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Lulu Build Guide by bive

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bive

Lulu Top by S4 Low Challenger

bive Last updated on February 10, 2017
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Threats to Lulu with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Akali Harass hard but care of caster minions. This champion is more imperative to ping ur teammates danger when she is mia.
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I am low challenger of season 4 in NA and I fill during rank. I am making these guides for myself and friends mainly so sorry if you're looking for visuals. I was top 1000 Lulu players on in 2014 which tracked at least NA and EU together but no KR.

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Published 10/14/14
Added Recognizing tower dives chapter 10/16/14
Added nidalee match up 10/24/14
Added not facecheking for early game chapter 10/29/14
Updated Akali matchup, lowered difficulty for Tristana, Kog'Maw, Ryze for their nerfs. 11/11/14
Updated When to pick Lulu chapter 11/12/14
Updated conclusion, kayle matchup as AP 11/16/14
Updated for new rift beta 11/21/14
Replaced elixir of brilliance for sorcery, Updated conclusion, added pantheon to dragon chapter, added late game chapter anti backdoor 11/24/14
Updated early game chapter for fake ward 12/1/14
Updated when to pick lulu, shakarez has a youtube vid about double morello 12/10/14
Changed sorc shoes to cd boots, updated when to pick lulu chapter, shortened conclusion 1/9/15
Updated when to pick lulu, changed title, champion synergy with rengar, changed runes, updated farming under tower, updated leashing, updated recall scenario 1/21/15
Updated dragon and baron chapter 2/12/15
Added rumble matchup 2/27/15
updated rumble matchup 2/28/15
Added nautilus matchup 3/18/15
updated runes, runes chapter, when to pick lulu chapter, mastery chapter 4/4/15
Added sion matchup 4/5/15
Added kennen matchup, updated when to pick lulu chapter 4/26/15
updated when to pick lulu chapter 6/27/15
Updated Introduction and When to pick Lulu chapters 8/7/15
updated items chapter, added Luden's echo and Greater stealth totem to items 8/8/15
Updated ryze matchup because of ryze rework 8/11/15
added Gnar matchup 8/21/15
Added tryndamere matchup and updated runes, items, and shyvana matchup 8/23/15
updated skill and purchase order, when to pick lulu chapter 8/24/15
Updated when to pick lulu chapter 8/30/15
updated items chapter and champion synergy chapter 8/31/15
Added darius matchup 9/18/15
added yasuo matchup 9/26/15
Updated ryze matchup 10/6/15
added poppy and renekton matchup 10/13/15
Updated timers chapter 10/15/15
added teemo matchup and updated masteries and masteries chapter 10/17/15
Updated tryndamere match up and when to pick lulu chapter, added lee sin, shen, and soraka matchups 10/24/15
updated runes chapter and darius maokai matchups, added fiora matchup 10/26/15
Updated riven match up 11/10/15
updated masteries, when to pick lulu, leashing, the level one before minions spawn, timers, items, early game, mid game, late game, and conclusion chapter 12/17/15
Updated conclusion chapter 12/20/15
updated recall scenarios 12/21/15
Updated items purchase order, when to pick lulu and champion synergy chapter 12/31/15
updated items chapter, maokai and malphite matchup 1/2/16
Updated early game chapter 1/5/16
added tahm kench and udyr matchup 1/9/16
Updated fiora matchup 1/11/16
reformatted items, skill usage, recall scenarios, early game, mid game, late game, dragon, and baron chapters; updated late game chapter 1/12/16
Updated recall scenarios chapter 1/13/16
updated items chapter 1/15/16
Updated typos and when to pick lulu chapter 1/26/16
added pantheon matchup; updated rumble matchup 1/27/16
Added wukong matchup 2/13/16
updated introduction and skill usage chapters 2/27/16
Updated when to pick lulu chapter 4/3/16
updated champion synergy chapter 4/4/16
Updated when to pick lulu and champion synergy chapters 4/9/16
updated team fighting and conclusion chapters 4/16/16
Updated purchase order 4/17/16
updated mid game and items chapter 4/21/16
Updated when to pick lulu chapter 5/1/16
updated dragon chapter 5/20/16
Updated when to pick lulu chapter 9/22/16
updated when to pick lulu chapter, leashing, and baron chapter 10/17/16
Updated when to pick lulu chapter 11/4/16
updated when to pick lulu chapter 2/10/17

