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Lulu Build Guide by Petiroi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Petiroi

Lulu - Solomid Against Squirrels

Petiroi Last updated on March 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, my name is Petiroi and this is a guide/build for solomid with Lulu, The Fae Sorceress.

Lulu is ordinary played as support, but she's really more funny to play when she's mid. If you wanna have this fun, don't just look at the items build but read the whole guide and enjoy ;)

PS: English isn't my native language, so tell me if I made some mistake.

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Pros / Cons

-Deals a lot of dmg (by following this guide)!
-Make ganks easier in early game.
-Hard to counter.
-Don't need a lot of blue buff (your jungler will love you).
-3 skills to slow (1 on AoE, 1 on target, 1 in line).
-Can give AP buff (you'll often put in on you).
-Can help her team (or herself) while chasing or escaping.
-Can give you vision on enemies (useful if there are invisible guys in enemy team).
-Turn people into squirrels!
-Every teamfight will be with a giant on your side!

-If you're silenced or stunned, you're dead (perhaps not if you're in teamfight).
-May be focus in teamfight.
-Very slow during the 5 first minutes of the game (so, easy to harass with Swain, Gragas, Ziggs).
- Lulu is hard to master when she's not played as support.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power



Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power

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With Lulu we want 21/0/9 to deal some descent damage and start with 38 AP at lv1 with the Doran's Ring and our Runes. We don't need to develop the Defense Tree because you'll avoid the fight whenever you're under cooldown (remember that you have a great escape).

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Summoner Spells

We're playing Lulu with a Mejai's Soulstealer, so we need at least one defensive summoner spell. Flash can be use to chase too.

Cast Ignite and Help, Pix! on a low HP enemy may give you 3-4 kills in a game.

I think those two spells are the greatest for Lulu. Let's take a look on some others spells:
: We have enough Mana Regen in early game with the 3 Doran's Ring.
: What, you don't slow them enough with this build?
: We really don't need this to escape, not with Lulu.
: Why not, but don't pick this instead of Ignite, you need it when you're solomid. Would you really pick Heal instead of Flash?
: Can be useful, but I prefer Flash.
: You aren't the support, but if your team don't have one it's ok with Lulu.

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Skill Sequence

Your passive ability. Pix will fire 3 bolts who deal magic damage every time you auto-attack someone (doesn't work on turrets). Pix's shots will be stopped by the first target they meet, useful to kill 2 minions in a single auto-attack in early game.

Pix and you each fire a piercing bolt that deals a ton of damage and slow everyone who's on the line. Useful to chase AND to escape. Use it if you're dived under your turret, you'll survive (maybe ^^) and you'll get one (or more) kill. This will help you to harass in early and to farm during the rest of your game (see the "Combos" section below). I max it first to deal a lot of damage earlier (and the slow effect will last longer).You'll need to train a lot to use it the best way you can.

On ally cast: Give a great AP buff and increase movement speed of an allie (or yourself). Useful to chase or escape. Cast it on a Karthus or a Nunu while he's loading his ulti, that's wonderful.
On enemy cast: Polymorphs an enemy into a squirrel AND slows him. Keep this skill for the enemy team's AP or AD carry. Be careful: it won't stop something as Rammus's Powerball, Fiddlesticks' ulti or Katarina's.

On ally cast: Shields an ally or yourself, Pix will follow him. Very good combo with Glitterlance to chase someone (see the "Combos" section below).
On enemy cast: Like a little ignite (you'll have a lot of last hits on champions with it) + give vision on the target. Keep it for the enemy's Shaco, Twitch, Evelynn or Talon.

AoE stun then AoE slow around the target + give more HP to him. Very funny to use on a Cho'Gath =)
Wait 2 or 3 sec after the beginning of a teamfight to cast it on your tank or to save someone. Remember: cast it on a melee fighter is the best way to use it. Make the tower dives and teamfights easier!

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How to harass:

In early game, you'll have to harass the enemy champion as soon as you are lv2.

If the enemy team's solomid is a melee fighter ( Fizz, Akali or Gragas) you'll just have to cast Glitterlance on him and auto-attack twice. Mana cost: 40/60.

But there is something more funny and useful against ranged champions ( Ryze, LeBlanc, Karthus):

Cast Help, Pix! on a minion (enemy or not, just make sure he's full HP), Pix will stay with him 6 seconds, now aim the enemy champion with Pix's Glitterlance and fire. This will be useful if you and him are low HP, you'll hit him without taking risk 'cause you'll be under your turret while Pix will be in the middle of your lane with minions. Mana cost: 100/120.

If you have the blue buff, start by using Whimsy on you. You'll have 20 more AP and a nice movement speed to fall back after the combo.

Make ganks easier on your lane:

Your jungler is waiting in a bush, ready to gank on your lane (even if you aren't pushed). You'll have to make the first move:

Cast Glitterlance on the enemy (once he's hit your jungler shall come and fight; if you're already lv6, cast Wild Growth on him) then Whimsy to silence the enemy (and slow him again) and finally Help, Pix! + Ignite to make sure he'll die even if he flashed away. Most of all, you'll have vision on him during 6 seconds, that may be useful for your jungler if he can jump to finish him( Nocturne, Lee Sin) or to use Pix's Glitterlance again. Mana cost: 160/180 + 40/60 if you cast Glitterlance again.

