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Zac Build Guide by MadMike96

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MadMike96

MadMike96's Guide to Breaking the Meta as Zac Support

MadMike96 Last updated on April 7, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threat Champion Notes
Lulu Lulu definitely has the poke advantage, however most of her abilities have a long cool down and once you jump on her she will most probably burn all of them at once, she is very squishy and very easy to pick off is you catch her roaming.
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Introduction: WHAT?! ZAC SUPPORT?!

Hi there Summoners and welcome to my very first MobaFire Guide featuring everyone's favourite Blob, Zac, hanging in the Bottom Lane helping his carry like the good guy he is. Don't worry I am not a troll, Zac Support is not meta but it is viable thanks to some very strong CC in Zac's Kit which we will explain in a moment. Zac is a tanky support with a large amount of CC that scales well with HP and AP, very similar to Leona.

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Pros / Cons

Of course you are all asking the same question at this point, Why should I play Zac Support, well Summoner, I'm glad you asked.


However there are a number of things to consider when playing Zac:

  • Abilities cost a percentage of his health, which can get out of hand quickly if you can't pick up your Goo chunks.
  • Goo chunks can be destroyed by enemy champions stepping on them.
  • Elastic Slingshot can be interrupted by any hard CC unless he is already in air.

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Skills and Sequencing

Cell Division is Zac's passive, and it's the most defining part of Zac. It consists of two parts: If you die, you will split up into 4 blobs of goo. The goo spreads out and moves towards the centre for 8 seconds. If they each you, you are reborn with a percentage on your maximum health (between 10% and 50% depending on how many blobs the enemy champion destroyed). This will make you undiveable early on and will often give you a second life in a teamfight, as the enemies won't have the time to kill your pieces while your team is still alive.

If you know you are going to die, try to get as close as possible to your tower or team members to prevent your enemy from destroying the pieces.
Can also be used for a very nice bait (5 Minute cooldown though).
Building tanky will make your blobs tanky as well. (They get 12% of your HP and 50% of your resistances.)

The second part of his passive is Zac's sustain. Whenever you hit an enemy with your abilities, a blob of goo will be dropped from you in a random direction. If you walk over it, you will get 4% max. health back, while your abilities only cost 4% of your current health while casting. However, enemy champs can simply stomp your blobs and they disappear after a few seconds.

The more health you have lost, the faster you will regenerate through your abilities.
Be careful with spamming your abilities when there is an enemy champ nearby, you might end up harassing yourself.
If you are wounded and alone, attack whatever you see in range to refresh your health if you don't want to recall.
VERY IMPORTANT!!! Don't just automatically run towards your blobs, think twice if you would take more damage than the blob could heal.

Stretching Strike is Zac's Q skill. It is a small-medium range AoE Skillshot that damages and slows all enemies in a row in front of you. You should max this one second to lower it's cooldown and increase your harassment (slow gets stronger with each level, damage scales higher and faster than Unstable Matter).

Use this for ranged harassment if your lane opponent is stronger than you. However, try not to push your lane while doing so.
Nothing wrong with spamming this ability during your laning phase. The blobs don't come from the target you hit, but from your body so the chance that you can recollect them without getting in danger is quite high.
Free line

Unstable Matter is Zac's W skill. It is a small-ranged AoE ability that damages all enemies near your for a small amount of damage and a specific percentage of their max. health. Max this one last as its cooldown is constant and its early game damage is very low.

The damage is instant and the ability is on a very low cooldown, so it can be used for last hits and for pushing.
The ability deals % of health damage, so it is a very useful tool against tanks.
The cooldown on this ability decreases for every goo chunk you pick up.
You can use this ability while casting your ultimate, Let's Bounce. You should do this while there are many enemies nearby for maximum damage in a teamfight.

Elastic Slingshot is Zac's E skill, and is the reason why playing Zac is so much fun. It is a long range AoE skillshot with increasing range while channeling. When used, you jump towards the chosen location, deal some heavy splash damage and knocks back nearby enemies. You can use this to jump over walls at places where a flash isn't enough to surprise your enemy. Max this first to increase the damage, lower the cooldown and get truly epic range.