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When to pick Lulu

As of patch 7.3, the strongest or competitive tops are Jayce, Talon, Maokai, Poppy, Shen, Nautilus, ad Kennen, and Fiora. Lulu is now much more behind these champs since they do better than her in solo queue and Whimsy has gotten nerfed. I suggest learning the other mentioned champs from above to climb ladder faster. Lulu's niche is very reliant on your adc as you can amplify the adc's effectiveness, having at least one other peeling champion like Janna or Braum, and you do not need an initiator. Your team would probably siege with the lulu speed and shields, so the enemy team would need to initiate. Her new niche is that she should only be picked with champions that have speed in their kits like Sivir and Ryze.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is mandatory on this champion. Teleport is the best summoner for the top lane meta. When there is a fight 2v2 between jungler mid or 3v3 between jungler bot, you can tp(teleport) in before your laner and win the fight. Takes experience to know if you should tp or not, and where to tp. If there is nothing going on in the map at level 1-4 then you can tp to your top tower if there is an incoming minion wave.

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I learned about this rune set up from Smeb from KOO Tigers. The atk spd runes lets you auto twice after using Help, Pix! on the enemy laner then back off to drop minion aggro. An early game rune set up would be hybrid pen marks, armor seals, ap glyphs, and atk spd quints. Use this rune set up for some match ups

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12/18/0. Generally I can out range my laner so I won't need the defense. Your shields also alleviate the need for defense masteries. Can replace Sorcery for Fury as that can be preference. Feast > Double Edged Sword since double edged sword is better for melee champs. Natural Talent for more ap on your spells since you will be behind your adc. Oppressor for early game damage and not guaranteed to kill each champion for Bounty Hunter . Savagery for better farm and you have a speed up for roaming. Secret Stash is safest, but can get Assassin if you can get solo kill. Merciless to help your damage. I prefer Precision to boost my early game but you can go for Intelligence . Thunderlord's Decree for early game and solo laning.

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If you filled your slots with items, then sell Doran's Ring for the Vision Ward slot.

You get Frost Queen's Claim first for the cheapest power spike and safe laning if you are even or ahead and running cdr per lvl glyphs.

Morellonomicon is good when you are against enemies that can heal and mandatory if you don't have cdr per lvl glyphs. Athene's Unholy Grail has bad cost effectiveness so never buy it.

Get Rod of Ages after Frost Queen's Claim, only get it before if you are behind in lane. Ionian Boots of Lucidity is paired with Rod of Ages for supporting your team to get close to max cdr at lvl 18.

Get Mercury's Treads, Sorcerer's Shoes, or Boots of Swiftness with Morellonomicon. I prefer distortion enchanted shoes so I can Flash and Teleport more often, which can also coordinate a split push against an enemy with longer tp cd. You get captain enchanted shoes instead if their Teleport user can solo kill you and/or buys distortion; the captain enchant will help in sieges to trade towers and team fight.

You then get Rabadon's Deathcap for the strong shields and ult to help your team. An exception is if you are running a poke comp against a not so good engage team, then you can rush Lich Bane instead of Rabadon's Deathcap since you take down towers faster. You also get Lich Bane if you are not running cdr per lvl glyphs.

You get Zhonya's Hourglass if you need to avoid something like Fizz and Zed as well as heavy ad teams.

Get Void Staff after Rabadon's Deathcap if they start building magic resist, even if it's only 1 person. Buy Elixir of Sorcery when you expect big fights. Luden's Echo can be bought if you do not need the Zhonya's Hourglass active.

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You should always time the enemy summoners and let your team know if your summoners are down. Flash without Insight is 5 min, and with it is 4 min 15s. Exhaust, Ignite, Cleanse, and Ghost are 3 min 30s and with the mastery 3 min. Teleport is 5 min and with mastery 4 min 15s. Heal is 4 min and with mastery 3 min 20s. Buffs are 5 minutes if you don't have vision of their buffs to make use of riot's buff timers. Dragon and baron are timed by the game scoreboard. inhibitor is 4 min.

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Actions per minute; you should try to never stand still. It will warm up your hands if you keep clicking left and right or circles. Also do some wrist exercise so you don't develop anything bad.

