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Ezreal Build Guide by Dragonzmaster3

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dragonzmaster3

Long Detailed AD Carry Ezreal Guide (+October nerf covered)

Dragonzmaster3 Last updated on October 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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If you downvote my guide, just please PLEASE tell me the reason in a comment or PM, i HATE it when I get downvoted without explanation. Thank you.

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Hello everyone, this is my second guide, a detailed guide to Ezreal. I favorite mid-lane, and my secondly preferred is AD Carry. I favorite Vladimir, Morgana and Ezreal. Please take your time to read the guide if you want to criticise, rate or suggest. You may find alot of errors with the .'s and ,'s, as i am bad at setting those. Enjoy the guide:)

19/10/2012 - I'm now amongst the top 10 Ezreal Guides at number 9! Thanks everyone!

20/10/2012 - I'm now the top 6 Ezreal Guide! Thanks Everyone!

21/10/2012 - Back at top 10... troll voters -.- .

26/10/2012 - Ezreal has been nerfed! :( I've changed the skill sequence. Explained thorough my guide.

26/10/2012 - OK, that's ENOUGH. I'm taking ''Require comment to vote'' on.

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If you wish to study the way I play Ezreal, I took some long time to upload these 2 replays that you can study my gameplay with: I took 2 random Ezreal replays that looked good.

Here's a normal draft game replay, I dominate the early game thanks to some sick early kills and carry my team to victory.

In this replay I am playing ranked with my best League of legends friend, hekeee11. I endure Caitlyn's extreme early game, as I and my friend carry ourselves higher in the ranked queues...

I probably wont be uploading more: They took a great deal of my time.

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NERF NERF NERF (Arcane Shift Over Essence Flux Explanation)

At October 26/10/2012, Ezreal got a nerf on his Essence Flux. It no longer reduces enemies' Attack speed. Because of this, Essence Flux is alot weaker now, and therefore I have decided to max Arcane Shift over Essence Flux, simply because Essence Flux doesn't have that nice Attack Speed reduction anymore.

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As for the runes, I go flat Attack Damage, flat Armor and Magic Resist per level. This is a standard rune choice for almost all AD Carries. The Armor will help you in the laning phase where you'll be playing against opponents with Physical Damage. The reason for going Magic resist per level is because you won't need it for early game, as only the support has Magic Damage. Some AD Carries has Magic Damage too, like Ezreal, but it doesn't do nearly as much damage as their Physical Damage. The flat Attack Damage is of course for amplifying your damage. There are alternate Rune choices. flat Magic resist can be considered in some cases. Cooldown Reduction runes could also be a good idea if you're a fan of Trueshot Barrage farming, as it'll reduce the cooldown of it by circa 20 seconds. Armor penetration runes works good as well.

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As for the Masteries I go 21/9/0. Summoner's Wrath will increase your Basic attacks damage by 5 while on cooldown, and that both helps you with farming and in fights. Brute Force increases your Attack Damage, which also amplifies your damage. Butcher helps you with farming. If you think you're good at farming and don't need this, put the points in Durability . Alacrity increases your Attack speed,amplifying your damage. Weapon Expertise is a really good boost, giving you 10% Armor Penetration, which will greatly increase your damage Late-game. Deadliness is also a good Late-game damage source. Lethality works well in combination with Infinity Edge. Sunder gives you much needed Armor penetration for those pesky armor stackers. Executioner gives you excellent damage, helping you to finish off opponents. Resistance and Hardiness both increase your resistances, reducing damage you take. Durability and Veteran's Scars increases your Health, allowing you to survive longer.

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Core Build

This item is AMAZING for Ezreal. He takes BIG advantage over everything it gives. The passive that increases your damage after you cast a spell, is really nice to Ezreal because of his low-cooldown Mystic Shot, which also stacks on-hit effects. All other stats it gives is something Ezreal takes huge advantage of.

This item works really well on Ezreal, because you need to quickly get it's passive up, and Ezreal's passive Rising Spell Force increases your attack speed greatly, which will allow you to stack the cleaver's passive rather quickly.

This item works really well on any AD Carry. You are a high threat target for the enemy, and if they take you down, they'll have to wait a long time for your revival, and during this time your team can easily push them back. Also makes you more tanky, and gives you both Armor and Magic Resist.

Infinity Edge vs. Trinity Force

/league-of-legends/item/trinity-force-63 WILD MUNDO TEST SUBJECTS FTW!!!

Situational Items

If the enemy has a fed caster who is reliant on a combo, like Diana or Brand, this item will definitely help you survive them, or even making them unwilling to focus you.

