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Lulu Build Guide by Tacticalsnake

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tacticalsnake

Lulu Sup (carry)

Tacticalsnake Last updated on March 18, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello this is my first build/guide i am a keen lulu player that is presently carrying himself out of ELO Hell (it is real). i main lulu sup carry and tend to be a team player but sometimes i just hit that mute button. I am welcome to any comments and tips so pls leave them down below. Anyway lets get on with the rest

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How i play lvl 1 - 18

From lvl 1-6 i tend to play aggressive or passive depending on my teammate and who i am vsing if aggressive i will force myself into trading stance and punish there ADC when he comes for farm. If passive i will tend to only poke a little bit of the time and try keep a close eye on the map and on my carry. (whiles commenting on my teams good plays)

6-12 This is when i tend to roam and let my ADC farm as much as he can and not take his exp and tend to camp the lane that needs the most help and work and begging my jungle to grab dragon with me. Or if we are really struggling in a lane i will go aid them if that is okay with my ADC (mostly it is) and hopefully get a shutdown on that lane and take tower

12-18 This is the time i find that lulu shines she can be almost everywhere get out of every thing and take objectives assist in team fights and do damage. there is no real guide for this part but BE sure to ult your ADC if their in a horrid position.

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Tips and Tricks

My first tip is that if you are vsing a enemy that can go invis make sure to put your E on them revealing them for a short period of time.
Second tip is that E reveals the enemy and from the dragon or what ever you have shoots a Q beam from it so with a little bit of skill you can use your q from a huge range for slowing the enemy.
Third tip "again with E" is that when you put your e on ANYONE you can snipe from that location this is great for putting on a wave of minions coming through (make sure to put on the melee minion) or put on a retreating enemy.
My forth tip is that your Q can reach the dragon pit from the other side of the wall. This is the same for b'ron.

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I would like to thank you all who are reading this "I am assuming you made it to the end with lots of English corrections you want me to make well guess what NO! im not fixing them" but any pls feel free to leave and tips and tricks of all sorts in the comments below i may even edit them in!

This is Tacticalsnake signing out

"No grammar correction"