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Skill Usage

Champion spotlight is a little outdated but useful for this part. Your passive and auto attack animation can make it difficult to farm with at first. The pix does not go through enemies so you have to angle yourself or calculate your damage accordingly.

Generally you want to shield yourself in trades but if you can out trade your laner harder with using Help, Pix! offensively then do so. In team fights its better to shield your allies. You can also use Help, Pix! to extend your Glitterlance range. The pix stays on the enemy for 4s so you have that much time to use Glitterlance. Opponents will try to juke so you can wait and then predict their next move. If the enemy uses Flash while having Help, Pix! on them, the pix doesn't blink w/ them. You have to wait for pix to catch up before using Glitterlance.

A solo kill combo would be Flash Help, Pix! Ignite all at once, then Glitterlance at least a second after.

Glitterlance would never be used like the champion spotlight where you put your cursor in front of you to make it go 2 different directions, very risky and low reward.

Whimsy is generally used for all ins or ganks since it takes away your mana for your other spells in lane.

When using Wild Growth, try to make use of the cc as much as possible, such as a follow up engage since you have Whimsy and Help, Pix! for peel. Do not stack cc with Whimsy.

Use champion portraits with your E, W, and R when allies are bunched up together.

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Importance of vision control

In my early game section later on you will read about how to deep ward. Why should we deep ward? It lets your team know where the jungler is so everyone can play more aggressive if they can. Without knowing where the jungler is everyone will risk getting ganked if they play aggressive, especially under enemy tower. Your team can get buff timers, set up counter ganks if your team is stronger 3v3 or 2v2, and gank without fear of a counter gank. Maybe even kill the jungler while he is doing a camp. Warding river will not be enough since junglers can lane gank, even behind their tower without needing to go in a lane bush.

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Champion synergy

Jarvan IV can engage with his gap close Cataclysm and lulu Wild Growth him.

When you have Jinx, Sivir, Twitch, Kog'Maw, Lucian; your movement speed buffs and shields can let them dish out more damage safely.

Sivir with your team can engage fights where you outnumber the other team quickly with Whimsy on your engage.

If jungle Zac ever gets buffed, his kit fits well with lulu.

Zed will benefit from preemptive Help, Pix! and Whimsy before using Death Mark, and finally a Glitterlance and Wild Growth follow up to his gap close.

Fizz can engage and when he goes in, he can use some peel with your kit.

Riven usually flash engages anyone who mispositions so you should prepare to follow up on her.

Shyvana and her Dragon's Descent synergizes well with Wild Growth if you use it right when shyvana reaches her target.

Yasuo can use more knock ups and peel.

Rengar can use your speed, shield, and long range glitterlance damage for long range initiations followed up by wild growth.

Dr. Mundo would have easier team fights early game with your skills and has obvious synergy with his kit.

Ryze can use your speed to snare enemies with his own speed from ult or homeguard tp.

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The level one before minions spawn

Do not pick a skill yet until you see your lane opponents in lane, when top laner appears at top to show there is no lane swap, or there is no delay invade. Your first skill can vary with lane match up, but an invade or lane swap it is better to start Glitterlance. You should defend a choke point safely. If defending wraith area do not stand in bush. If defending mid lane then have vision of both bushes and no need to have vision of their tower. You should use your trinket ward somewhere generally at 0:45-0:55, unless you see a group of invaders then you ward where you are escaping to. If you ward in front of them they can kill it. A delay invade optimally happens at 1:38, so warding at 0:45-0:55 at a decent spot to see the invade coming will let your team respond accordingly. If an enemy sees you when you are about to ward, its better to back off and ward a spot that they cannot see even though it is not as deep.

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Leash for your jungler until 1:47, if you know who is going into your lane then use your skill to help leash. If using Help, Pix!, preferably shield your jungler. Ask your jungler to start top so your bottom lane can take jungle camp w/ melee support or push first 2 waves w/ range support.

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Minion advantage

Generally for all lanes, if you have more minions you can go aggressive if you know where everyone is in the map; but not past the minions if you need your minions to help fight the enemy champs, unless you can completely zone them. If there are 10 enemy minions and you have 3 minions just back up all the way to tower as you will get collapsed on by the enemy. Since you will not lose any cs(creep score), you might as well go back to tower anyways. It takes 7 minions as solo lane to get lvl 2 so you should count both minion waves to see if you get lvl 2 first, they get lvl 2 first, or both sides will get lvl 2 at the same time. If he is getting lvl 2 first then you're gonna have to back off far. If the lane is even then you have to be cautious. Only do short trades when playing aggressive or else you take too much minion damage. You can go for longer trades if you notice that you benefit more from it.