If your enemy is stacking armor, this item will both give you damage and Armor penetration, making this a good choice for armor stackers.

Usually I only buy this item to Ezreal after all other, but getting this after rushing your first damage item could be a good idea. Always get Infinity Edge or Trinity Force over this, though.

If the enemy has a fed caster who is not reliant on a combo, getting this over Banshee's Veilis a good idea to save you from deadly bursts.

If the enemy team has lots of Health, you may consider buying this item.

If you're bad at conserving Mana,this item does give you a good amount of damage, and gives you huge amounts of Mana. Combined with Trinity Force it will do even more damage.

If you're in the early-mid game, and feel you're dying too fast, this item will give you more Health and damage. Later on, buy it into a Trinity Force or sell it.

If your enemies has a long crowd control stun, or alot of stuns, like Leona, this item can save lives if you use the Active of it at the right moment. Remember to use hotkeys for it.

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Skill Sequence

This is your main source of damage. It has a relatively short cooldown and high damage. However, it does not go through minions. I choose to max this first because its your only skill that benefits nicely from Physical Damage, and will give you most possible damage. It also applies on-hit effects, making it deadly combined with Trinity Force.

This skill has a short range and a higher cooldown than Mystic Shot and unfortunately benefits from Ability Power. But it does do AoE Damage. This ability just got a nerf, as explained in the other section. Therefore, I now max this last.

This is a cool spell that gives Ezreal a built-in Flash. It does do damage, but it's not worth using it to damage as using it on damage leaves you vulnerable to enemies. It is mostly used as Utility. However, Essence Flux just got a nerf, and therefore is pretty bad. Because of that I choose to max Arcane Shift second.

This is an awesome ultimate that fires all across the map. it benefits from both Ability Power and Physical Damage, though it does benefit more from Ability Power. There are many ways of using this, and it does a whole bunch of damage. Unfortunately, it takes 1 second to cast.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite and Flash is the main Summoner Spells I run on Ezreal. There are many who goes Heal as AD Carry, making Ignite a good counter.

If your Support has no kinds of Healing, this can save your life. But be wary of its counter, Ignite.

If your enemy has high amounts of CC, like Morgana or Veigar, Cleanse could easily save your life, as AD Carries are vulnerable to CC.

If your Support or nobody else on your team picks this, you could go Exhaust

If you think you would benefit more from this rather than Flash, Ghost is a possibility, though I am no big fan of it on Ezreal.

If you're looking to finish off lucky enemies with Trueshot Barrage, this can approve their location. Be wary that many people will be smart enough to realise you would fire a Trueshot Barrage if you Clairvoyance them.

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Trueshot Barrage

There is many ways to utilize Trueshot Barrage, which I will explain here.

Finishing Off 10% HP Enemies.

This is the main way I utilize my Trueshot Barrage in the laning phase. If someone from top-lane, mid-lane, anywhere on the map, runs away with low Health, you can finish them off with your Trueshot Barrage. Anticipate where the enemy has went, and then fire your ultimate at where you think they're recall ing. However, if you're trying to finish off someone whos running a few units away from you, you should not fire Trueshot Barrage directly at them, as it takes 1 second to cast: Instead, shoot it at where you think they would juke/move to. Try to use it in the brush so they do not know when to expect it coming. Killing enemies like this from across the map does take some luck, but also good anticipation. Be wary that smarter enemies will know you're trying to finish them off with Trueshot Barrage, and will try to juke you by moving somewhere you do not expect.


Trueshot Barrage has a short cooldown, and can be used for farming. However, I do not think it is a good idea to use your Trueshot Barrage for farming. Why? Well, you'll need it for future battles, for example, you just used your Trueshot Barrage to finish off some creeps, 30 seconds later, a Teamfight takes place. 3 of your allies die, while 3 low-HP enemies got away. if you had your Trueshot Barrage in this case, you could have killed 3 enemies, and perhaps prevented your allies from dying. So, I recommend saving your Trueshot Barrage for something more important than farming with.


This is what I use my Trueshot Barragefor after the laning phase: You can use it either to initiate, and quickly get your passive, Rising Spell Force up to 5 stacks. This is the main way I use it. You may also use it at the end of a teamfight, and perhaps win a 1v2. But if you use it earlier, you could save one of your teammates, or finish off a enemy before they get to deal their full damage output.

Stopping Pushing Enemies

You may happen to find yourself camping in your base, all your teammates dead and 5 enemies pushing with massive amount of minions. In this case, you should use your Trueshot Barrage to fend off the push, and perhaps save a tower and inhibitor, or even your nexus.