Tip: Against Swain, Ziggs and some others who have a AoE cage/slow (not a stun!), shield yourself and get trapped. The enemy will come and you'll pwned him =)

How to gank with Lulu:

The enemy's mid champion took too much Glitterlance and fell back? Alright! It's ganking time! Push your lane and come in a bush, bot or top as you want. You can wait that the enemy engage one of your mates and come or make the first step if the enemy is close enough to you:

You'll have to be quick, use Glitterlance on the enemy team's carry AD and Whimsy on the support (all on one if you're ganking at top lane), Ignite the Carry AD if he can escape, Help, Pix! too if it needs but I prefer to keep it to shield an ally if their jungler come or if we start diving under their turret.

How to win a teamfight:

Once the teamfight begins, keep your distance! If you're too close, you'll get focused and you'll die. Anyway, you don't have a lot of AD so you don't have to auto-attack (useless risk). Just stay away and get closer only to cast your skills, then fall back while you're in cooldown and come again when they'll be over.

- Help, Pix!: use it on your ranged carry AD ( Vayne, Caitlyn, Twitch, Ashe, Miss Fortune. Each time he'll auto-attack Pix will fire his 3 bolts on his target instead of your (remember your passive? Pix, The Faeri Companion). Once its cooldown is over, use it to shield a low HP ally.
- Whimsy: Cast it on the enemy team's AP carry, someone with a huge burst as Kassadin, Ryze, Swain or LeBlanc. All your team will focus him so he'll die before turn back to his original form. Poor squirrel =]
- Wild Growth: After 2 or 3 seconds of fight, cast Wild Growth on a tank or an Off-tank, make sure that he's a melee fighter. It will be better if you use it on someone who have some skills which affects nearby enemies ( Blitzcrank, Amumu, Nautilus, Sejuani, Shyvana). It's WONDERFUL on Karthus.
- Glitterlance: Cast it whenever its cooldown is over to make some damage.

How to chase someone with your mates:

The teamfight is now over, your giant mate as turn back to his original form, everybody is mid/low HP and there are two enemies who ran away. So how to get them before they reach their turret?

If you're the closer to him in your team: Whimsy on yourself (maybe flash to join him if he's behind a wall), then Glitterlance to slow him and finish him with Help, Pix! + Ignite to have the last hit.

If there is someone closer to him than you in your team: Help, Pix! on him then Whimsy on him too. By this way, even if you won't be able to reach the enemy, Pix will. When your mate with Pix will be close enough, use Pix's Glitterlance on your enemy. He'll be so slow that your mate will be able to have him easily. And if he's already under the turret, diving is not a problem 'cause your mate have a shield with Help, Pix!.

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Lulu is ordinary a support, so she hasn't a great burst in early game. If you want to get a kill on your lane, you'll have to harass, harass, and harass the enemy. He won't farm as you will and his HP will be going lower and lowe, even if you don't kill him he'll have to fall back often, so you will be able to gank bot or top during this time. But to harass you need more AP and Mana Regen. That's why I start with Doran Ring, I harass the enemy and farm as I can while pushing my lane then I return to our base to buy Boots of Speed ( Lulu is very slow without them) and continue with one or two more Doran Ring.

When I have money enough I go shop to take my Mejai's Soulstealer. Yep, a Mejai's Soulstealer. Even if you deals some damage with Lulu, you'll get more assists than kills because she get assists very easily. Anyway, you'll keep your distance in teamfights and if you're gank you can escape very easily (slow them with Glitterlance, fly away with Whimsy and maybe shield with Help, Pix! and poof! You're safe), so you won't get killed often. Perfect to keep your Mejai's stacked.

I used to play Lulu with Sorcerer's Shoes but we'll buy Void Staff later, our marks give us Magic Penetration too. Now, with Mejai's Soulstealer with 20 stacks + Ionian Boots of Lucidity you will be able to spam Glitterlance and deals a ton of damage =)

With so much cooldown reduction you'll spam your skills, what's better than an Archangel's Staff in that case? You'll have a lot of mana, no cooldown and more AP.

That's a great item on Lulu, your have 2 skills to slow your enemies + your ulti, with the Rylai's Crystal Scepter the enemy team will never move (tons of easy assist to stack your Mejai's Soulstealer). It gives you AP and HP, making her less squishy than without.

(You can buy Rabadon's Deathcap before Void Staff if you want)

In late game, your enemy team will start buying items for magic resist such as Banshee's Veil or Force of Nature. You might be quite useless if you don't get a Void Staff to screw their magic resist. It also give you 70 AP.

Tons of AP and magic penetration for you and that great 'cause you need it! If you die, the Mejai's Soulstealer's stack will be lost and you'll get weaker. Now, you'll still have more than 550 AP if you have only 14 stacks on the Mejai's Soulstealer.

Those items are great too!

: Always good against an AD team.
: Always good when you have more than 700 AP.
: Always good against an AP team.
: May be useful if you have some other AP champions in your team and if no one has buy it yet.

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Thanks for reading this 'til this very line, hope you'll have the fun I had while playing Lulu carry AP in mid lane. Don't forget to rate this build and tell me if I made some mistake (English isn't my native language).

Of course, if you have any question I'll answer as soon as possible, tell me your idea to improve this build and oh! There are some games I played with Lulu following this build:

See you guys, maybe in the Summoner's Rift!