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Recognizing tower dives

You should watch your lane and your teammates to see if they have the factors of getting dived. The most obvious one is low health. Others are no flash, huge incoming minion wave, and champions missing. If you pay attention to other lanes or yourself, you can warn the possible dive and move your jungler, others can roam to help, or get in a spot for a safe Teleport, all to turn around the dive. If none of the responses are available then the possible victim must leave. The duo lane should generally be together when the minion wave is at their tower, or else the enemy duo can 2v1 dive the lonely bottom player. Tell that bottom player to leave or call others to turn the dive around.

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Farming under tower

Towers will prioritize minions toward the top of the lane first usually. In the early game auto the full health caster minions once with your passive then tower shot then farm. The caster minions at the bottom of the lane will most likely get hit by your minions which means you need to auto those more than once or not at all, and they can draw turret aggro since they are hitting your minions. Use your skills to catch farm under tower as a last resort.

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Recall scenarios

Best case scenario is you know where everyone is on the map and you can safely push to their tower if you have more minions or freeze when they have a bit more minions. You can recall before a siege minion wave(which spawns after 2 minion waves during early game), so that by the time you go back to lane you won't miss out on too much cs since siege takes a while to be killed by tower as well as enemies can't push that fast.

If you killed your enemy laners and you do not know where everyone is on the map then you should go to your tower and recall. Do not risk getting killed by their jungler or whoever. If you got a successful jungler to gank you then ask him to push with you unless you are both low enough for a double kill. When lvl 4, you can recall to buy Doran's Ring, Vision Ward, and three Health Potion, and Teleport back to tower if nothing is happening early game, despite where the minion wave is. After recalling, buy while walking to edge of fountain always until 20 minute mark.

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Early game

Depending on match ups, you may start Glitterlance instead. As blue team you can kill one sentry with Glitterlance start so you can get lvl 2 in 6 minions instead of 7.
Do not face check tri bush or river bush at top if the enemy top can be there to out trade you.

The enemy can use minions to block your passive when trading, so if you know you can win trade then use Help, Pix! offensively. It takes 7 minion kills for solo lanes to level, if enemy will get lvl 2 before you then sit at tower. It is hard to trinket at a specific time since some junglers have versatility in their routes. What you can do is fake ward by moving to a spot to pretend to ward, or when u push to tower u can sit in the river bush.

Stay half mana or above. Only use Whimsy during all ins or ganks or when you know where everyone is for a strong trade. Use speed if you expect your enemy to run, use polymorph if you expect them to turn around when you go for that kind of fight.

If the mid or jungler(who is missing the most) is missing then u should expect a gank and should back off. Get all 3 skills lvl 3 if you expect gank or all in.

After first back get a Vision Ward to ward the river bush near mid towards dragon or to deep ward the enemy jungle that isn't the buff bush. The deep pink ward in jungle will take the most time and highest risk. Try to ward with trinket the gromp / raptor area as that is the easiest after your lane is pushing(preferably under enemy tower). For warding the raptor make sure u see the jungle camp to see their jungler. For warding the gromp you dont need to ward the blue buff bush, just ward over the wall that can see both blue buff and gromp . If you see their jungler and he can 1v1 you or is not scared then you should just back off and ward a spot where he can't see you place since he is preventing u from deep warding. Generally you should have your jungler come help ward or roam, u let him show first before engaging since u dont want to die in a 1v1 before your jungler gets to do anything.

Try to save Teleport for turning around fights at mid or bot. If there is an enemy jungler and your jungler isn't near the action, then it's usually best not to tp since the enemy top can Teleport follow. If both junglers are there and its an even fight then you must teleport before the enemy does since being there sooner is more impactful. If your teammates can turn around or escape ganks safely, then you don't need to Teleport since the enemy will most likely disengage already. Let your teammates know when your summoners are down. If your Teleport is down while the enemy is up, you must urgently tell your team that it is so and that the only action the jungler can do is to gank top for that situation of Teleport discrepancy.

