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Malzahar Build Guide by Vertaebreaker

Malzahar Begginers Guide

Malzahar Begginers Guide

Updated on June 10, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vertaebreaker Build Guide By Vertaebreaker 5,250 Views 3 Comments
5,250 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Vertaebreaker Malzahar Build Guide By Vertaebreaker Updated on June 10, 2011
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Hi there I am Vertae and this is the build I have found to be the best for me over my year of playing Malz. He's my favorite champ because he is an amazing farmer probably the best along with Mordekaiser as far as early farming goes. Also great disabler with silence an stunlock. The idea behind this build is to be able to get fed with out getting kills. It should keep you in the lane for a long time with out the need to go to base. Well lets get started.
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Pro / Cons

Great Farmer
Good Ult
Can drop tanks with Null Zone
Voidlings are great damage dealers especially x2
Self Replenishing Mana -- Malefic Visions

No Escape Mechanism
Ult easily Escaped from or stopped. (Stuns, Cleanse, Gangplank Fruit, taunt)
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The Runes I chose were 3 Greater Quintessence of Ability Power 9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration 9 Greater Seal of Vitality and 9 Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction. Ok I chose Greater Quintessence of Ability Power and Greater Mark of Magic Penetration just for damage so you can get your visions from 1 minion to the next but I will talk about that later. Greater Seal of Vitality they are for health since you wont know if its Ashe or LeBlanc choosing armor, dodge, or magic resist just didn't make any sense. Finally Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction for the cooldown reduction so many times I have put my visions on a minion starting to farm, then the enemy decides its a good time to rush you. Thats when you need that cooldown reduction.
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So I go 9 offense 0 defense and 21 utility. Lets go over the


3 into Archmage's Savvy extra ability power no brainer. I put 1 point into Deadliness just because you have to. If you want to get Sorcery and Archaic Knowledge which we do. They give you more cooldown reduction and 15% magic penetration. Ok over to


I put 1 point into Haste I take Ghost as a summoner spell so it makes sense if you dont like ghost put it somewhere else. 3 points into Perserverance mana regen need that, HP regen thats cool to. Awareness get leveled before them. That could give you an edge. I don't take Greed the gold output is not worth the point. Your visions will feed you well Especially if you have your good buddy Twisted Fate and his passive Loaded Dice. Expanded Mind and Meditation give more mana pool and mana regen. It goes well with your Archangel's Staff. 1 point into Blink of a Eye I like Flash great escape chase tool and 1 into Quickness lil speed never hurt. Malz is a slow character, well at least compared to Master Yi, Teemo, or any of those other champs that rely on it. 3 points into Intelligence and 1 into Presence of the Master just more cooldown reduction to keep stun locking those guys.

I.E. Nether Grasp
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Items and Spells at start

Ok I start off with a Doran's Ring should have about 30 ap there it's a good start. Take Call of the Void cast 3 times at base to get your voidling ready to pop. Dont do this though if your team jungler needs a pull. Just cast it twice at the base, after you leash the blue golem the lil guy will be ready to go on the next spell. I try to wait till level 3 before I start casting Malefic Visions. Start last hitting until then. Save up 1100 gold then go get Sorcerer's Shoes or wait a bit if your doing well. I dont take Teleport so I leave when I kill the other champ, or they leave to shop, or heal so my tower doesn't get taken advantage of. Ok you have the shoe's. Might get into a fight. Lets say you do! Cast Call of the Void Malefic Visions Nether Grasp hopefully while your stunlocking them your Summon Voidling passive has worked and you have a voilding out attacking or even better 2 Voidlings. Remember your voidlings attack whatever has Malefic Visions cast on the. If they try to run away Flash after them, then cast Malefic Visions and if your aim is good or your just lucky Call of the Void hit them to. Go Grab Your Hextech Revolver that you will build into Will of the Ancients. Thats when mid is a cake walk. Go out and gank as you please just try not to die you have a big bullseye on your face being Malz people know what a fed Malz is capable of. Continue on this path of Farm Kill Farm Kill then get yourself a Tear of the Goddess no more mana issues or there shouldnt be. By the way when farming your Malefic Visions auto attack dont be afraid to attack that minion because depending on your Ability Power level you might need it.


Never go into a fight unless you have enough mana to kill them.
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Late Game Items

Ok you have your Doran's Ring Sorcerers Shoe's Will of the Ancients Tear of the Goddess that was turned into Archangel's Staff and you have a Rabadon's Deathcap. With these items your Malefic Visions Should be doing 700 damage or more same for your Call of the Void. If I'm not mistaken your Nether Grasp should be about 1000 damage. From here your on your own. If your going up againt a lot of caster or even another Malzahar get yourself a Banshee's Veil or there's a mean ole Tryndamere out there get some Thornmail or just want more ap get Zhoyna's Hourgass plus it could save your butt if your targeted 1st. By the time you get this rich sell your Doran's Ring and get a better item of your choosing.
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Summoner Spells

Ok summoner spells, we have gotten to this point I see a lot of Flash Ignite Malzahar's. I dont think its necessary unless your a 3 vs 3 game or you somehow know the other team will have a Warwick or Dr. Mundo. But people do good with it.

Possible Choices
#1 Ghost I love this spell it has saved me plenty. In route to get a kill, or just took down a tower. It gives you a quick escape before the other team's carry's show up.
#2 Flash Also a favorite of mine dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge. Escape that ult. I'm talking to you Ashe! Ezreal! or like I said before Flash to a low health enemy cast Malefic Visions call it a day.
#3 Ignite need that lil bit of damage to finish them off, got a Dr. Mundo or a cocky Master Yi healing in your face Burn em!
#4 Exhaust Uh sure help the team get that kill
#5 Clarity Sure not to level 30 yet and need that mana. Having trouble jumping your Malefic Visions Get it!
#6 Cleanse Uh Sure I guess Do what you want
#7 Clairvoyance Avoid the 5 man pile up in the brush waiting for you to walk by.
#8 Teleport Great spell for saving time. Go shopping at base then getting back in your lane or back dooring. (Backdooring is when a character attacks and/or destroys buildings with out enemy presence or maybe even without being noticed)
#9 Heal ok only if your a lower level or you really want that first blood. I have seen it a million times 1 champ is killing another champ early on. They pop Heal!! tables have turned. FIRST BLOOD

I did'nt go over the other spells because...well...they wont be as effective as these spells for this particular character
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Spell Combo's

Oh yeah 1 more thing I didnt tell you how to get the most out of your late game spell's.

Gank I like to ghost in hit them with a Call of the Void Malefic Visions Null Zone and if you did it right when you cast Nether Grasp they will be on your Null Zone. If that wasn't enought Flash after them cast Malefic Visions and another Call of the Void and hopefully you hit your target.

Team Laning
Whats team laning you say. That is later into the game when your team of 5 are in the same lane as the other team of 5. Give or take some champs that may be back dooring you, or back dooring the enemy, or just dead. If the other team is out of range I just cast Malefic Visions on minions and more often then not an unlucky enemy tries to move to us in wants to initiate something. Might pop on them go for the Nether Grasp an hopefully your team swoops down on there prey. Don't forget if the enemy team is chasing your team throw out some Call of the Void you silence 3 champs it will stop them dead in there tracks. Well at least for a second.

You should be fine and good luck hope you like what I have laid out for you.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vertaebreaker
Vertaebreaker Malzahar Guide
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Malzahar Begginers Guide

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