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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Compy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Compy

Make it Rain - Hybrid MF

Compy Last updated on October 13, 2011
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The latest patch made Miss Fortune's ultimate scale off ability power and attack damage. Of course, we all laughed when Phreak said "hybrid MF could be a popular build," but I tried it, and wow. It rocks.

This MF build is designed to make use of that change. Ability power on MF does a couple of great things:

    1) It now adds great damage to her ultimate, making team fights absolutely hilarious.

    2) It turns Make it Rain into a superb farming ability as well as more AOE damage in a

    3) It adds extra damage to Impure Shots, making it so that a hybrid MF (especially with attack speed like this build, still does really great autoattack damage.

The playstyle is completely different, however, but if you're up to trying something new, then go ahead. Fair warning: if you don't do well, prepare to get raged at for a stupid item build. Placement of the Ultimate is KEY. If you are able to hit all of the enemy champions for the entire duration of your ultimate, your team WILL win a teamfight. Especially once you get a Deathcap.

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    10-12-11 First Draft Done and Uploaded
    10-13-11 First Video added Created Ult Placement Section, expanded Items section.

Thanks for the support guys! This guide is still under construction. I welcome any feedback for the new Hybrid MF Build. I am working on creating more videos and still experimenting with the build.

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Who I am

Name's Compy. (Summoner name is Compy386) I have 1100+ wins on Summoner's Rift. I am fairly good with many champions, and in fact Miss Fortune holds a special place in my heart because she was the first new champion that came out after I started playing the game. I saved IP for what seemed like forever (which was so hard to do- I really loved buying champs) She was the first 6300 IP champ I bought. I love her. I recommend the Secret Agent skin :)

This guide is not designed to be PRO or for ranked play. I have played maybe 5 ranked games in my life. I would not presume to recommend any builds for ranked play because ranked games are stupid and not fun.

My philosophy is one of teamwork. I play normals with 4 dudes every night, and I like to do things that win the game, not inflate my Kill/Death ratio. If you are the kind of player who likes to get tons of KEEELZ and then complain that your allies are noob feeders when you start losing teamfights, then I don't like you and I don't want you using my guide.

One reason I like this build so much is that it completely changes the mentality it takes to play Miss Fortune. You are there to tip the balance in a teamfight. If your team wins teamfights, you will win the game.

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Playing it Cool

MF might be a psychopathic murderess, but as her summoner, you have to make sure she plays it cool. This build is not designed to get what me and my friends call KEELZ. You must be patient. Farm up during the laning phase and try to get your Needlessly Large rod before the teamfights break out. Your not the AD Carry anymore, you are there to ensure that in teamfights the enemy team is decimated.

STAY IN THE BACK - stop trying to get KEELZ. Don't worry, the kills will come. Deny areas with Make it Rain. If enemies are dumb enough to stand in it (and many are- after so many games with AD MF's Make it Rain doing minimal damage) it will allow your tanks/bruisers to get in there to finish them off.

The moment you are waiting for is when their team commits. When the fight is initiated by them it's easy to keep cool. They will want to fight. If your team initiates, wait a second or two to see if the enemy team commits, then use your ult.

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Why this build works:

Mana Regen - mana regen runes and from Nashor's Tooth gives you the ability to spam Make it Rain with no problem. Make it rain will kill an entire creep wave with a little AP, so using this build can get you dangerously rich.

CDR - this build gives you max CDR so you can Make it Rain every 5-6 seconds and Bullet Time every 50 seconds

AP - As stated above, AP does several great things for MF. Watch and laugh as enemies think they can tank Make it Rain with no problem. With this build, it does 500+ damage.

AD - the AD from Brutalizer and Madred's (Pickaxe should be your first purchase building this - then Recurve Bow) combined with the passive from Impure Shots makes your autoattack do great damage.

Attack Speed - The attack speed from Impure Shots' active, Nashor's Tooth and Madred's Bloodrazer helps you build up the bonus damage from Impure Shots (which stacks 4 times) You will not want for Auto Attack damage with this build.

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Purchase Order

Starting Items:

Long Sword Health Potion

First trip back:

The Brutalizer Boots of Speed

Second trip back:

Fiendish Codex

Usually the first teamfight will happen when you have brutalizer and codex. It's ok to hold off on boots because of MF's passive run speed as long as you STAY IN THE BACK (see Playing it Cool)


Boots of Swiftness or Sorcerer's Shoes

I've experimented with getting Sorc Boots with this build, but I think I llke boots of swiftness better. This will be preference. I think getting into position faster for a great ultimate is slightly better, but Sorc Boots do give your ultimate a little extra punch. Try both to see which you like.

Once you get boots, finish your Nashor's Tooth

This is actually the most important part of the game. If you can finish Nashor's Tooth quickly enough (usually through a couple kills/assists in teamfights) then the rest of the game will be smooth sailing. If you are too slow to get it, Make it Rain won't kill an entire minion wave anymore, so getting the Needlessly large rod will be a tad more difficult.

