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Malphite Build Guide by royalcookie

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League of Legends Build Guide Author royalcookie

Malphite-A Lesson on Ownage

royalcookie Last updated on August 5, 2012
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Hey everyone, this is my Malphite build guide. I almost never lose with this build, it almost always gets the enemy team to surrender

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Ok, this is what makes or breaks you as malphite.
[*] The first thing you need is Boots of Speed and a Mana Potion. Malphite has serious early game mana issues, especially if you poke hard. Since you will get your slow first and use it a lot when you are helping your carry, i recommend the Mana Potion. I don't buy a Health Potion because i don't seem to need it, people don't usually target a Malphite and when they do, your passive takes most of the poke.
[*] Next is your lvl 2 boots, Mercury's Treads, these boots are great if the other team has hard cc and give u magic resist against their team.
[*] Next is your Glacial Shroud this is very important on Malphite because of its cooldown reduction. Malphite is all abilities so CDR is great.
[*] After that buy a Heart of Gold, since you will be giving all your cs and kills to your carry, you need a 5 per 10 gold item. This allows you to stay in the game when it comes to gold. You will get an occasional kill with you ground slam so that will help also.
[*] Next build your Glacial Shroud into a Frozen Heart. This is a core item on Malphite as its also reduces the attack speed of nearby enemy champs by 20%. This is extremely effective against the enemy team's AD carry.
[*] Next pick up a Warmog's Armor, at this point you are basically unkillable. Unless you get bogged down by 3 or 4 enemies you should have no problem escaping with plain running and a Seismic Shard, or a flash and even an Unstoppable Force if you have to. Remember: You can ulti over walls!
[*] Next build you Heart of Gold into a Randuin's Omen, don't forget to use its active! When you use the active on this in combination with the passive of the Frozen Heart, it stops the AD carry in their tracks. Their attack speed is drastically reduced, so is their movement speed, especially if you hit them with a Seismic Shard.
[*] Next is a Force of Nature this gives you magic resist and health regen. It's great against the enemy AP carry.
[*] Finally, pick up another Warmog's Armor if the game is still going on. More Health--->More survivability--->Less deaths--->Less feed


This is probably the most important section of this guide. As Malphite, you rarely follow a set build. If the enem team is heavy on AD, don't bother with a force of nature, the money can be better spent. I rarely use this build at all, this is designed for an ideal team with a tank,off-tank,AP carry, AD carry, and support player. Almost no team you come across will be so balanced. Almost all teams are heavy on AD or AP. ADAPT!
[*] Base your items on who you are laning against!
[*] I usually buy Ninja Tabi as my boots because i am usually matched up with the enemy AD carry.
[*] I also usually don't buy a Force of Nature either. I usually go like this, Ninja Tabi, Glacial Shroud, Heart of Gold, Frozen Heart, Warmog's Armor, Randuin's Omen, AND THEN:fill in the rest of my spaces with SITUATIONAL ITEMS.
Please do not follow this build exactly! I cannot stress it enough, in order to be good with Malphite You Must Adapt!!
Some situational items you can buy are:More Warmog's Armor more health is never bad
Quicksilver Sash

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Health V. Armor

Many people can't decide whether to build massive amounts of health, or massive amounts or armor and magic resist. Ill settle this dispute with an example.

Situation 1:
You have 100 armor and 2000 hp. An enemy Varus walks up to you. Varus has 100 AD at the moment. Lets say 100 armor gives you 60% reduced physical damage. Varus now hits you for a 40 every auto-attack. At 2000 HP it will take him (2000/40)=50 auto-attacks.
Now, you built a Thornmail and have 200 armor. Don't forget, armor does not scale proportionally!. Your 200 armor now gives you 70% reduced physical damage. You still have you 2000 HP and Varus still has 100 AD. Now Varus hits a 30 on you with each attack. This would take him (2000/30)=66.6666=67 auto attacks. Great! he has to attack you 17 more times! Read the next example.

Situatuon 2:
Your have 100 armor and 2000 HP. An enemy Varus walks up to you. Varus has 100 AD at the moment. Lets say 100 armor gives you 60% reduced physical damage. Varus now hits you for a 40 every auto-attack. At 2000 HP it will take him (2000/40)=50 auto-attacks.
Now you bought a Warmog's Armor and killed a couple of creeps, you now have 3000 HP. Varus still has 100 AD and still hits you for 40 each attack because your amor is still 100. Now, (3000/40)=75. WOW,having the Warmog's Armor caused Varus to need 8 more attacks to kill you, this may seem insignificant, but it is definitely not. This build actually calls for a lot of armor so you may think I am a don't know what I'm talking about. Believe me I do, the items i build are used less for the armor they give, and more for their passives and active, the armor is just a nice bonus. Sometimes i walk out of a game with 3 or 4 Warmog's Armor, believe me, after the second one, you will almost NEVER die in a team fight, with the fact that you won't be targeted first and your massive health, you should not die. Even when you initiate with your Unstoppable Force and immediately get attacked by everyone, you rarely die, trust me.

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Anyway, Thanks For Reading!

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