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Lulu Build Guide by MojoKing987

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MojoKing987

Lulu Guide to a Purple Loving Yordle

MojoKing987 Last updated on May 1, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 13


Utility: 17

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About Me

Hi, my name is Juan Faria. I'm a Daytona State College student. I was always interested in making a guide for League of Legends. When I was in my College Composition class my professor told the class that we are going to be a doing a paper that must do one of the fallowing: multigenre, multimodal, zine, or a case study. So I went with the multimodle that will teach people who have learned the fundalmentals of League of Legends. So even after I finish this assignment. I will be continuing to update this guide.

What is Multimodal?

Multimodal: Multimodal composition is when a writer uses multiple forms of
composition to accomplish his or her goals. This method illustrates concepts by combining various media, such as photos, videos, audio, text, images, hyperlinks, interactive activities, diagrams, among many others. Common delivery methods of multimodal writing include websites, blogs, multimedia videos, stand-alone slideshows, audio essays, wikis, GoogleDocs, among others.

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My Rankings:
Season 3: Silver 3
Season 4 currently: Gold 3

I started playing this game on August 21st 2012. The main roll I play is support. When I play support I like to play aggressive.

You can check my recent stats here

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Pros / Cons

+ Has Harass / poke
+ Wave clear
+ High utility
- Mana Control
- Squishy
- No sustain

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As a support your role is to make big plays when possible and to "support" your team in every way possible. To do this you must STAY A LIVE or at least take enough damage that when you die the other champions will die too for it. So this is why you will be getting a lot of defensive stats from the defense tree and the utility. Also the meta is on the hype train of Feral Flare you will mostly be dealing with AD damage.

Take the MR mastries ( Resistance and Evasive ) from the defense tree if their is a Heavy AP team or someone you know that will be targeting you. Just take out the armor masteries off ( Hardiness and Reinforced Armor )


You can change you masteries in champion select so if you see something wrong with a page change it. This is not only support but for all roles you play.

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Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Lulu is a squishy champion that can die easily if you are not careful in the first 6 minutes of a game. So to help with that you wanna go full Greater Mark of Armor, Greater Seal of Health, Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, and Greater Quintessence of Ability Power to do some good harass.

Since I like playing aggressive I get caught out a bit so I pick some Greater Mark of Armor to reduce the potential of me dieing. So if you are confident with your play style you could change out Greater Mark of Armor for something like Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration.


Yes, you can try this but if you do go this you MUST keep the harass up, but not too much. Because if you get ganked because the enemy bot lane is telling their jungler to gank you will probable die because you don't have the defense to live through one.

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Greater Totem

This Trinket is great for support until you get a Sightstone.

Oracle's Lens

This is a must. This is what makes you enemy fear to run into their jungle. Get it right after you get a Sightstone.

Ruby Sightstone

This is the core of a support you save money if you get this early so you can buy better and cooler things for you team and your self. Bonus Health is never bad.

Frost Queen's Claim

OK, since this item went live it was been the most broken item I have seen in a while for support. It give you a huge amount of gold and it gives you additional harass damage AND if you upgrade it all the way it has a slow that is huge for a item. It also does damage!?! What is riot thinking even after the support item changes it's still strong! Please get this item over any other gold item until they nerf this item... again.

Mikael's Crucible

Wonderful item that pretty much gives you unlimited mana regain, also it give some one health. Oh wait this item cleanse people out of anything that is not a Polymorphs or a Suppressions. Oh my. This item will save lives and it can change how a fights are fought.

Athene's Unholy Grail

This item too gives you unlimited mana but it give you 20% cooldown and some AP that your team might lack if your mid is falling behind, they are a support mid, and/or both.

Locket of the Iron Solari

This item is made to hold down AOE magic damage since their is no other item(s) that give your team MR. The stats are great for supports that can't live long too. Before buying look to see if your tank or jungler (proble not with this new meta) is trying to build it or already has it, because this item does not stack. Don't forget that this item also has a nifty shield that will help everyone live in fights.

Zeke's Herald
Zeke's Herald

Under appreciated item. This item is so good if you have a AD comp that has high attack speed(witch this meta is at the moment) since they cant buy them selves some life steal you can buy it for them and it gives them some extra AD just in case they are just under the TONS OF DAMAGE margin.

Banner of Command

Another under appreciated item. This item has won me some games it is amazing if you have a split comp or if you are getting pushed in by a siege comp. You can also use this to make a barron call. You just wait for billy (that is the name I gave to the seized minion the item makes) to push out bot and they have to send someone to deal with him and the wave he made. Cool Fact the minions that billy kills will give you the exp and the gold!

