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Lulu Build Guide by demonlordraiden

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League of Legends Build Guide Author demonlordraiden

Lulu, the Fae Machinegun

demonlordraiden Last updated on May 3, 2012
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I. Introduction

Hello, my name is Demonlordraiden, and I have played Lulu since she came out as a post-launch tester. I love her to death, but when I am not playing her, people try to build her as a support. Like Janna or Soraka, both of whom I also love, but for different reasons. Here, I will show you how to defy the general builds and make an Attack Speed Lulu, capable of insane DPS in both the Early and Late Game.

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I.I. Build Summary

"Why Lulu?" You may ask.

"Why not someone like Miss Fortune or Vayne for the Attack Speed?"

I believed this at the beginning as well, but let us do the math. Let us assume that You ( Lulu) and Vayne both can attack at a rate of 1 Auto-Attack per Second. While Vayne, or any other normal AS Champion fires 1 attack per second (as advertised), Lulu (thanks to Pix), fires 4 Auto-Attacks per Second!


When you fire 1 auto-attack off, Pix couples that with 3 more. Now, I'm no math wizard here, but I think 3 + 1 is 4. And, just a guess, 4 - 3 is 1. So for every 4 of your basic attacks, another AS Carry deals only 1. Couple that with you longer range and higher AP, and we have ourselves a bamf.

Basically, just stack your Attack Speed. That, combined with Pix, is all you need to become a Fae Machinegun like Lulu.

Also, I realized that I should emphasize some of the numbers to truly show my build.

I ( Lulu alone) attack at a Rate of 2.88, while Pix fires another 3 bolts within that time frame.

Her AP is ~ 32. Not bad for an AS Carry.

Lulu's Attack Damage is 151. With a Rate of 2.88 (excluding Pix), that is ungodly.

All of this, plus my build's Critical Chance of 32% (not bad) and her Critical Damage of 203.12%.

203.12% of 151 is 306.7112 (Damage w/Critical).

151 Damage at 2.88 Base AS is 434.88, plus Pix (multiple by 3) brings our damage per second to *drumroll* 1304.64.



1,304.64 Points of Damage. That's about half of my health. Per second. Jumping to 1,611.3512 Damage per Second (w/Critical).

That is A LOT more than the generic carry. I rest my case.

Lulu is just so awesome at DPS. So much better than a Support Lulu.

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I.II. Pros/Cons


    Can Tank and Solo Jungle
    Insane Damage
    Pix Fires Thee Bolts Every One of Your Bolts
    Nobody Expects to get Ganked by a MIA Support

    Mana Hungry Early Game
    Will Get Accused of Kill Stealing

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II. Pre-Game Preparation

Below you will find everything you need to do BEFORE locking in to ensure the perfect fight with this build. This will ensure that your Lulu is going strong before hand.

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II.I. Masteries

My Masteries compliment the High Attack Speed style, and also add in some Magical Damage for extra offense.

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II.I.I. Offense

Summoner's Wrath - Increases the potential of Ignite.

Brute Force - Effect our Damage Output with Basic Attacks.

Alacrity - More innate Attack Speed? Yes please.

Weapon Expertise - Because tearing through Armor is fun.

Deadliness - Same principle as Brute Force .

Lethality - Critical Strike's are now 20% more hardcore.

Blast - Boots the Damage on Glitterlance.

Archmage - Glitterlance. 'Nuff said.

Executioner - Helps get those last hits on the pesky nooblords running from you.

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II.I.II Defense

I use no Defensive Masteries, so let's move on.

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II.I.III. Utility

Expanded Mind - Helps you not go OOM Early Game.

Improved Recall - Use it more often for less deaths!

Meditation - Similar to Expanded Mind , but also helps in longer Team Fights or Solo Fights.

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II.II. Runes

Runes are essential to any build, from the Greater Seal of Gold of Janna, or the Greater Seal of Cooldown Reduction on Soraka. This Lulu will be similar to a Twitch or a Vayne plus an Ashe.

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II.II.I. Glyphs

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed (x9) as I have already explained, are useful.

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II.II.II. Marks

Greater Mark of Attack Speed (x9) are needed here to give you that much needed Attack Speed.

