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Lulu Build Guide by mdinim

Lulu - Support-Tank guide

By mdinim | Updated on September 24, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Hi I'm Velanistus, and i'm playing on eune(east). This is my first guide, hope it helps to understand how I play Lulu. Don't downvote please, if you did not try it! But vote and write comment, if you liked or did not like it! Help me improve:)

IF you have any question feel free to pm me or ask it in comment:)

Anyway, I'm just learning english. So sorry for my bad language:)
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Pros / Cons

*Five auras at late game
*Great harassing abilites
*You are purple
*You have a squirell

*Squishy early game
*Not enough dmg abilites to kill in 1v1
*Not very easy to master
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These runes aren't for survive, but for DMG. This makes you a bit AP champ. Your Glitterlance Help, Pix! combo will do Tons of DMG. (I've been called op because of this...)

Other viable choces:

Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Mark of Magic Resist for survive. These are pretty simple supporter-tank choices.
Greater Quintessence of Gold and Greater Seal of Gold for more gold. With these runes you won't need minion kills at all.
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I think I don't really have to explain this. 0/6/24 focused on CDR, early game gold and experience gaining on the Utility tree, on the offense tree that 6 points grant you great survivability possibilities.

Expanded Mind and Meditation won't let you get out of mana so easy.
Greed will let you gain more gold, because the creeps aren't for you. The last hits are your mate's.
Wealth This will allow you to buy 2 pots or a ward with your Regrowth Pendant
Resistance For a little boost of magic resistance, 'cause from items you don't have that much.
Summoner's Insight and Summoner's Resolve for your Clairvoyance and Heal.
Durability and Veteran's Scars You might think that 138 bonus health isn't that much, but trust me... It can help your life!

Why no Intelligence ?
The cooldown reduction cap is 40%, and ur items will grant this. The 6% what this 3 points gives would be useless.
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Starting items:
, Sight ward
, and

The Regrowth Pendant allows you to stay on your lane behind the minions while your mate is recalling, you will regenerate enough health to don't be harassed easily.

Early game itms (1-6):
, Philosopher's stone
The Ionian Boots of Lucidity for the early CDR, and the Philosopher's Stone for the Shurelya's Reverie.

Mid game items(6-14):
, ,
Locket of the Iron Solari is great. The shield it gives can turn the teamfight. Soul Shroud gives great CDR and Manaregeneration aura. Your team will be able to spam more ability for harassing.

Late game(14-18):
, Zeke's Herald,
Aegis of the Legion will make your team more durable and the Zeke's Herald will grant you the last CDR you need, and the aura will favor the AD champions.
Must not forget that your autoattacks will be faster and your passive makes it worth it.
Mercury's Treads if you have about 20-30% CDR without the boots you can change Ionian Boots of Lucidity for this one.
Don't forget that these items all gives you hp, and if you got them all, you will have 3500+ hp, 120+ Armor and near 100 magicres. This makes you feel like a tank and well, you are.

Supporter's Choice:

Oracle's Elixir is a MUST for every supporter. You will know where Twitch Evelynn Shaco is, you can escape from their ganks, you will know where sight ward and Vision Ward shrooms ( Noxious Trap) is, you can destroy them... When to buy? When you feel to. Anyway I dont recommend to buy it early, cause you might die. (Everyone dies)

Why I always finish the items? Simple: The items are not for you, but your team. You need their auras, actives, not their stats.
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Situational items

Abyssal Mask - Great choice when you are playing against a heavy AP team, or against magicresist tanks. The magicresist it gives is pretty huge.
Frozen Heart - Opposite of the one mentioned above. This grants armor, and great against enemy AD carries.
Will of the Ancients - Another great choice if you have a lot of AP on your side, but no one buy this. (Pretty impossible, but if they don't buy, you MUST)
Moonflair Spellblade - I never bought this item. But look at that! 35 tenacity? Great! This allows you to buy Ninja Tabi instead of Mercury's Treads at late game. Do it, if you play against a great CC team.

These are just examples, there are a lot of great item in the League of Legends' shop. It's free to change my build for your taste, so do it!
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Skill Sequence

> > >

I think it's pretty simple, max out Glitterlance than Help, Pix! amd Whimsy last.
Of course Wild Growth everytime when it's possible.