Use this to gank, escape, get back to lane quicker, steal buffs or knockup entire teams! This ability is SO versatile.
This ability generates extra chunks for your passive if you hit more enemy champions, so it will help keeping your health high if you hit it.
Hard CC will interrupt you while channeling. However, if you clicked for your jump just before an enemy is hitting you with CC, you will jump the full length and be CC'd upon arrival.
It has a very high cooldown early on, so try not to waste it.
It does some good damage and grants a 1s knockup, there is nothing wrong with casting it at point blank range in a melee encounter, so the enemy can't evade it.
When roaming, get your teammates to tell you about the enemy's warding spots, you can often jump without being seen at all!

Let's Bounce is Zac's ultimate. It makes him jump into the air and bounce three times. Every time you touch the ground nearby enemies are knocked up and backwards, damaged and slowed. However, a single enemy can't be knocked up more than once and the damage is reduced to 50% after the first hit. Additionally, he gains bonus movement speed while bouncing. You should take a point in this whenever possible, as it greatly reduces cooldown and increases damage.

In a teamfight, you shouldn't waste all your bounces on one target, but jump around between your enemies and knock back at least 3 or 4 champions of their team. This also increases damage output.
You can cast Unstable Matter while bouncing for extra damage.
You can not cast Elastic Slingshot or Stretching Strike while bouncing, but you can use active Items like Randuin's Omen and summoners spells
As you gain movement speed and knock back nearby champs, this ultimate can also be used for escaping in situations where Elastic Slingshot would be interrupted (e.g. against Vi or any other short-CD-hard-CC-champ) or is on cooldown. However, you should try not to rely on this too often.

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So when it comes to tanky supports like Leona and Braum (and now Zac), we all know that Relic Shield is a strong start, the ability to execute minions and put your ADC ahead in CS, Gold and Exp is nothing short of Legendary. 3 Health Potions for that all important sustain, and remember the ward, you would think I'm wasting my time mentioning this but WARDS SAVE LIVES! If on your first back, you have >1300 gold, you definitely want to buy a Sightstone and upgrade your Relic Shield to Targon's Brace, if you have <1300, just buy the Sightstone, we all know how important wards are right? RIGHT?! THEY SAVE LIVES! And remember to switch your Warding Totem out for a Sweeping Lens.

After that buy Locket of the Iron Solari the aura bonus gives your ADC a bit more resistance to poke in lane, and lets Zac sponge more damage with extra health and magic resist, the CDR is a boon as well. After your Locket, Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a great item to build as Zac stacks perfectly with the Health and AP it gives. Randuin's Omen is a great all round choice on Zac as it provides solid tank stats. Upgrade your Sightstone to Ruby Sightstone for even more health, Targon's Brace into Face of the Mountain for MOAR HEALTH!!! and the shield too and Sweeping Lens into Oracle's Lens.

Now onto Boots. Most Boots work well on Zac, Mercury's Treads for Tankiness against AP teams and Tenacity buff, Ninja Tabi against AD Teams, Ionian Boots of Lucidity for some CDR on your E (which is greatly appreciated). But Zac works best with Boot's Of Mobility, they are great for roaming initiates, running from lane to lane jumping on people is what Zac is all about, they are also very useful for warding without getting caught out, as you can just run away, just be careful to not get hit if you do get caught out or your speed buff will go away.

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We take Magic Penetration Marks as Zac deals primarily AP damage with his abilities, we wouldn't want any pesky Magic Resist stopping us now would we? Then we take Scaling Health Seals over Flat Health as we get more Health in the long run. Magic Resist Glyphs are useful to give Zac the tanky stats he needs. And Armour Quints because we took Health Seals, so a good balance of the 2.

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As a tank Support, you can take either 0/9/21 or 0/21/9. Both are viable and I recommend trying both. With 0/9/21 you take points for more Health and Reduced Damage in the Defense Tree, and pretty basic Support Masteries, ignoring anything that has the word 'Mana' in it, Zac hates mana so much, he doesn't even use it. With the 0/21/9 build, take points in Perseverance and Second Wind , Hardiness , 3/4 of Legendary Guardian and of course Tenacious , and in the support tree, make sure you take the 9 points up to Biscuits.

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Bottom Lane Match Ups

I will be updating this as I play more of Zac Support (You'd be surprised just how few people are alright with Meta breaking).

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Now let's wrap this up:

Thank you very much for reading my first guide and I hope you have fun playing Zac as a Support. This guide will be a work in progress and I will update it as I learn more, feel free to message me if I've missed anything. Thanks and have fun Blobbing.

Massive thanks to ISOLANPORZELLATOR who's amazing Zac guide taught me so much about Zac I didn't know.
And also to JhoiJhoi for her Guide on how to make Guides.