Stealing Dragon/baron

Due to Trueshot Barrage's high damage it can be used to steal a dragon, or even a baron. Always keep the Dragon and Baron warded so you can use your Trueshot Barrageto attempt a steal. Some enemies will be smart enough to secure the area of wards, but Clairvoyance can still help you out.

These are the 5 main ways to utilize your Trueshot Barrage, though there are alot more.

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Arcane Shift

NEVER use your Arcane Shift for damage, ALWAYS use it to escape, or in rare cases position yourself to kill an enemy ONLY use it to position yourself to kill enemies if you're absolutely sure you wont leave yourself vulnerable. Try to fight near a wall that you can Arcane Shift over if you're getting focused down. always use Arcane Shift first before Flash. Arcane Shift can also be used to juke with.

Here's an example of using Arcane Shift to position yourself to kill an enemy

I know the quality of the video isn't the best: It was all my bad internet could afford.

In this video, my support, Taric stuns Caitlyn. we get off some good damage. I then notice that Caitlyn and Leona draws full attention to Taric. Therefore i Arcane Shift her in the face and ultimately kill her and escape Leona. If they were drawing attention to me, I wouldn't have Arcane Shifted on Caitlyn's face, because it would leave me vulnerable.

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Essence Flux

In a teamfight, Essence Fluxas many enemies/allies as possible to maximise damage output from it, and max out your Rising Spell Force. When taking down a tower, Baron, Dragon,Inhibitor,Nexus, anything like that, always remember to buff your teammates with Essence Fluxin order to increase their Attack Speed and to max out your Rising Spell Force.

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Laning Phase

In the early game you'll want to look for opportunities to harass your opponent with Mystic Shot. Always keep an eye out on your Mana or you may find yourself out of Mana pretty quick. Tell your support to ward the brush, and get off some easy harass on the enemy support with Mystic Shot. If your supportplays aggressively and runs behind minions to look for opportunities, like a Blitzcrank would do, tell him not to, as your enemies can take advantage of your bad positioning. Why a bad position? Well, your Mystic Shot cannot go through minions, and therefore you miss alot of your damage output, and would have to move through the minions and put yourself in an even worse position, as you'll take aggro from minions and become an easy target for the enemy to reach. Alot of supports fails to realize this, so you should tell him. Soraka combines well with Ezreal, as well as Taric. Don't forget to use Mystic Shotto farm minions you can't kill with your autoattack. You should play aggressively, especially against weak laning AD Carries, like Vayne, as Early and mid game is where Ezreal shines. If your support is Soraka, use as much Mana as you wish, and harass down your enemies. If you're laning with Taric, always keep your eyes focused on a good stun to deal massive damage to your enemies.

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Who to Focus?

I've heard LOTS of people saying this: '' Ezreal why you no killing Ashe !!!''. This is just ridiculous: You shouldn't be focusing a certain target. Why? If you go for their high threats, usually their AD Carry or AP Carry, You'll IMMEDIATELY get focused down and die in a few seconds. Therefore, you should focus the one nearest to you, even if he has Warmog's Armor Frozen Mallet and 4000 Health, no matter what your team says. Remember, if someone try to kill you, kite them, and tell your team/support to help you out.

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The ''Infinity Edge vs. Trinity Force'' Was made by EvasiveLoL. The AD Ezreal montage was made by bradlezboy. The Teamfight Trueshot Barrage was made by Roost3rillusion. The Arcane Shift Video was made by myself, Dragonzmaster3.

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End Of My Guide

Thanks everyone for reading my Ezreal guide. I hope this guide helped make you a better Ezreal player. Feel free to criticise me or give me suggestions, I'd love to answer you back! Remember to upvote my guide if you liked it, thanks! If you want to talk with me, discuss or play with me, feel open to join my chat channel on EU Nordic/East, I'd gladly talk to anyone who comes! I will usually be there, except for when I am sleeping or in school, though I am sometimes AFK, aka away from keyboard. If you liked this guide, i'm sure you'll like my Vladimir guide as well! Thanks again for reading my guide, and see ya!

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EXTRA!!! *not about guide*

I wish to someday become a Famous league of legends player, and I am looking for a good team. If you're a good league of legends player with a good team, I'd really like to join you!!! I can take a role as AD Carry or AP Carry in your team, and I promise I wont disappoint if you recruit me! Just come to my chat room on EU/Nordic East, ''Dragonzmaster3'' and talk to me! If you're a team from Europe West, you can make a account on EU/Nordic East, and if I find your team really good, i'll transfer my account to EU West!