Why these spells are awesome?

Help, Pix! makes your Glitterlance can be shot from your enemy's back. Grants great shield, and do great damage.
Glitterlance slows your enemy enough to kill before he reaches the turret.
Whimsy makes your ally fast enough to escape a gank, or an CCs an enemy well. (For example after Veigar uses his Event Horizon, you use your Whimsy on him and he won't be able to land his Dark Matter, saving your friend from a huge burst of damage.)
Wild Growth is one of the best ultimates I've ever seen. Use it on yourself, or on your ally, and turn the teamfights upside down.

ALWAYS check where Pix is! Your base harass combo is EQ, but land it carefully. Your Q is hard to aim well.
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Summoner Spells

Heal: Lulu don't have any heal spells, clever use of this summoner spell can save lifes!
Clairvoyance: Pretty simple supporter choice. You can check buffs, ganks, bushes with it. Use it like a ward.(Thanks for iluvpie ( for the image!)
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Team Work

You are the one who keep your team alive.
You grant shield, you items grant magicres and armor, you use your items wisely ( Locket of the Iron Solari before the aoe burst dmg, Shurelya's Reverie for escapeing or dodge spells fast, or pursue someone.

It's your job to place ward, whenever you can. It helps you to escape from ganks, to see when they are beating dragon, or baron. Place it to the same places where the clairvoyance guide shows.

At early game you MUST harass your enemy, and help your mate get the kills. You don't really need them, the assissts will grant enough gold to do your build well. (Of course dont let your enemy escape. If your mate can't kill them, kill them yourself.)

At mid game you are strong enough to hold a lane in 1v2, so let your mate gank mid, or jungle a bit (if you don't have one). If you are alone, keep harassing and farming, leech the gold and the experience. About lvl 12-13 teamfights are starting. Be there! Give the Wild Growth for the focused one, or the one with low hp, use your items well, help them land kills, polymorph and silence the dangerous ones.

At late game you are a tank. You can push the lanes, make a turret shoot you while the others are killing. You can even solo the dragon (but it's pretty slow so I don't really recommend it.) Never forget that you DON'T need the blue buff. Give it to the AP carry, your Shurelya's Reverie and Soul Shroudgrant enough manareg, so you won't be OOM at all.
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Why Support-tank? - Do the maths!

Ok, let's see. You are full of supporter items. All of them gives 200-500 hp, witch means at lvl 18 full build 3500+ hp. This isn't that much, is it?

Well, check your defenses:

Magic resistance near 100
100 magic resistance → ×0.5 incoming magic damage (50% reduction).

This means that Lux's Finales Funkeln [base 500 dmg + 75% of ability power (875-1025 dmg)] will deal only 500 magic damage. That isn't that much. You don't have to be afraid from her now.:)

Same at the other high burst champion, Veigar.
His full burst damage with all spells (included Primordial Burst) will deal 2460 (Trust me, I did the maths and counted with 500 ability power) magic damage (if he can land Dark Matter well) to a champion with 0 magic resistance. You will only get 1230. It is not even your half amount of hp... What is kinda awesome:)

Let's check your armor, 140:
100 armor → ×0.5 incoming physical damage (50% reduction).

This means, that high crits, like Shaco after his Deceive should do 1650 dmg (1980 if came from behind, Backstab). But you have 140 armor. If I count with 100, it's only 825 (990). If I count with 140, it should not be more than 600 (800)...

Of course, you can not replace a full hpregen tank like Dr. Mundo or an armortank like Rammus. But if your team can not pick any tank, you can do their work, just watch your hp bar!

That's why I call this build Support-tank. Hope I helped:)

(Thanks for A Chubby Baby for the idea!)
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I hope this guide help you to understand how I play Lulu.
Some of my stats:

and if things aren't going well...

Thanks for reading, and please, dont blame me because of my bad english. I'm just learning it:)
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2012/04/15 - Changes in mastery: a little boost of hp, magicres, improved heal and wards.
2012/04/16 - Added Why Support-Tank - Do the maths! chapter
2012/04/19 - Added Oracle's Elixir to the build
2012/04/28 - Added Situational items to the Items chapter
2012/05/04 - Situational items moved to a new chapter

Coming Soon:
-Survive abilities
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