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Amumu Build Guide by tecknologic

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tecknologic

make your enemy cry for their mummy with amumu

tecknologic Last updated on June 8, 2013
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hey guys tecknologic5555 here bringing you my first guide on amumu jungler, I do take all feedback and will try to keep this up to date as I learn during my LoL plays.

please enjoy - tecknologic5555

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when farming the jungle with amumu I'll ask for a leash on blue and have them assist in wolfs then blue then you can go wraiths, red, double golems, base, wolfs/wraiths then gank the lane you are closest to or needs a gank, remember to keep wards are your entrances to your own jungle and if counter jungling don't be afraid to go throw up a ward at their blue/red also don't forget the ward at drag and baron (I wouldn't worry about wards at drag till about 5-6 minutes into the game) baron on the other hand I have a pink ward there a few seconds after he spawns

(side note about baron)

if you're with a good carry for example my friend plays twitch when I'm amumu we can two man baron no issue while the team keeps pressure on the enemy we sweep up from behind ace the enemy and win from there not much of an issue at all

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Pros / Cons

- great jungler/fast clears
- natural tanky easy clears
- great ganks after 6
- easy to learn how to play

- blue reliant up to a certain lvl
- iffy gank power before 6

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I personally use Flash and Smite with amumu.
Flash great for that quick save myself or to close on a target while bandage is on CD
Smite well 9/10 junglers take smite for a few reasons 1 secure a buff kill 2 secure drag 3 secure baron and 4 my all time fav give tibbers a taste of smite

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looks like this is all I can think to put up here at the moment if you "the readers" see anything else you'd like me to put into this guide or more info let me know with some feedback I'll be happy to see what I can do thanks for reading

- tecknologic5555