Twin Shadows

If you have a heavy moving team or they have a heavy moving team this can make your teams life easier if this item is used correctly. Oh ya, this item has some MR so if you just want some or/and want some slows on your team then hear you go.

Deathfire Grasp

This is a high skill cap item that is amazing for your team and even more so if it is a AP comp. The passive works on ANYONE that can do AP damage to the target. SO if you throw it before a fight and the APC comes in and hits the target with the passive on them they are dead no matter what unless they have Zhonya's Hourglass.

Rabadon's Deathcap

If you think you can't do what i said for Deathfire Grasp or you just want more damage for yourself. Then this item is for you.

Void Staff

You wanna do damage but the other team is building MR? No problem go get you one of these.

Spirit Visage

If you are getting picked off by high AP then this item is good enough.

Randuin's Omen

This item is good for AD comps.(a.k.a this meta) If they are a chasy AD comp you can just pop the passive so it is hard to chase and if you make them hit you once they petty much have to rethink what they wanna do.

Mejai's Soulstealer

#YOLO. This item is for funnzys. So if you are stomping in a normals game and don't care about winning then get this its fun to mess around with this item and seeing how many stacks you can get with assists.

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Exhaust: This is a must spell now. This meta is full of chasing champs. and AA champions that this spell it almost the only way to hold them back.

Flash: This is a must on 95% of the champions in LoL uses Flash and this champion is not different, so pick this up.

Heal: Well it was fun while it lasted. This spell is mainly used on the ADC now. But still good when facing a lane that you will be out sustained in like a Soraka lane. Also if your ADC is going barrier you can run Heal to keep the ADC a live.

Ignite: You will get this spell if you wanna kill your lane fast or if the other team as a Dr. Mundo that you think will destroy your team or other champions that gain a high amount of health per second in team fights.

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Skills In-depth Talk

Passive - This is a great harass tool. Pix does not need to be next to you for her to attack. Pix has her own attack range and attack animations delay. It might not seem that much damage but if you keep it up IT WILL slowly make the target to lose health a massive amount of damage that pix did just by her self and it can also determine who lives and who dies.

Q - Probably one of the best projectiles in the game for supports. The slow is massive, the base damage is high and the AP ratio is high for a champion that is support. You don't have to be in range to use it but it will cast where your cursor is at the moment your started casting.

W - This a unique ability that only she has but it works similar as a silence but in addition they can't auto attack (they are still able to move freely)also, it will reduce their base movement speed by 60. it will also stop channeling abilities but it will not stop abilities that has and animation before using them like Thresh Death Sentence.Also as an addition you can cast This ability on your self or on a ally to give yourself/them a great amount of movement speed.

E - This ability also has two functions; one is a shield and the other is damage that provides vision. For the shield it's only good in the early game or for blocking ignite.The second part is only good for harass most of the time in the early game. Mid game it is better than ok, and end game it can be massive if you get AP. Early game amazing harass, mid still viable but depends on the target, and end only good for vision and moving pix!

R - This ult a single target that only be placed on an ally or herself. This gives the the target bonus health, an aura that continually slows nearby enemies, gives the target a bigger VI, and knocking up enemies within the range of the target. So what does this all mean? Well this ability can used in many ways from saving people to chained CC to making a big play just by your self. Most of the time it will be for chained CC or to make the initiator have more of a impact at the start of a fight. You could flash ult your self but it would not be "Vi"able. For laning phase you wanna save this for the last second but not to late that the ADC thinks that he is dead and he is just sitting their wasting time because he thought he was dead but you could also give it to him early if you are going to chase them down the lane because this ult give health and high health regain. so you will be able to chase when they thought they were safe.

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Skill Sequence

From most common to situational






Q: Well the whole point of Q is to harass you don't get for the slow. So if you are NOT going to get it first then you get it last.

W: If you are getting this second you doing it so you can delay the damage out put of a champ or to speed champions up to catch another champion.

E: well this is great harass tool as well but you put yourself in danger, so you wanna use this when it's safe because of this you get this second or last. If you are get this first it will be to reduce the damage you or your ADC will take in lane BUT you don't need to delay the out put of a champion.

R: Its just natural to level up a champions R when you have the chance.

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Team Work

Probable the most Important thing in this game is Team Work without this you will not win any games.

I have a Video that shows off what can happen if you have team work. Just look down.

We were down in gold, towers, dragons, and they had barron buff. So if your team has team work you can make almost any kind of situation.

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Special Thanks

Mobafire: for being a web sight that brings together people who love the same game.
Emikadon: for helping me make my layout look less messy with the bbcode icons.

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Plan to add

- Warding with a pic. to show some good spots to place them and when.
- Timers
- add more videos like more team fights or to show how to be aggressive and when it is safe to poke.