only get away if they get saved by their whole team.
Rabadon's Deathcap-This is THE item, this will grant you the most AP of any item you have, and it gives you 30% bonus AP on everything you have, this item will get you 600+ AP with a full build. Alot of people say to rush this item, and for some games you can, I find if you are going to go for it, at least get a Giant's Belt first.
Will of The Anciet's-This very well might be your biggest survivability item, easily getting back 500 hp in a fight this will save your life. Also giving your team an addition 30 AP and 25% spell vamp isn't bad either.

Normal Games

(This will be for an equal mix of AD and AP)

Zhonya's Hourglass-Your second highest AP item plus a straight up tank amount of armor. Probably my favorite item for Kennen, run in pop your ult then use this active, half of your ult is done and your enemies are wishing they would have just ran.
Abyssal Scepter-this is what puts your damage and survivability over the edge, other casters will no longer be effective and this will give you true damage to any non tank, hello 2k+ damage on a full combo.

Heavy Damage

Guardian Angel-This is always a fun item, and the additional armor and magic resistance makes your an off tank. You'll be living through almost every team fight.

Heavy Magic

Force of Nature-This is one of the best items in the game, who wouldn't want magic resistance, and insane amount of health regen, and movement speed. Reserve this item to 3 or more heavy casters on one team. When the time is right though, you will be unstoppable.


Mejai's Soulstealer-I personally do get this because people focus you when you have it, and even if you were doing well, you might not when you get it. However at a possible 180 AP and CDR, this could be your best item....

Deathfire Grasp-I recommend this only if there is a tank that just won't die, otherwise Kennen is about AoE damage, this is an item for Malzahar or Annie, but still viable.
Haunting Guise-This can be a great item if you are facing alot of MR, (replacing )with you MP is 60, I find except for extreme cases this is better than a since the 40% is calculated after the flat MP.
The only time I would recommend doing this is if you feel you can get in and out easily without taking damage, or you are simply not being focused. It makes it extremely easy to take down tanks and you will do extreme damage to carries.

Void Staff

-i would only suggest using this item in exteme cases of majic resistance. If they have 3 or more people at over 150 MR, in this case I would replace one of the survival item, seeing as with so much resistance they will not have any damage, preferably replace the because the flat stacks first and you will get 8 of the penetration back if you didn't have the 20.

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How to Fight

Your Basic Combo

If you don't have your ult, or it is just one person and you have a teamate or two then do the same thing without it. After use to chase, and to finish people off.

In the Lane

As Kennen you should be harrassing often with and electical surge. When you have them down to about 400 health at level 4 or so use and this will grant you a stun, use to finish them if need be, otherwise a few basic attacks should do it.

Team Fighting

You are not an initiator rather the second one in, open with and touch as many enemies as you can, immediatly start following with , this will stun the whole team, finally use to finish people off and to chase people down. Assuming that not everyone is a squishy you should end up stunning twice granting you easy team victories.
What Makes Kennen So Special in Team Fights

Kennen is basically the only champion in the game who can deal equal damage to anyone near him, with the exception of every ability he has is AoE and is the same for everyone effected. This is the reason why his ratios aren't as high as Annie and he doesn't get the same single champion punch as Malzahar, this does mean however that their entire team has about half health 1 second into fighting from just you.

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General Gameplay Comments

-Kennen is a great farmer, + can clear an entire minion wave, abuse this.
-Don't ever go in first, you are not a tank, although you want to get your CC out ASAP, don't die doing it
- then is one of the most epic ways to harass in the game, do it often!
-Remember you are the team AP carry, don't be afraid to get in and deal damage, especially since the enemies will almost always get stunned
-Stuns can stop ults. Such as Nunu or Malzahar, so stun them and cancel, sometimes the best defense is a good offense!
-No matter how well you are doing you can always die, don't get caught out of place, you are not Dr. Mundo.
-Finally, have FUN!!!!!!

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Kennen is a fast hitting AoE caster, use him this way and your team will win. Although Kennen will not get as many kills as he may deserve your teamates need them too. Just know that deep down, the team fight was won because of your stuns and indulge your AD Ezreal that all 5 of them died because of his crazy Ult.(<-LAWL!) I hoped this guide has helped, it is my first one, Thanks guys! Please comment for any suggestions or questions. Oh by the way, the AP says 512, that doesn't include the 30% from it is really, 665.