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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eruner

***LUX*** For Skilled Players

Eruner Last updated on May 28, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

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Lux is very interesting and usefull hero. She can deal a lots of damage and turn fight into victory.


! Extremnly dangerous guide !
No Survivality items, no Defense, no Support, no Shield! Just Pure Offense!
Are you prepared for the Hardcore Agressive Lux Gameplay???

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Pros / Cons


Long Range Abilities
Burst Magic Damage
Early harrashing meele champions
Snare = Escape + Killing Tower Divers + Chasing/Last hitting running enemies
Combo skills

Cute blond girl


Low HP, fragile, squishy = you have to evade every damage, be out of range, run like pro
Skillshot abilities (sometimes hard to aim) + Predicting Opponents Moves
Relatively hard to play like Master, but incomparably easier to die like noob.
You have to know and dodge opponents abilities. In the other words, you have to be skilled player if you want to survive with Lux.

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Illumination is Lux's good pasive, and with that you can harrash enemies from early game. And later that damage stacks with Shen/Lich Bane, which means strong Auto-attacks while your spells are on cooldowns

This is your Strategic and Killing spell. Aim it properly and you will survive, rescue friend, chase opponent, or get a kill.
Light Binding is a little bit more importent than Lucent Singularity, so rush it sooner!

Little shield is fine for your team, but in this build it worths only when you have Lich Bane. This skill is usually maxed as the last thing OR as the first in Support Guides. In this Build we exchange this Defence for more Offense. Why? For more kills.
I often use Prismatic Barrier at Blue Buff Golem to active 500-700 LichBane's damage bonus, between "Q" "E" and Auto-Attacks.

Good harrash, farm, slow and explore skill. Remember to use you pasive + auto-attack for higher damage.
Sometimes throw it into Bush and explore area where can hide opponents to gang you.
Or use it for escaping, because of its slow, and deactivate it when they "pass" or stop chase you. Also you can prety slow minion waves and farm gold.

Finales Funkeln
When you are lv 6, you can start killing. Remember your power and watch opponents HP bars. Just aim at proper time (about 250 HP or less at lv 6).
In mid-late game with
Blue Buff and AP items you can make mess in opponents team by casting it every 24 seconds on them.
Anyway, you can prety clear one big minion wave with this and earn money. And in half-minute will be "R" ready, so don't worry to use this spell more often.

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Runes = Manna Regen + CDR + AP

Greater Seal of Replenishment
At early games, you need Manna and Manna Regen, because you will cast Lucent Singularity very often and then spare 200 manna for Q-R killing combo. {Hardcore Early Harrashing}
With Clarity you will have always enough manna (or you should) and then spamm spells more often {means more Total Damage}.

You are going to deal a LOTS OF DAMAGE!!!
So Magic Penetration worths. Or you can get some marks on manna/ap if you like, but this will deal surelly more damage.

With Marks and Masteries you will have 17% CDR. And with Blue Buff + 22% = 39% CDR, Excelent!
With this you wont waste your money on CDR item, but spent them on AP damage items as soon as possible.
So Cooldown problem solved.

Lux is AP hero, and such bonus on magic damage worths. Anyway, you can use any quints you preffer more, but no HP plz!

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Summoner Spells

Flash is your escape spell, but sometimes it can be used for chasing low-hp enemies.
Lux is very fragile, you have to survive no matter what, your opponents cant touch you! Dodge every spell you can, watch their moves, predict.

Usually I have zero or one death per game with Lux. All thanks to Flash.

And Clarity because of Manna and spamming your spells to get a kills. Btw, if you have Runes and items that solve Lux's manna problem, you can use different Summoner Spell instead

If you are really good at harrashing, lasthiting, chasing AND ESCAPING, use Ghost and edit Masteries for that.

If you want to be more support or you are skilled with Clairvoyance and have escape/mana problem solved, take it.

Ready for agressive close range risk? Get Ignite! You will get more Kills, but more deaths too, because you have to come into opponent's range.
Use Light Binding before Ignite and then instantly Finales Funkeln.

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Which Items...

There are only 3 options of your starting item:

No Health Potions! Dodge opponents abilities and save your HP and money!
Sapphire Crystal gives you enoug mana for nuking and harashing from very beginning.
Amplifying Tome - if you preffer not to waste manna or rush Mejai's Soulstealer
Boots of Speed - if you want to more auto-attack and dodge, but take some mana potion

Core items:

This build is about dealing damage.
Rushing Lich Bane and Rabadon's Deathcap, Zhonya's Hourglass for survivality and additional AP (2 seconds save your live more than extra HP!).
Magic Penetration is good agains MR opponents and for dealing more %Damage

Alternative items:

If you like, you can replace previos items by any of these.

Rejected items:

- This is a big mistake in many builds. Lux is not Ryze, she cant non-stop cast spells, she doesn't need huge manna pool. And many high-AP items don't give Manna, so Archangel Staff is useless here.

- if you keep dying and think you need survivality, you don't play Lux well. And for such money you can have Rabadon's Deathcape! Really, if you need some survivality, get Banshee's Veil. Its cheaper and blocks spells.

- bigger stupidity than Archangel Staff, you wont max its Passive, Lich Bane deals more damage right now.

- totaly useless with Lux's abilities. Slow during Snare? And when miss?
Do you want to kill or slow them with "R" Finales Funkeln??
Really, I tryed it, this item is not enough good for Lux.

Another regen support items - again, Lux is not typical support (like Janna). This is AP build.

"Second Rabadon's Deathcape??? Oh my...!"

Are you extremly fed?! Want massive damage??
Same Unique Passives don't stack, but additional 155 + (0.3x155) = 155 + 46.5 = 201.5 AP means +150 Magic Damage for your Ulti (R).

Why don't I use Meja??

Well, in PvP is different and harder than custom games, because my opponents aren't noobs (mostly). I don't like gambling when I'm not sure of success.
But anyway, if you preffer to have Mejai's Soulstealer, all right.

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Advanced Skill Build

Common skill build = E-Q-E-Q-E-R...
or common mistake = E-Q-E-W-E-R...

But my skill build = E-Q-E-Q-Q-R

As you can see, I get "Q" at lv 5 instead of "E".
Because it deals more damage than "E", cooldown is decreasing, and at lv 6 you start with killing. Damage them with relatively weak Lucent Singularity (about 100 dmg) and use your Light Binding combo at right time. Because its a secret weapon...

Don't max "E" too soon, it costs a lots for manna and opponents can dodge it.
Higher "Q" than "E" worths, but sometimes is clever to balance them.
Get "W" as the last skill, it will worths only with Lich Bane and high AP.

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Team Work

Your job in team is Snare enemies with Light Binding, with a good position and aiming you can Snare up to 2 Champions.
Auto-attacking after casting any your ability.
Checking Brushes with Lucent Singularity or for slowing running opponents.
Casting Finales Funkeln to stop huge minion waves and pushing enemies.
Always stand (run) out of the Range of Opponents and their skills. You have Tanks/Meele champions in your team to fight them in close combat. All you do is stealing kills from range {muhehehe}

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Last words


Autor: Eruner
LoL nick: Eruner7