Once you get a Needlessly Large Rod, just wait patiently. Make sure you don't get jumped from the bushes and stay behind your tanky folks. You want to be there in case of a team fight.

Finish Rabadon's Deathcap

By now you have had several teamfights, and with good positioning of your ultimate you have probably won them...Rabadon's takes it to the next level.

Bulding Madred's Bloodrazor is really icing on the cake. At this point, it is Late Game - You should build Madred's first by getting a Pickaxe, then Recurve Bow. With your AD/Attack speed boost, your autoattacks will HURT just like any AD MF out there...and with Madred's finished, you will be able to destroy people.

Last Item -

The Bloodthirster or Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel

Although it is rare that the game goes this long - the last item is up for debate, lifesteal seems like a good choice here since you have so much attack speed, so Bloodthirster seems to work. Banshee's might be a good choice as well - a coordinated team will have looked at your build by now after noticing your Ultimate KILLS EVERYTHING and will save any stuns/silences for when you cast it.

Other Items

I don't choose to get a hextech because I never want to be close enough to use the active. That might be a bad reason not to get it, but the item progression I've worked out here I really like and am comfortable with.

Rylai's might be excellent. The added slow to your ult would make it that more potent. It also gives some survivability. I am currently experimenting with working this item into the progression.

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9 x Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
9 x Greater Seal of Replenishment
2 x Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction
6 x Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power
3 x Greater Quintessence of Desolation


Magic Pen marks are vital to this build. These, combined with Sorc Boots (if you get them) will cause your spells to hurt, as well as the bonus damage from Impure Shots and Madred's


Mana Regen yellows are also necessary. One great thing about this build is the ability to farm without standing and fighting. You can run up with Strut on and cast Make it Rain and then retreat knowing that you will get all the gold. This makes the most use of Strut and helps prevent ganks. It is not uncommon to get close to 300 minion kills with this build. Look out for those really big minion waves that threaten your towers after a prolonged push. One spell will kill them all and make you rich. Mana regen runes allow you to turn your mana into money, so having that mana in the first place is paramount.


3 CDR/level blues- it might be a little strange to mix blues like this, but 3 CDR/level blues puts you over max. 2 Might be better, but I prefer having 40% CDR over 39.75 or something like that because I'm anal (chuckle)

7 AP/Level blues - 19 more ability power at the end of the game is a little help to your damage. These runes are subject to debate. I'm currently experimenting with other blues.

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Ult Placement

Using your ult effectively is the crux of this build. If you are not aware of the map or aren't able to recognize situations, then you may want to steer clear of this build. I am currently working on making videos to support this guide, and this kill happened early on in the game:

This illustrates where Bullet Time really shines. Do it to "cover" retreats, and often those retreats will turn into full blown teamfights where the chasers become the chased. A little luck doesn't hurt either :)

This is the strength of this build.

*** More videos incoming ***

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Pros / Cons


Farming - This build allows you to farm safely. You can farm an entire minion wave with Make it Rain. You don't have to stand in one place and attack them, this means you can run up, cast Make it Rain, and then run away collecting experience and gold....allowing you to be exposed as little as possible and to move around a lot

Teamfight = Win - this build is about winning teamfights, not about being able to kill X Champion. Ad carries traditionally value themselves based on whether they can get in, kill their target. People will argue about who to "focus" all day, why not just sit back and focus ALL of them with Bullet time?? :D

Attack Speed - Your attack speed and bonus magic damage from Impure Shots makes you able to kill people more quickly then they realize.

Laning - Early game you are a big threat. I suggest going bottom with a teammate. If someone gets to close, slow them with make it rain and turn on Impure will do tons of damage.

Unexpected - For a long time now, Bullet Time and Make it Rain haven't been too powerful. People aren't afraid of either. Since you are ranking up Make it Rain FIRST, and you have some AP and Magic Pen, it will take them completely by surprise. The first few teamfights people may even charge into your ultimate, not realizing what's about to happen to them.

Miss Fortune's Maniacal Laughter - This build is all about Bullet Time, and Bullet Time is the only ability in the game that is accompanied by the most delicious and exhilarating maniacal, murderous laughter. Enjoy.


They're All Gonna Laugh at You! - Be prepared to be blamed if things don't go well. Your personal performance must be exemplary (and with a little practice it will be). People will look at your items and say "HAHAHA MF noob." Just brush it off. You and I both know a trained monkey could go 19-4 with Akali, but don't get in an argument.

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So, give my guide a try. Keep an open mind and try not to let it get to you when people make fun of you. The first time you get really good positioning on your ultimate and DESTROY the ENTIRE ENEMY TEAM will be completely worth it. Be prepared for 5-1 trades and double, triple, and quadra kills (haven't got a penta with it yet, but maybe you can!)

Good luck, and Happy Hunting.