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Malphite Build Guide by FlameVanityWolf

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FlameVanityWolf

Malphite 5vs1? No Problem!

FlameVanityWolf Last updated on June 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So this is my guide to becoming the very best tank Malphite there is. Sure, I have only just recently found my new profound love for Malphite but i assure you that this is a guide you don't want to miss. I have made this guide quick, simple and to the point, so please stick around to the very end :D. Sorry there's no pictures, but if I get above 10 votes I'll start adding them in and make it look all pretty and professional.

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Pros and Cons

+Passive allows you to be really tanky
+good initiate/escape abilities
+good damage mid and late game (even without AD/AP items)
+good harasser
+good AOE spells
+great team fight initiator

-Huge mana spammer
-not as much damage early game

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Note - things not included in stats

All Masteries:
Maximum hp by 3%
reduce damage by 1.5%
0.45 cooldown reduction per level(8.1% at lv18)
reduce damage by 2
+30 hp
reduce damage taken from area effect abilites by 1%
+6 health per level(+108 at lv18)
+1 health regen
+4 amour
+4 magic resist
heal's health increase; increases by 10%
+4 ap
+4% cooldown reduction
+10% magic pen

Unique passives:
reduce 10% damage from basic attacks
reduce attack speed of nearby enemies by 20%
being hit on standard attacks it returns 30% damage back as magic damage
1.5% maximum health in damage
revives champion upon death (can only effect after 5 minute of previous use

+4.5% maximum health

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So why these items you may ask? first i would like to start with Doran's Shield a great opener with good health, good health regen and great armor how could you go wrong? Next on the list is Ninja Tabi, it has a great passive with 10% reduce damage (from basic attacks) it is a must have up until the end. Frozen Heart, great amour and huge amount of mana that you need with a great passive for tankers (Reduces the Attack Speed of nearby enemies by 20%) it's another must have. Now it's time to make better use of the passive (absorb 10% of damage from maximum health) by adding the tankiest item in the game; Warmog's Armor and if your a genius like i am you'll know it gives you heaps of health (approximately 1270+passive = 1397 extra hp). Next up on the list we have a Thornmail around this point in the game the opponents ad carry like Master Yi or Xin Zhao have probably been feed by your team and have really high damage output and it's your job to stop them with what is known as a Thornmail and also it scales up your E for extra damage, with a large chunk of Armour not to mention it's a passive it will make their ad carry think twice before attacking you. So what do you do with all this armour and health you ask well then build an Atma's Impaler and find out, with even more armour you get also crit chance and damage although if you haven't won by now it's either cause you guys have an afk or feeder/noob or the other team has a hell of a team or you guys are just trolls either way... Anyways next and the last item is Guardian Angel an item that allows you to get a second life although i have never reached past atmas i am sure that with this item you will dominate even further with thier team losing 9/10 of thier health trying to finish you off you can be GODLIKE and single hand score a pentakill and with your passive up again not only do you get that measly 750hp but an extra 10% of maximum hp bringing it to a total of 1055hp but in theory you shouldn't need this item (but it's just for safe measures, you know just in case you get hit by Karthus' cheap ult).

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Optional Items(options include items with more MR)

MR Substitution Items
First lets start with the boots, maybe the other team has no ad carries and its all stun and snares and so on, so what do you do as a tank to stop all this, a simple solution; buy Mercury's Treads instead of Ninja Tabi with good tenancy and good MR you'll be smashing the other team.

DON'T STRESS OUT IF U STILL DON'T HAVE THAT MUCH MR AND WANT MORE!!!. There is a simple trick, just replace Thornmail or Atma's Impaler with a Banshee's Veil you know that thing with the cross that blocks the next incoming spell yeah and you're on your way.

Another item that you can substitute Thornmail or Atma's Impaler with is Force of Nature. With good magic resist and a passive that gives good health regen, it's not bad, acting as a good replacement.

Other Substitution Items
Randuin's Omen, now this piece of work goes well with this full armornized build having good amour and some great health but that's just the basics as it also has a passive like frozen heart slowing attack speed even more and it's active also scales with MR and amour so picking this is ideal although i didn't pick this because i already have Thornmail and is quite expensive. But if you really want this item i would say substitute it for Thornmail because if there attack speed gets any slower then they won't be attacking at all thus rendering Thornmail of most of it's purpose gone but if you want it get Heart of Gold(part of the recipe for Randuin's Omen) after Ninja Tabi and before Frozen Heart.

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The mark runes - 9 Greater Mark of Armor (+o.91 Armour each). Good armour to help you focus your inner tankiness, allowing you to be just that much stronger early game (don't need as much late game due to high armour items)

The seal runes - 9 Greater Seal of Endurance (+0.5% health each). These are a no brainer. You are a tank; you NEED HP!!!

The glyph runes - 9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+ 1.34 magic resist each). Some good magic resist to protect you from the worst of the AP champions.

The Quintessences - 3 Greater Quintessence of Scaling Magic Resist (+0.37 magic resist per level (+6.66 at champion level 18)). As you can see, the build lacks a bit of magic resist, but this should get you back on track, with the glyph rune helping early game. This helps you battle AP champs from mid to late game.

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Skill Sequence

Have passive up -> R-> W-> E and W, tanking everyone until they're running away. Then, -> Q to slow the low health characters down, allowing your team to pick up the kills. Don't be afraid to tank some towers(if not below 25% hp) if you know they don't have any CC or if they are low on mana. After all, you are the tank.

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Malphite is a complete mana spammer, so if you just happen to be passing by the blue golem, take it quickly, and you will be unstoppable (just make sure that the heavily mana dependent carries in your team have priority).

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Summoner Spells

The ones I chose:
Flash- the escape route that you have, especially when your R isn't up, ideal for most characters that also includes Malphite.
Heal- great early game spell, allows you to be aggressive with your passive as well and also your the tank it is only ideal that you are the one taking loads of amounts of damage. It is also an alright late game spell (it could even be classified as game changing spell as your whole team will benefit from that extra bit of hp).

Optional Spells that are worth mentioning:
Clarity- Malphite is a mana spammer which makes this a great spell but the reason I didn't choose this was that I had my frozen heart and that I mostly just used my mana to harass so that I could farm; the real damage was after the frozen heart so I didn't find much use to this as I could also take the blue golem if I really was that desperate for mana although you might think differently. So take this instead of heal if you please.
Smite- Only if you intend to jungle.

Pointless spells:
Revive- you're a tank. YOU DON'T DIE!!!(much if you're not a good escape artist but you have Flash and his r and a slow)
Exhaust- i even need to answer this, u already have a slow that deals heaps of damage
Ghost- no point really, you already can slow and catch up with your q or r and even if you get close to them you won't do that much damage and how did they escape in the first place?

The other spells are... not good, not bad but just whatever

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I hope you have enjoyed my guide 'Malphite 1vs5 no problem! and that i hope you use my guide as well, constructive feedback is also appreciated, thank you for your time.