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Mid game

Mid game generally starts when a tower dies or when players get lvl 6 as that makes tower diving more potent. When you are lvl 6 and onward, if both top Teleport are down then you should tell your team to do dragon or siege bot since the enemy will most likely go top while you 5v4 at dragon or siege bot.

Get all tier 1 towers, trading towers is fine.

You should not change trinket and buy Vision Ward to help contest objectives better. Buy an Elixir of Sorcery if you expect a fight.

You should generally be grouped with team to see if you do not need to split push with Teleport since being at the instance of a fight its very important. Dont let your teammates push past river without grouping to ward enemy jungle. If your team is even then generally ward rivers and wait for next dragon fight. If your team is behind then generally ward your jungle/river and hope to get a pick. Try to get enemy buff timers then set up a minute before with deep wards and a pink when your team is ahead. Your team can implement split push strategy by warding jungle and enemy Teleport should be down or you expect him to not Teleport as quickly.

Your team can make plays when your massive minion wave is pushing by making a play on the opposite side of the map with an objective or decent minion wave to push. Or use the big wave by going with the huge minion wave for a strong siege or tower dive in that lane. With that in mind you should not deny grouping for such team plays for medium sized minion waves at your tower.

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Late game

Do not put down a Vision Ward if you are not contesting the area. Only engage in fights that you know your team can win. If your team is grouped and one of you gets picked on, disengage immediately with ultimate(unless someone like Lucian will benefit more with it to turn the fight around) and try to save your teammate. Usually a fight ensues from that since no one can afford to lose a teammate at this stage of the game.

Try to slow push a side lane by telling your a teammate to leave 1 siege minion and 2 caster minion alive, so you can coordinate a timed push on the other side of the map w/ the massive wave. If there is backdoor pressure on your base, then it is more imperative to ward your jungle and lane bushes.

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Only do dragon when 2 enemies are dead while your team isn't low, or it is a free dragon. A free dragon is when the enemy team is aced, their teleports are down, completely cleared their vision, they're taking top buff, or recalled to base.

If they have Fiddlesticks, Nunu, Master Yi, Udyr, Shaco, Elise, Karthus, Lee Sin, and possibly more(not to mention laners helping out), then you need to keep it warded from a specific lvl onward for a possible sneak.

If the enemy starts dragon, poke them until dragon is half hp, then fight. Poking them makes them disoriented to either finish, run, or fight. Dragon does aoe(area of effect) so if you start it, have one person in the pit to tank it away from team.

Do not do elder dragon with 2 people or less.

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When securing baron for bait or to take, you want to deep ward and ward surrounding bushes to keep from getting stolen or to get a pick. Do not exclude the tri bush towards top lane.

As purple team you want to pink outside the pit and sweep inside the pit.

As blue team u want to pink in the pit near the entrance so that the enemy doesn't kill it over the wall.

Do not stand behind baron when taking it. It does damage to everyone behind it.

Your teammates need to have sweepers and pinks to help. As for positioning when taking baron you need to stand outside the pit with your carries. As for ward kills in the pit, support should be the one since support's dmg against baron is least important. When the enemy is in the baron pit, hit the baron to make it hit your enemies. Never use your cc at baron when enemies are around. One person should zone the enemy team if they are coming to stop the baron attempt. Communicate with your team beforehand to finish, run, or turn to fight.

At 20min and onwards you must ward it against sneaks from high objective junglers such as Nunu, Udyr, Karthus, Fiddlesticks, Master Yi, and possibly more(not to mention laners helping out).

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Team fighting

Preemptively use oracle lens and pink ward for stealth champions. Peel for your carries but you may use your ult to follow up engage. Use Help, Pix! on teammates rather than enemies. Use Whimsy if your teammate or yourself mispositions or to let them deal more dps(damage per second) with the boost of speed. If they have carry melee like Riven or Zed then save Whimsy for them when they get in range of your carries. Same with mid range assassins like Ahri. Do not stack cc with Whimsy. Stay behind your adc.

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As of patch 6.7, lulu is behind the champs that I listed in the When to Pick Lulu chapter for the current meta. Similar to Maokai, lulu does rely on her team more than other top laners since lulu doesn't solo carry too hard. She works a lot better if you have Sivir and/or Ryze. All questions in the comments will be replied by private message.