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League of Legends Build Guide Author NamezAreUzelezz

Lux, the glass cannon of awsomeness

NamezAreUzelezz Last updated on March 5, 2011
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lux is a long ranged mage class, great at dealing large amounts of damage from a safe distance behind the tank/tanks.

Before reading this guide you must know, that this build will make lux extremely squishy!!!! Don't try it if you don't have any mapawareness.

This is my first guide, so the setup might be a little funny. But enjoy, and please leave a comment.

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for start i go with:
1x Meki Pendant and 2x Health Potion

on the first trip back i buy a Tear of the Goddess and either a Blasting Wand or a pair of Boots of Speed depending on cash and wether you'r dominating or getting dominated.

build it into Archangel's Staff on the next trip back.

after this i usualy upgrade my boots to Sorcerer's Shoes (if you can't afford runes or doesn't have the 30 mastery points, go with Ionian Boots of Lucidity) and start building my Rabadon's Deathcap or Mejai's Soulstealer.
(only go mejai if you are doing great, because enemy team will do ANYTHING to get these stacks away from you). If you grabbed go now.

Then go with Morello's Evil Morello's Evil Tome.

after this i like going with Rod of Rod of Ages, and at last a Lich Lich Bane. whenever you can afford it grab a Elixir of Brilliance for the extra CDR and AP.


I always build my Archangel first, since i don't think Rod of Ages supports you with the mana you need to fully dominate the lane, and if you play with just a little awareness lux's range should make up for the small amount of life.

I grab sorc boots, because i don't feel Ionian is needed, since you should get plenty CDR from Morello's Evil Tome, runes/masteries and the Elixir of Brilliance).

Rabadon's Deatehcap Rabadon's Deathcap really should explain itself.

Later on grabing Rod of Ages will give you a little extra survivability which you will need! (if grabbing Mejai's Soulstealer, i usualy skip , since you should be doing so well surviving should be but a small problem, els you shouldn't have gotten in the first place). If they focus the **** out of you skip Lich Bane instead.
Finally i go Lich Bane, because i LOVE seeing basic attacks hit 1k+ after each spell.


i would normally take those instead of Lich Bane or Rod of Ages, if needed of course.

Banshee's Veil if there's an Ashe or Malzhar or something like that who keeps spamming ulti in you'r face. (or anyone els, who owns you by opening up with CC).

Zhonya's Hourglass if there's one of these crazy DPS guys (like Yi) who keeps focusing u first in teamfights, pop the active and hope for your team to take care of him.

Guardian Angel if you just find yourself dying too much, (don't get this if you know you won't have a chance to escape after death anyway).

Rylai's Crystal Scepter if you REALLY need the extra HP, not the best choice on lux, since most her spells already have CC.

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Skilling Order

i max Lucent Singularity first, (though of course grabbing Finales Funkeln Finales Funkeln whenever available), then i go with Light Binding, or if you feel like you are getting owned, go with Prismatic Barrier if not max this last. (YOU SHOULDN'T GET OWNED!!!!)

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Summoner Abilities

I go with Flash and Clairvoyance.

Flash is and excelent spell for both chasing and escaping.

Clairvoyance is a great scouting tool for ganks, and for spotting enemies on the run, making them easy to pick up with Finales Funkeln Finales Funkeln. Besides those reasons, it's epic for spotting enemy team at Dragon/Baron and then stealing it with Finales Funkeln Finales Funkeln.

Other options.

Ghost is also a nice skill for escaping or chasing enemies.

Teleport is great for defending towers, or farming a huge wave of minions instead of just letting tower get all that nice gold.

Clarity if you truly are a mana*****.

Ignite can also be used, but i don't recommend it, since mid/late game lux won't be in close range, unless you know you would win the 1 v 1 anyway.