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II.II.III. Quintessences

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed (x2) have already been explained.

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power (x1) makes Glitterlance pack more punch.

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II.II.IV. Seals

Greater Seal of Critical Chance (x5) help out, because Critical Strike Rate is good on any Attack Speed build.

Greater Seal of Critical Damage (x4) are also a good investment, as the extra Critical Damage can come in handy later on in the game.

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II.III. Summoner Spells

Flash and Ignite. Enough said.


Okay, so Flash is a godsend when you get into a squeeze, and Ignite gives you a great DoT Spell.

Don't believe me? Okay, the rundown...

Flash is an amazing Summoner Spell (aside from the Cooldown), allowing you to escape any bad situation, be it from a Team Member dying in a 3v2, or a wanna-be Gank-Gone-Wrong.

Ignite is more optional in nature, allowing you to get a nice Damage Over Time Spell. Great for pesky Champions such as Master Yi or Ziggs when they try to run.

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III. in-Game, Part I: Basic Information

BAsic things to do in game, such as items and stuff.

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III.I. Abilities

Abilities are the cornerstone to any build, and while not so important to Lulu compared to the Auto-Attacks, they do help.

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III.I.I. Level Order

Lulu's Ability Order is EXTREMELY simple to learn.

Glitterlance > Help, Pix! > Wild Growth > Whimsy

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III.II. Items

The items are basically self explanatory for our build, but here is a basic rundown. It is VERY similar to any other Attack Speed Build.

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III.II.II. Justification(s)

Berserker's Greaves - These things. The Movement Speed is nice, the Price is great, and the Attack Speed is right up my alley.

Phantom Dancer - A must have for any Attack or Movement Speed Build.

Malady - Some argue the validity of Malady here, but I love the extra Damage.

Wit's End - Similar to the above. Also, brought to my attention by scarlettsarcasm, if you find Cooldown Reduction to be an issue, switch Wit's End for Nashor's Tooth.

Madred's Bloodrazor - My darling, my darling. My life, my bride. The single greatest item in my arsenal. 4% of their Base Health added onto the insane Attack Rate, and we have got a gank.

Ionic Spark - Second, First. Same as the First.

In essence, as Lulu, we want Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and Bonus Magic Damage from our Items :P

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IV. In-Game, Part II: Strategy

Now time to talk strategy. These will tell you what to do in any situation, regardless of danger or game type.

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IV.I. Advanced Strategies, Solo

Best strategies for the solo gamer.

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IV.I.I. Hybrid

This is greatness. You go for Red Lizard and Blue Lizard, and then go for the Ganks. After about Level 10 or 12, go for the Dragon. Very Simple, yet effective.

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IV.I.II. Jungle, Gank

Ganking is SO fun as Lulu.

Basically, go Lane-hopping and hit whoever is dumb enough to be alone, run for safety with Whimsy if you have to, and repeat.

Help, Pix!, then Auto-Attack while "Dancing" around them with Whimsy and/or Flash. Help, Pix! also helps with Shielding, and Wild Growth aids with Healing and Damage Per Second. Glitterlance when you can't Auto. GG.

Also, the above can be said for any Solo, 2v1, or 3v1 fights (all against you), not just a Gank.

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IV.I.III. Jungle, Monsters

Also a viable strategy. Red and Blue Lizards are solo-able by Lulu around Level 8 or 9, while Dragon and Baron are solo-able by Lulu around Level 13 or 14.

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IV.I.III. Laning

Solo Laning is also a snap. Stand behind Minions, Glitterlance enemy Minions, Gain Gold. Repeat until rich.

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IV.II. Advanced Strategies, Team

And then the team plans.

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IV.II.I. Try Not to Killsteal!

I have no base team plans aside from Wild Growth or Help, Pix! on the Tank. Whatever you do though, try not to Killsteal! People complain about it, and you can't always help it due to the insane Rate of Attack.

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V. Conclusion

I really hope you enjoy my Lulu build. Don't knock her until you try her. She is such a better Attack Speed Carry than Ashe or Vayne, and much more viable Carry than anyone else, not a Support like Janna, Karma, or Soraka.